Wholesome Steve Hartman of 'On The Road' with CBS interviews woman with a cookie stand, remembers he's in Minnesota

  1. You see, because these cookies are supposed to be addictive, so the joke is that they have a very addictive substance added to them.

  2. I thought it was a joke about a plethora of Irish in Minnesota (which isn't the case, I believe) and getting her to ask "What's the Craic?"

  3. WE ARE! We have always had a lot more in common with our little brother to the north than with all you weirdos in the US.

  4. CBS Sunday Morning is my favorite show on television. It always has something uplifting and who doesn't want two minutes of nature to just marinate on?

  5. I'll never forget that scene of a baboon eating a gazelle fawn alive by the asshole. "Nature," and "natural," takes on a bit of a different meaning when you're really aware of what all it entails. Pretty scenery is nice though.

  6. That was so out of character for him tho, which makes it so funny. He's usually Mr. family-friendly dude.

  7. My wife tells me this every day when I attempt a dad joke with our 7-year old. “Why the hell would he know what CPAC is? Know your audience!”

  8. Damn fine cookies. I'm grateful that my MN connections ship a bucket to me in So Cal every year. Most of them make the trip intact...

  9. I moved out of MN almost 2 decades ago. I still plan my trips home around the fair just to get these cookies. They're phenomenal.

  10. If you haven’t gotten a bucket of those cookies and an endless cup for the milk truck at the state fair then I’d question whether or not you’re from minnesota.

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