I remember being able to do this playing Street Fighter 2.

  1. Its just strange to imagine how you could ever get to this point where you actually feel compelled to roll around on the floor at the wave of a hand.

  2. This is legit real. I live in SE Asia and there are some whaaaaacko cults that make the US ones look like daycares. It's so messed it's not funny.

  3. I grew up in a Pentecostal church and I can tell you that most of them are not pretending it’s real, they truly believe it is real. As a teen, I was a genuine believer who really wanted to experience “the full gifts of the Holy Spirit”, and would go to as many special services at our church as I could, and would have people pray over me just about every time.

  4. I grew up in a church that believed in "speaking in tongues" I believe it was called. There might be an aspect of pretending for some but I can also attest to it being "real" too.

  5. I think the large amount of money you get if you get selected to be a high ranking member will put a smile on most of these peoples faces.

  6. From the south. My wife and I went to an evangelical gathering centered around this "prophet". It was so whack. People getting "drunk in the spirit", laughing uncontrollably, and this guy claimed that gold dust would sometime appear when he spoke. He pulled out his kmart issued gold glitter and started flinging here and there - at that point, it was time to go. People are freaky.

  7. Hey my local Pentacostal Church in North Idaho started the gemstones from heaven craze. I did a report on it here...

  8. I love when women in dresses are still trying to hide their bits while rolling around being possessed by the spirit or whatever.

  9. Back when my people loved being big too spiritual. The time period was called the rush hour of gods because many cults popped up. Everybody was having a good spiritual time until some idiot decided sarin gas attack on Tokyo metro was a good idea. Spoiler alert, that dude was sentenced to death.

  10. Back in the... 70s or 80s, I attended a VERY Pentecostal local church, tongues and the whole thing a couple times with a very devout friend.

  11. I think it's a universal human thing. The Dionysian archetype. Surrendering reason and selfhood for the cathartic experience of collective mania. Scary af.

  12. What's the mentality for something like that? Like, is it an "emperor's new clothes" thing, where they know it's not real but they're afraid to admit it, for fear of being accused of not having enough faith and being shunned? Or are they really so brainwashed that they truly believe the priests have powers?

  13. Biggest difference is the demeanor of the crowd, it's a joke to them here. Evangelicals and other like demoninations though, their people are fucking serious and it's honestly scary to watch.

  14. Its all the same nonsense. Tongues. Feeling the spirit enter their body. Yep. This video is on the same level of reality.

  15. In India it's a fairly recent phenomenon...it's been happening worldwide for decades (in the USA to drive donations, in Asia and Africa to convert through faith healers) and now here ...it's a tried and tested technique.

  16. Many stuff would remind me of this, religions, martial art(?), cults, shady yoga group, supernatural exorcist enthusiast, etc.

  17. At first I thought it was just some goofballs having fun, but as the video went on I realized it was some weird ass religious bullshit. Oh well.

  18. Oh, I completely thought this was some kinda improv group session or something. They all look like they're having fun.

  19. According to the subtitle in the end, it's a cult. It translates to 'it's not the body that is moving, it's the spirit that's driving it'.

  20. I think it starts with some level of unconscious cooperation from those more susceptible to suggestions ("When I push my Qi forward, you should feel a push. Did you feel that?"), develops to a conditioned response, and then at some point they really believe they actually feel something that isn't there. The more suggestible in the crowd probably also help to sell the idea that something is actually happening to the other people around, who will probably agree to avoid being the problem person.

  21. Same here. Like, is it an "emperor's new clothes" thing, where they know it's not real but they're afraid to admit it, for fear of being accused of not having enough faith and being shunned? Or are they really so brainwashed that they truly believe she has powers?

  22. Whatever cult shit is going on here, I can attest to the fun of a group of people going ape shit crazy all together. Flailing around in a circle pit while the Suicide Machines are up on stage is some of the most fun I've ever had

  23. I agree. I’m sure most of these people just wanted to let loose and have some fun when daily life wouldn’t allow. Like sweet I can roll around and spin like a crazy person in public and no one will judge me, where do I sign up?

  24. I think that this is something similar to hypnotism. When I was at university a hypnotist did a show one night and I volunteered to go up on stage. He got us to do various things that we all went along with. When he told us all we were now chickens, I didn’t actually think I was a chicken but felt compelled to go along with it and cluck around the stage.

  25. In the context of that video…what’s happening here ? Is that some kind of bs exhibition of a psychic trainer with her brainwashed students ?

  26. I know everybody thinks these people are pretending or whatever but I can assure you they are not. I grew up in this environment, these people are 100% earnest in their beliefs, and the flopping around on the floor is like.... juuuuuust barely voluntary.

  27. sigh if only had more motivation and less morals, I'd so be a cult leader. Seems as long as you don't go off the deep end it's damn good money.

  28. Imagine if someone there wasn't really into but just showed up to pretend to be overwhelmed with divine power just to smack a few people in the mouth for fun.

  29. Lol human beings are such funny animals ,😂 it's stuff like this that reminds me that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously 😂😂

  30. Geez, I thought they were all fans of some game, and this was a conference or something. And the woman "throwing" the whatever was playing a character in the game that did those things. Like a superhero character. That would be much more fun.

  31. Looks fun. I wouldn’t mind doing this under such false pretenses. I see a lot of people smiling while rolling around. Good times.

  32. And the genX says we millennials don't know anything. This would not work on us, we watched too much anime and played too much games to take something like this seriously.

  33. I have observed this happening in an Islamic cult, too. People were saying “huu” and throwing themselves from their chairs.

  34. Apparently it says “it’s not the body that moves itself but the spirit that moves it”. So, maybe she is ‘moving their spirits’?

  35. so how do these work at churches? some of these guys are clearly staged while others just go through some placebo cure or some shit like that?

  36. "As Harv his the aisles dancin' and screamin', some thought he had religion, others thought he had a demon! Harv thought he had a weedeater loose in his fruit of a looms"

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