How my wife (A) and I (B) eat our Thanksgiving dinner, whose side is Reddit on?

  1. My plate is arranged like B, however, I combo like A but in my mouth so I don't appear as a psychopath in front of my significant other's family

  2. I like to mix up my combinations. Sometimes a little of everything, sometimes just taters and turkey, sometimes just cranberry and turkey. Plate A allows for no variety.

  3. This is called the perfect bite. A little turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry, gravy and maybe a green bean on each forkful. But the plate should be organized like B.

  4. The thing is I arrange like B so I can try different flavor pairings. I eat like A but not because I want to eat individual flavors. I'll eat each individually from time to time... Sure. But most of the time I'm like "let's try turkey, gravy, potatos, and apple Cranberry sauce"... "OK next let's try turnips, meat stuffing, corn, and orange zest Cranberry sauce".

  5. This is hilarious because before I read the comments i literally just said this to my husband( I'm definitely plate A) 😂😂😂

  6. Yeah, but I don't have tastebuds or texture sensors in that place. That's the same argument as, "well, it used to be food" while sucking on a turd. No. It's fucking wrong.

  7. I was not even aware that people mashed their whole platter up into baby food and ate it that way. So I guess I’m a b person.

  8. Agreed. There are some things that are better than others when mixed. Too much mixing and you lose the textures and which foods hit which parts of the mouth when.

  9. B, I am a Food Separatist. Separatists unite! Someone took the effort to make all those unique and intriguing tastes, so I enjoy them individually.

  10. Leftovers belong in a toasted sandwich: mayo, cranberry sauce, turkey, stuffing, gravy and chopped Brussel sprouts (which were of course fried with bacon)

  11. I m happy that people are about this... This is the vibe Im on. If there is one or two items that are superior, I still keep them separate, to enjoy each bite. Day two things getting cozy with one another for sure.

  12. Yes, I use B in public to seem like a normal well adjusted adult. At home, I juts mash everything together and go for it. When I eat like B I usually try and get a bit of everything on my fork anyway so its the same end result.

  13. This I'll accept. Nothing better than a hot open faced turkey, mashed potato, brussels sprout, stuffing, cranberry sandwich - smothered in gravy.

  14. Is bubble and squeak a thing in America? Basically A but pan-fried with gravy all over it. Real next day food

  15. My wife mixes it up and puts it in a puff pastry with some Gouda and cranberry sauce to make little Thanksgiving handpies... mmm... I'm very excited for dinner today.

  16. And even then, you have the option of blending various foods at different quantities throughout the meal. Although I’m sure option A tastes fine, it’ll be a homogeneous flavor, like a pizza that has everything and therefore nothing.

  17. C is correct. The way my now-deceased dad did it: Build a volcano with the soft food (potatoes and/or stuffing) then fill the volcano with the other food.

  18. i used to do this with mashed potatoes and gravy, hen i would release the volcano by scooping some side bits out and let it flow all over the rest of my meal.

  19. The mashed potatoes volcano! I used to do it with really hot potatoes and butter. Then I'd seal it. Knowing volcanoes I'd then blow the top off and pour gravy into the melted butter lava making it convince and roll down the softly cooked and very well carved mountain sides, sticking to it and making it fun to eat.

  20. My Grandfather was team A. His reasoning was ‘it all ends up in the same place anyway’. I am team B. My response ‘it all comes out of the same place too, but I wouldn’t eat that mixture’.

  21. I agree. Keep them separate, but you can scoop a little of each item per bite, or just one or two items at once. More control over the mix this way.

  22. I came to the comments to find this! I find both of them to be disgusting. I cant deal with anything touching.

  23. I've seen my brother eat a burrito in the method of A. His wife doesn't even like her food touching on the plate. It's good they can agree to disagree on this point.

  24. Right? A) is basically a KFC bowl. You can buy something similar in the frozen foods section. Somewhat adjacent to a Shepard's pie. I dont think it's that weird

  25. I’m not quite A (I only mix turkey, potatoes and stuffing), but the willingness to skip right to calling type As “sociopaths” while maintaining that all food on the plate “must not touch” is a lack of self awareness that I find very funny.

  26. B is proper looking and organized for us left-brain people. I’m guessing all A’s belongings, room, bathroom looks like her plate.

  27. Brit here. You may be aware that we have ‘Sunday roasts’ which I guess is a simplified version (but more frequently). I love my roasted meat, roasted potatoes, steamed veg and gravy dumped into a bowl and chopped and smushed together like plate A. Then I get to eat it with a spoon and get a bit of everything with each mouthful

  28. Your wife eats like shes in prison. She put some hot sauce on top of that shit too. Obviously b is the proper in plating.

  29. Right? I understand people combining foods for a single bite. I don't understand pre-mixing it like it's dog food or something. Might as well create a single Thanksgiving dish to begin with.

  30. A, tastes great you get all the flavours in one bite....though I remember getting in ALOT of trouble for doing it when I was about ten, "thanksgiving pizza" did not go over well with grandma "I did not spend hours slaving in the kitchen for you to make your plate look like that".

  31. A. Base layer of mashed potatoes, then stuffing, greens beans, turkey then topped with gravy all in a big delicious pile 😋

  32. Don't belittle us stoners. We don't eat out a troth, just cuz were high. Get your wad of cash & magnum condoms and get to the back of the line!!!

  33. Ham for Thanksgiving?!?! I'd lock you both up. But, she's gonna get double time for that plate

  34. A is how i eat my food. they taste good when mix together. i could browse reddit on my other hand and i don't even need to look at the food...just shovel yummy spoonful into mouth. so efficient.

  35. Your wife is either 8 years old or 80 years old. If her age is anywhere between those ages, she's a problem. To treat a Thanksgiving dinner like that is to disrespect the entire tradition, and the person who prepared it. This has triggered me. How dare she?

  36. B! I always separate my food out into their own sections on the plate. E.g. meat, vegetables and potatoes for a Roast Dinner.

  37. B. I’m autistic and it’s taken most of my life just to be okay with having more than one thing on my plate at the same time. I’m having palpitations just looking at A.

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