New Intel chips won't play Blu-ray disks due to SGX deprecation

  1. Yes, but my last computer had an optical drive I used approximately once a year. My current computer doesn’t even have an optical drive.

  2. I get it but, I like most people, I think, I don't have a DVD/blu-ray reader on my computer for several years, I even got a case that didn't had slot for it

  3. I haven’t pirated anything in a while, mostly been watching streaming shows, but I miss the days when a movie was 700mb. These days, a BR rip in good quality is like a 20Gb+ torrent. Streaming DRM on Pc’s is atrocious such that I’ve been forced to stream 4K films straight to the TV…

  4. From the article: Intel has removed support for SGX (software guard extension) in 12th Generation Intel Core 11000 and 12000 processors, rendering modern PCs unable to playback Blu-ray disks in 4K resolution.

  5. I don’t understand this. I’m a video frameworks hardware and software engineer. SGX functionality can be implemented in software too. The only reason they can’t is because intel won’t do it for their partners like dell hp etc. VPG team at intel should be able to whip up a software solution to this. All they need is a scoreboard to track the threads that do the sgx functionality. It will be basically using extra memory and processing power which the gen12 systems should be able to handle.

  6. So now I'm more interested than ever in AMD. Especially if they happen to be on the winning side of single core the next time I feel like upgrading. (Actually, only if they are.) Point being I am now wondering whether AMD ever supported this and whether they're going to continue to or not.

  7. I am 99.99% sure it can the SGX can be done in software. Yeah it will waste more CPU cycles but it's doable. Or someone can build a USB dongle.

  8. Eh. We brought it on our selves. Too many people think they own other peoples property.bIts not enough to write it on the disk anymore

  9. There’s nothing in the Blu-Ray spec or in software on a Blu-Ray that says you need SGX to play a Blu-Ray, it’s just that all Windows-based Blu-Ray playback software currently on the market happens to use it. There are plenty of other ways to offer industry-approved content protection, particularly using hypervisors, just nobody’s written it yet.

  10. What is this referencing? I keep thinking of Microsofts response to the poor reception to the initial plans for the Xbox One, but I feel like I might be mixing it up with something else.

  11. I remember going to Best Buy and buying a BluRay drive for my PC along with the new Star Wars BluRay box set that had come out (many years back). Install everything at home.....and I still needed to "purchase" software to legitimately play the BluRays...

  12. It’s hilarious, they most likely did this as a way to stop torrenting, but really it’s just hurting normal users. Do they really think this will stop pirating, most likely will have the opposite effect

  13. Intel deprecated it because the technology was flawed and apparently could not be easily redesigned to prevent security issues from being taken advantage of by attackers. End result is the same. It's gone.

  14. Probably more to save cost than anything. Even if it makes up only a fraction of the cost, That'll compound a lot when you're making millions of chips.

  15. Exactly. I have expendable money and am generally willing to spend it on content. But at some point if you make me jump through too many hoops I will eventually just pirate it and call it a day.

  16. The genius of early streaming was that it was easier to not pirate. Now, of course, a subscription for each show you want because of multiple services mean it would be cheaper to rent or buy Blu Ray box sets. Oh. Swears in Pirate

  17. I'm seeing this as more along the lines of cutting costs. Most people stream their media, optical drives are losing their place in the market and it may not be worthwhile to keep servicing a product that's expected to have a decreased market share moving forward.

  18. Did you even read the article? The reason blu ray discs will no longer work is because they require DRM which requires SGX. SGX is being depreciated because it vulnerable to multiple vulnerabilities. Why the hell would Intel care about people torrenting movies? That doesn't affect them at all.

  19. When I got my computer a few years ago I went with Intel over AMD because it supported BluRay playback and Ryzen didn’t at the time (idk if they do now or not). But I have never played a BluRay on my computer.

  20. I wonder how many people have Blu-ray players in their machines. My current desktop only has a disk player in there because I had one laying about and thought: "Why the hell not?"

  21. I haven't seen a laptop with a bluray disc drive in 3 or 4 years. Barely any pc builds have optical drives on them anymore.

  22. I have two Blu-ray readers in my server machine. Specifically for ripping them to the hard drives. It really is the best of both worlds.

  23. I honestly have a hard time understanding why desktop don't all have disc drives. They are cheap and can provide a useful, if uncommon, function. Seems much more valuable than an extra set of RGB blinkers.

  24. Hardly anybody has an optical drive anymore let alone one that does Blu-Ray. I don’t think very many people will notice.

  25. I've got a DVD drive for the couple of older games I actually play, but I've never seen the need for a blu-ray drive in my PC.

  26. Most computer cases don't have a 5.25" bay any more. I use a USB external 4K BluRay reader/writer to digitize my disks.

  27. I have a Blu ray player on a RoG laptop from 2016, but I used it maybe 3 times and it makes a hell lot of noise during playback.

  28. AFAIK, this doesn't mean you can't play DRM-protected blu-rays on PCs at all. It just means you can't use Intel chips for hardware decryption anymore, which Cyberlink uses.

  29. Oh darn, the 5 people that will be trying to watch 4K blu-rays on their brand new desktop computer won't be able to, and the 50,000,000 who were going to pirate shit anyway will use it as an excuse

  30. Many of us don't need an excuse, but news like this assures me that I'm already handling my media in the most convenient and enduring way.

  31. I bet this mattered back when blu-ray players were expensive. But 4K players are like $150 now, and computers aren't even including optical drives anymore.

  32. A few years ago, I bought a Blu-ray drive for my HTPC, thinking I was going to watch rented Redbox discs with it.

  33. I have a few dozen movies on Blu-Ray, plus several TV series box sets. I watch them on a dedicated Blu-Ray player though.

  34. Most computers don’t ship with disc drives anymore the people watching Blu rays don’t do so on computers and the only people who cared about this were people who ripped discs for their at home cloud library

  35. It may eventually die off, but it'll be a slow death. Look at all the folks and businesses still using paper checks in 2022. And then you have folks running around claiming vinyl is better than digital.

  36. The PS5 plays 4K Blu-Ray Discs and does not have an Intel processor with SGX extension. I think this article is missing some details.

  37. Indeed. It’s hugely misleading. It only affects official commercial players like cyberlink. Anyone can install AnyDVD or DVDFab free app (mentions DVD but works also for BR) to get rid protection on the fly and then play disc without limitations using variety of players. Or even better avoid those apps and use MakeMKV to strip protectiom and image or remux disc onto HDD/NAS. Fair use policy and freedom.

  38. Also VLC with decss plug-in couldn’t care less about proprietary SGX extension nonsense. It wasn’t used to improve viewers experience anyway. It was used to make decrypting / backing up disc impossible but this protection ultimately turned out to be ineffective, circumventable. So bye.

  39. Got this nasty surprise when I bought the latest 4k Razer laptop with 11th Gen Intel CPU's. CyberDVD wouldn't play my 4k LOTR BluRay even though I had everything. Read up about the SGX deprecation and bought a last gen Razer laptop with 10th gen Intel. Works like a charm!

  40. Yes, SGX was a set of instructions originally added as Software Guard eXtension. However, it was later found to be a flawed model that provided no security at all. Intel stopped putting it into the CPUs to save space and complexity

  41. My rig won't play BluRays because...who the hell still has a disk drive? Even when I buy a BluRay it comes with a digital copy.

  42. 4K Blu rays look 100x better than streaming even with gig fiber. Regular blu rays are whatever at this point. Also depends a lot on the transfer. The Thing 4K blu ray looks phenomenal, some transfers don’t

  43. They still bring new movies out on it (2021 movie release year).... So it's pretty strange to see decommission a feature still having new products produced for it no?

  44. People who are film and home theater enthusiasts. 4K Blu ray is only ~5 years old as a format and has 5x the bit rate of even the best 4K streams. Plus lossless Dolby Atmos audio is pretty much exclusive to discs. Most people don’t have the time, knowledge, or equipment to rip 4K HDR blu rays.

  45. Diabolikdvd, scream factory, blue underground, vinegar syndrome, imprint, synapse films, arrow films, indicator. These are all super popular distributors of movies and collector editions on blu-ray. They sell out constantly and go out of print quickly and then demand even higher of a price. So tons of people collect and watch them.

  46. Maybe those who prioritize quality over comfort and laziness. Quality from streaming services is way below HD and UHD Blu-rays because streaming services optimize for bandwidth and their wallet savings. Delivering quality bitstream (detailed, not pixelated or filtered) is their least concern. I bet you didn’t know. Also there is great material on discs that no streaming services offers.

  47. I've never watched a Blu-ray. They still seem like this brand new expensive technology that I'll never have. DVDs are fine.

  48. Blu-Ray costs roughly the same as a DVD these days, has superior HD video and sound. I have no idea why anybody would choose DVD over Blu-ray in 2022.

  49. Haha same. My last PC I built had one for games, but I never actually bought a bluray movie. Now it seems so weird to use physical media, but bluray still feels too recent to be a dead format already.

  50. That's pretty awesome. I'm wanting to try and make something like a pi server for 4k movies but I've got some homework to do.

  51. I love blu-ray and I have been looking at a 4K UHD drive as I still backup my photos on DVD-Rs and once I run out Blu-Ray Could kill two birds with one stone, backup and playback, but 4KUHD blu-ray playback has always been crippled by DRM on the PC. I feel like it actually makes more sense for a stand alone player and a burner for data storage (or maybe even just keep burning DVDs, I can usually fit a shutter therapy session or two onto a DVD so it is adequate)

  52. it doesn't matter, since everyone just watches new release movies on whatever pirate camrip site is getting passed around on social media or whatever

  53. I haven’t seen a laptop with one in quite a while. I didn’t even bother with my desktop when I built it.

  54. I don't get something. It says in the article Intel introduced the feature with Skylake. I own a Sandy Bridge CPU and Blu-Rays work just fine on it. I assume it's just easier to have this as a hardware feature?

  55. Just buy an AMD cpu then? From what I see it's an Intel technology being deprecated. They weren't hit that hard with Spectre and whatnot. So that's that.

  56. I watch bluray on my i7 7700 PC occasionally, I guess the newer CPU's can't play them now due to fixes against malicious attacks.

  57. I only use Apple computers and I never want to see any Intel chip in any of their products again. The new Apple M1 chips are 2 generations ahead of Intel. And Intel will never catch up.

  58. From what I saw the new 12th gen intel chips are nipping at the heaps of Apple’s M1 max chip in CPU benchmarks.

  59. Seen a similar issue when using cyber link. Does anyone know if this issue is tied to only 4k Blu-Ray or would newer 11th and 12th gen chips support standard Blu-ray. It seems like the messaging out there is that this issue is tied only to 4K disks.

  60. I have a bluray drive in my 5950x rig. I play blurays using a pirated player because its ridiculous how convoluted blurays are. I would assune this is a cost saving move more then anything. Not having to play blurays means less license fees

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