Need Everyones Help! Found this while cleaning out a room in my parents home.. so many fond memories from this era of gaming. Need help finding its worth and a worthy home. I have never sold any of my own games but unfortunatley our responsibilities change as we get older...

  1. One of my parents has a problem with hoarding.. When helping to clean out a room I stumbled across an unopened bag with reciepts in it dating back to 96' - low and behold I pull this guy out. Literally blew me away beyond belief

  2. Buy a nice UV resistant box protector right away. You can stash it in there while you sort out your next move of grading or selling or keeping. If its 100% legit you don't want to devalue it by banging a corner or snagging the plastic

  3. I am going to go against the general consensus here and say, keep it. Don't sell it yet. Pokemon I am convinced will only go up in value. It legitimately is worth probably $4000-$5000 right now but has the potential after next year since Pokemon has been leaked to be getting a lot next year to go higher. I would immediately buy a protector for it. As you said responsibilities change and you might need to sell it. To find a good home for it. I would recommend subs like this, pokemon or game trading and just writing that you want to sell it to someone that will genuinely cherish it. Many people, myself included would love to own it but financially cant. I can guarantee someone would be able too though.

  4. I concur. I think there will be ebbs and flows but I think as time goes on, it will only go up in value.

  5. I would love this 🥺 but yeah , def wouldn’t be able to afford it most likely. Congrats on the rediscovery though! Pokemon is amazing

  6. Thank you sir. I want to get it graded. It has to be legit as one of my folks is a hoarder.. I found it inside a bag with reciepts dating from 96'

  7. Exactly - grading at all is potentially risky, needlessly costly and virtually pointless to true collectors. It's really a waste of energy and money, and I just wish grading would be exiled from our community already. It is such a joke.

  8. Gratz.. lucky find. I imagine people cringing now, because you are not wearing silk gloves heh :)

  9. Holy crap! I think that has gone literally anywhere from 400-a couple grand sealed in the past month or two. If you’re selling any other games is a good place to check. That and sort eBay listings by sold price to see what consumers are actually paying at the time.

  10. It’s real, if your story is true that’s proof enough, but that seam on the back is nearly impossible to recreate. If it’s is great condition your looking at 5-10k price goes down as the condition worsens, don’t do anything quickly sit back enjoy it on the shelf and field offers.

  11. That's wild dude. I don't know if you know it or not, but you have $5-10K in your hand right now. And I'm drawing off of memory from prices well over a year ago. Congrats!

  12. I would spend $5k on it right now, because I know in about 5 years it'll be worth a lot more. Please, OP, don't sell it. Hold onto it, I'm almost positive in a few years you'll be sitting on 10s of thousands.

  13. They’re definitely valuable. Whatever you do, it needs to be in a crush-proof hard box. You do not want something heavy crushing down that cardboard. Honestly, the smartest thing is probably to put it in safe deposit at your bank until you decide what to do.

  14. more worth if you put it on your living room as a deco and then pass it down to your kids and so on…

  15. Keep it for 5 more years, don't let ANYONE KNOW, you'll be able to maybe buy a house with this if you keep the UV light off of it

  16. Incredible find and an awesome game! Don’t take the first offer. Don’t sell to anyone before you’ve done your research and due dilligence.

  17. You might even get that evaluated. That’s in fantastic shape from this bird’s eye view and unopened, classic games like that are selling literally for millions right now. I don’t think that’s likely per se but DAMN I’m jealous of the opportunity to look!

  18. Ignore everyone that says you shouldn't get this graded. People tend to loathe the process as a whole, but if you're not a collector and want to maximize your profits I don't blame you for going the profitable route. If you decide to get it graded, you generally have two routes and I think it's worth knowing the pros and cons of each.

  19. Hi friendo, that’s an incredible find! I don’t want to upset folks in this thread, but for a sealed game of that quality and it being OG Pokémon specifically, grading is the way to go to get the most value.

  20. Most will disagree with me but send it to WATA or VGA to get graded. Does the back of the game reference pokemon red? If so this would be considered the earliest print run of the game making it rarer. At a minimum it is a mid production because of the white ESRB.

  21. That’s shrink wrapped isn’t it? The originals had Nintendo branded wrapping. This might be a repack but I’m only describing them From the UK.

  22. He can buy a used copy for $40 to play or sell a new copy for $5000-$7000, yeah go ahead and crack that bad boy open OP and breath in that fresh sealed 90's air.

  23. Great find! You have a tough choice on your hands, keep or sell in this crazy market? We recently came across a lot of sealed stuff and had some of it graded and some of it not. If you do consider selling I would highly consider grading it, the market is nuts right now and while I know people are weird about it, it will sell for more money. We have a few sealed Gameboy systems we are waiting on grading for. We also got some other sealed games in at 9.6+. We have had some ungraded games sell for $5000+. We are hoping a few go for $20k+ Regardless, get that bad boy protected! It's an awesome piece regardless of what you do with it.

  24. I commented up top with full story - short version is one of my parents is a hoarder and found it while cleaning through a room that had been pretty heavily hoarded with clothes, trinkets etc..

  25. I know that grading can generally be a huge cost but I would consider it because it's in such great shape. There was a 9.4 WATA graded Pokémon blue that went for $10k. Definitely keep the receipts for authenticity and get that hard case UV box ASAP.

  26. I’m a video game collector and reseller. These units are extremely sought after especially in your condition. Do not go off of pricecharting or any pricing website because a lot of the prices are based on variants like japanese versions and such and the US versions are king. You may have struck gold so first get yourself an Acrylic protector for it to keep it safe. Next find out about each of the grading websites and figure out what company would be best for you. You may be able to put it on an auction and potentially get 6 figures. DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU EXACT VALUE AND MOST OF ALL DO NOT SELL TO A PRIVATE BUYER OR PUT IT ON EBAY.

  27. $675 is such a rip off for a mint CiB Blue #1. I purchased a CiB mint Blue #1 not even 4 months ago for $200 which was the peak of the bubble mind you. I completely agree with

  28. Listen, as someone who’s favorite Pokémon is Blastoise, and I realize this isn’t going to amount to anything, but y’know, if you wanted to just, like, let me have it, as a nice thing to do, that’d be cool.

  29. Wow wow wow. What an amazing find! Definitely get a box protector and hide it away from sunlight in a safe place and send for grading so it will be protected forever.

  30. Who would've known that these would be worth thousands $ today. I was only 12 back then my parents wouldn't even buy me one. What little allowance money I had I spent on Playststion and N64.

  31. Protect it with a UV resistant box, grade it (even tho it’s a scam, but stupid ppl pay much more for graded games) and sell the shit out of it. This would probably bring you tens of thousands of dollars.

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