Does anybody know what this is? It looks like water or air inside the disc.

  1. I'm fairly certain that is NOT disc rot, disc rot is typically characterized by pin prick holes that allow light through the foil layer, or a dark "stain" looking patch that most sites say looks like a coffee stain. This to me meets neither of those as its actually lighter. This looks more like a manufacturing flaw of the plastic layer over the foil. That being said, I'd still pay special attention of the handling and care of this disc.

  2. Thanks! I decided to get a second opinion by posting the picture on a game collecting server on discord. Many of them mentioned it can't be disc rot as well. I think I'll just take extra care of it.

  3. If the game still works properly, then it's just a quirk of the manufacturing process. Sometimes discs have non uniform colors

  4. The beginning of disc rot. You can look it up for better info but from my understanding it’s a side effect from the disc being made poorly in the factory and the data layer of the disc and the clear plastic layer that sits on top of it was not properly sealed together and overtime the lamination will start to go bad and peel away. From all the discs I’ve seen 360 games are notorious for this. Hope that helps!

  5. Thanks for the help! It really sucks since it's an expensive game. How long does it usually stop working? It still reads and plays well

  6. Look up what bad disc rot looks like to make yourself feel better lol. I worked at a retro game shop and I remember seeing copies of Minecraft on 360 that half of the disc was starting to delaminate. The disc at the time was 3 years old so if yours has that small amount after all this time it’s really not that bad. It’s how well it was made in the factory. I have a around 200 music CD’s and some of the old prints from the 80’s are starting to show wear to give you an idea of how long it will last. Cheers!

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