I feel like a failure in art and that's the only thing I can actually do. Any advice?

  1. It sounds like you still may not be focused enough, or else the program itself has some issues. The typical route to a job in the game industry is a 4 year degree, not in something game specific just anything at all, picking a particular role within development and focusing on those skills, building a portfolio that shows off that skillset, and applying to a couple hundred jobs.

  2. I guess making something from reference and then expanding on that helps me sometimes. I also forget to go outside sometimes and that helps the inspiration.

  3. A year is a short time to learn a skill like 3D modeling. It may take you longer to develop your skills. This is normal, this is ok, you have plenty of time to work on your skills.

  4. Just sit down and start working. You don’t need an idea to sit down and focus, you can start working by looking at what other people have done, and then come up with ideas from that.

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