In the spirit of Halloween, what game terrified you the most?

  1. It's still terrifying even as an adult. Replayed it recently and the sound design, the camera angles and the sudden twists are so well done. That elevator trick in the hospital is nuts.

  2. That moment when you're at the school and the shadow babies come crawling and then you're at the other school and what the fuck is happening here!?

  3. Came here for this. Resident evil 7 is the newest game with that scare the hell out of you but back when silent hill came out nothing made you more uneasy then the sound of that fucking horn. Fade to black and welcome to hell.

  4. PT is the objectively scariest game. I have not seen any game, let alone any piece of media, even come close to how scary that game was.

  5. No kidding. PT had to be the scariest shit I’ve ever played. And I’ve never even played it myself. I was just spectating from another room. I couldn’t even be in the same room!!!

  6. Same! Tried playing bioshock as a kid and noped out of there in the intro when you run across the splicer with the baby carriage. Luckily I ended up giving it another go a few years later.

  7. That damn room you get the shotgun in where all the lights go out scared the life out of me. Still one of my favorite games ever.

  8. Yes, this was going to be my answer. The first 20 mins of Bioshock are terrifying. Bioshock Infinite was scary in a very different way.

  9. SOMA hands down. Even with the audio turned down or even off, that weird wiggly thing that comes out of nowhere scares the shit out of me every time. The first two Dead Space games are the runner ups. The first Lost Planet was pretty "chilling" as well.

  10. SOMA is insane, atmosphere wise. The graphics don’t even matter there. Loved it. Glad to see some people sharing the love

  11. The existential horror in SOMA, especially the end, resounded with me hard. It's such a difficult game to describe to friends without spoilers.

  12. Got it (soma) in my library but I've got no time to play it. I've heard its really worth it. Can you say anything?

  13. For those who have Amazon Prime, this game is free to download until Nov. 4! Got it, but haven't touched it yet because I'm scared..

  14. This. As much as I loved the game, I wasn’t able to finish it. The motion sensor was both perfectly thematic for the franchise and also heart-poundingly vague in the assistance it offered, and I was paralyzed as a result.

  15. I could never finish it! I was doing great until the androids started hunting me and I was in the vent hiding when I heard one say, “she’s in the vents” and I almost pooped myself. I got to one of the first actual xenomorph encounters and died a ridiculous amount of times. Never got to finishing it :(

  16. Being chased by the monsters in Amnesia is the strongest feeling of visceral terror I've ever felt in a video game. The

  17. I can’t believe how far down Amnesia is in this thread! One of the only times I’ve been genuinely uncomfortable playing a game. The first half of the Shalebridge Cradle orphanage from Thief: Deadly Shadows had a similar effect on me.

  18. I haven’t played many horror games but I remember playing Alan Wake as a kid and that shit would scare the fuck out of me

  19. How is it? They recently dropped the remaster for it but I'd need to see gameplay or even a few reviews before I make a decision

  20. Outlast caught me completely off guard as it was free on PS Plus. Had never played a scary game before and I loved how hard it got my heart beating.

  21. Yea, Outlast is the only horror game I've never completed because I'm literally screaming and jumping the whole time. Took me 4 years to collect all 8 pages in slenderman ha

  22. For sure. I've been playing it for a while and I still get scared hearing the Reefback noises.

  23. Not even a horror game and it was STILL more terrifying than most actual horror games. They REALLY nailed the sense of thalassophobia quite well.

  24. What's interesting is that it's not even a horror game, and yet, the game makes it seem like it is with quotes like "Detecting multiple leviathan class life forms, are you sure what you're doing is worth it?" or "Absolutely DONT tap the glass. They might tap back" or the Mesmer's database assessment, "Come closer". There's a lot of freaky but subtle stuff in the game, and that's what adds to it's overall greatness.

  25. The correct answer. The last level of the first game was brutal. Take the flaming torch: you can see but can’t defend yourself much. Take the gun: you can defend yourself but can’t see shit. Real shame the franchise has never been revisited.

  26. The only game to date to make me (middle aged dude) scream like a little girl. It was those bastard lockers that always contained health and weapons - every single one of them had something useful in and were a welcome relief to find…..apart from the one they put someone in who jumped out at you!! Fuckers!!

  27. The re-dead were too much for me as a kid. The scream that makes you freeze followed by the unpleasant piggyback ride. Straight up nightmare fuel.

  28. I had to have my older brother sit next to me when I faced Queen Gohma for the first time. And was terrified of the well in kakariko village after seeing my brother go through the bottom of the well.

  29. I played the entire game in VR, my nerves were shot. Still think about it every so often.

  30. Man, mia coming up those stairs scared the hell out of me and I played that game on a screen, I don't know if I'm brave enough to do it in VR

  31. I played about an hour of re7 VR at someone’s else house because I don’t have VR but holy shit, that game is ridiculous.

  32. I could barely handle playing it in VR. I would do maybe 30 minute sessions then quit cause it's a lot to handle. I haven't even made it past the basement when you first see the 'zombie' guys. Reminded me too much of those creepy ass breathers in RE4. Still haven't touched it since then lol.

  33. That scared me so much when I was young. The speed of the crabheads with no flesh on their bones was terrifying.

  34. In the dark deep, there is a noise... is sounds so large. It's getting louder... my God, it must be huge! And it's coming closer...

  35. The moment you are trying to capture them with your narrow field camera and a ghost jumps at you from nowhere. Or whenever you walk though a narrow corridor... grueling (wanted to say truly, but auto correct was better) scary stuff!!

  36. I have Fatal Frame 2, bought it recently off a coworker for way less than I'd have been willing to pay, but since I can't beat Fatal Frame 1 it doesn't feel like to play 2.

  37. A franchise ahead of it's time, and the 2nd installment really pushed the envelope. I think it was the first horror title that only armed you with a tool (your camera) to increase a sense of helplessness. This during a time where horror games armed you to the teeth.

  38. Between Alien Isolation and Dead space 1. Any game that can give you weapons and make you powerful but still makes you anxious is top tier.

  39. Dead space 1 is easily the scariest game I’ve ever played. Lots of jump scares, at really strange, unpredictable intervals, genuinely fear inducing enemies. A horrific ambiance, great pacing, and provoking music/sound design. It’s one of a handful of games I truly wish I could go through and play again without any prior knowledge.

  40. Dead space was bad enough, but the second one where you get to the classroom and there’s wee neceomorphs running about…. Ugh. Put it down, haven’t picked it back up.

  41. Alien Isolation. It's the one and only video game that's managed to make me too scared to play it for a good number of years. Got it in 2014 alongside my launch model PS4 and got a few levels into it before I stopped playing because of the Xenomorph. Finally finished it in 2017 and loved it. I adore horror games, but Alien Isolation is the only one that's ever done this to me and for that reason alone, it gets a mention here.

  42. It loses its horror once you have the SMG from the shipwreck. Even on normal, I legitimately never felt threatened by the Molded once I had that gun.

  43. I have a really hard time playing that game just cause how scared I get 😂 but i want to finish it someday

  44. Yess. I forced myself to play through them before playing Amnesia and I'm so glad I did. People who skipped them are missing out. Black Plague was amazing but the first game really hit you with the fear and dread hiding from the Dogs and descending deeper into the bunker/stronghold.

  45. The Suffering back on the PS2. I remember beginning the game in that prison with those creatures with swords for arms scraping them on the floor. Really great game! The second one was cool as well.

  46. Dead Space, Outlast, Silent Hill 4 The Room were some scary ones the first time around, even the atmosphere of playing Dead Island the first time was awesome and spooky on the tropical island setting. Same can be said with Dying Light especially with the day/night cycle, it is so intense. Some eerie indies I like also are Oxenfree and Detention.

  47. I wish we could have two separate Doom franchises. One that sticks closer to the horror genre like Doom 3 and one for action like the last two.

  48. I beat this game when I was 15 then came back to play it as an adult and couldn’t do it. Idk how I did it back then lol

  49. No joke, Fatal Frame was legitimately terrifying. When I was an early teen, I played Fatal Frame II on the original Xbox and almost shit myself once while playing it.

  50. Silent Hill 2. This is the game that kind of ruined the horror genre since no game or movie/series has ever made me feel such sad hopelessness and fear.

  51. I remember playing the first one in 6th grade. It crawled into my brain and 100% influenced my taste in horror, storytelling, gore and the occult. The atmosphere of these games is still top notch. All these years later and Silent Hill can still make me feel so weirdly terrified.

  52. Definitely the most terrifying horror game I’ve played. Gives me chills just thinking about going back to it (Didn’t manage to finish it lol).

  53. I have a really clear memory of rummaging through Racoon City, just waiting for him to show up. Just outside my door, my dog yawned in a really weird/creepy way I had never heard. My heart dropped and my stomach sank so intensely that I'll never forget the feeling.

  54. I can’t remember the name of the game, but I vividly remember what it was about. You were mysteriously out on a train that you found out was the train that took the dead to their “destination”; or whatever that might be. You could talk to almost every one of the souls on the train and it was extremely upsetting because it talked about how each one of them died. It got to a point were I closed and uninstalled the game.

  55. I wish I was gaming when that was released, heard so many good things about it and still refusing to watch playthroughs of it, hoping to experience it myself someday. Konami was one of my favourite developers as a child, so sad to see what they turned into.

  56. You shpuld try it in VR. I played it for the first time in VR with mu froend telling me what to do. I was so fucking scared I can't explain how amazing horror is in VR. I dont get scared by horroe movies or games that much but VR... it's somethng completly different.

  57. Original Silent Hill...First time at night in my dark bedroom with my brother...That first alleyway nightmare forever in my memory,scary but good one...:)

  58. There’s a section of Thief 3: Deadly Shadows (I think it’s 3) called ‘Shalebridge Cradle’ I believe, that was one of the spookiest sections of a game I’ve ever played. Classic haunted insane asylum / orphanage combo, super scary b/c it just pops up out of nowhere an otherwise not terrifying game.

  59. Im playing Resident Evil Village right now and I'm currently in the doll house and I'm struggling real fuckung hard to continue. I can't help but feel like Capcom has crossed some line here. Not that I'm complaining.

  60. I'm in my 5 or 6 playthrough, with the best weapons maxed out and infinite ammo. Everytime I get to the doll house, even if I know every single thing that is about to happen I became a little anxious and horrified. That section of the game is pure perfection.

  61. Considering how immensely successful that was both creatively and in terms of the impact it had, it is astonishing that they cancelled Silent Hills.

  62. Batman Arkham Asylum. That game had some really creepy things, from the scene with Killer Croc in the sewers to the nightmare scenes of The Scarecrow. And I was only 11 when I first played it...

  63. Realms of the Haunting. Got to a certain bit of the game and just gave up. Too atmospheric for me at the time.

  64. Lab X-18 in Stalker shadow of Chernobyl. No cheap jumpscares and shock factors. Just pure dread.

  65. Silent Hill which desperately needs a REMAKE, Fatal Frame, Doom, Dead Space and Resident Evil when the Cerberus jumps in breaking the window.

  66. Anatomy, that Unity game that came out 5 or so years ago by Kitty Horrorshow. I could never play it myself, but boy is it fun to watch.

  67. System Shock 2. The cargo bays on a 4.1 surroundsound audio setup with a SoundBlaster Live! using EAX.

  68. Resident Evil 2. I could only play it during the day, with all the lights home, and someone in the room with me.

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