Which Skyrim city would you want to live in and why would it be Solitude?

  1. Whiterun. It's almost always sunny, the Jarl is an honorable man who knows what he's doing, the plains surrounding have some of the most fertile land in all Tamriel, the city seems to be prospering, it's more open air than other cities, it's not dominated by any one race, the temple of Kynareth has the best healers in Skyrim, it's not dominated by the Imperials or the Stormcloaks, it's not overrun by the Forsworn or Thieves Guild, and the Companions have their werewolves under control. Why choose Solitude?

  2. Whiterun in terms of living conditions, definetely S tier. But the main problem is, it's the center of attention it seems for wars. And also the city itself is really easily breached. The battlements suck. The walls aren't very high and the watchtowers are dragon bait.

  3. All in on Whiterun. Has a city feel to it, but it’s not overcrowded and seems like a good place to raise a family - filled with proud, honorable people.

  4. Definitely Riften. To start, it has the most amount of stores just because of the market. And meanwhile its not getting ready to be destroyed by a vampire lord, daedric prince, necromancer queen, or the civil war. There's not even an openly hostile daedric prince in the area, unlike most holds. It has one of the best temples/healers in the area (that also happens to be the only place to get married), a face sculpture, and numerous sources of food including produce, fish, and honey. It's home to one of the most popular meaderies and there's even a town hoe- practicer of Dibella... And while there's drugs and a thieves' guild, you're typically safe as long as you don't flaunt your wealth or pick on the local beggers and mind your business. It's practically Skyrim's Miami but waaaaay safer.

  5. Whiterun or Riften. Maybe not Riften itself, but The Rift is a beautiful hold. Now, if we're talking time and all, I'd love to live in Windhelm back during ESO times. Big, beautiful city with a rich history.

  6. I can just imagine Solitude being mentioned in some lore in TOS 6 about the huge rock arch collapsing with dozens killed in the incident.

  7. Was gonna say Solitude, so you spitting straight facts. Riften is a close second purely because of the thieves guild.

  8. Weird I haven’t played Skyrim in about 7 years, but seeing all the city names and I feel right back in it

  9. Riften. Sign me up for the thieves guild. But only after delvin is killed and they get their luck back. Also because its probably the warmest part of skyrim. I hate the cold.

  10. As someone who's never played any Elder Scrolls game from these screenshots I'd say I'd want to live in the right-middle one. (the wooden pathways one) What's that city? Would that be a good choice?

  11. I just want to say that the Anniversary update has really been enjoyable. I’m thoroughly enjoying the survival mechanics and the rest of the creator content that I’ve encountered. It’s also genuinely more challenging than it was before. But definitely Whiterun, that place seems to have its shit together.

  12. Definitely Windhelm. The deep cultural significance of the city, the weirdly accepted racism towards a certain race and the occasional serial killer…It’s basically San Francisco but with heavy snow.

  13. I’d totally take Markarth for location, scenery, and climate if it wasn’t overrun with corruption and infested with terrorists. Otherwise, gotta say Falkreath.

  14. Whiterun for the sheer reason that the friendly people of that city kept buying iron daggers from the blacksmith shop after I sold approximately 1,500 iron daggers there. I think I supplied an army by mistake. Oh god, the war might be my fault. I’m going to try and sleep this off.

  15. With a clickbait, sensationalist title like that, can someone break through the paywall and tell me whyyyyyy it's Solitude?

  16. Why would anyone want to live in a city where the first Point of Interest when entering the city is the gallows for public executions?

  17. Riverwood. The cottage village has such a calm, homey type vibe to it. Nice residents. There isn’t anything sinister going on. If you’re looking for something bigger or fancier, whiterun is a short walk away.

  18. Markarth. You know that fine young stud of a Jarl is throwing raves in the closed off dwemer ruins in understone keep. The priestesses of Dibella know how to get down and dirty on the dance floor. Just salacious, my dude. Dwemer ruins have top tier acoustics, and those trippy green lights never fade! They rigged a dwemer machine to blow bubbles over the crowd, it was sick, dude. I'm gonna go pick up a Stallion's potion from the apothecary on the way there, you want one too?

  19. Once a riften rat always a riften rat. Plus I think the scenery in the area is pretty and warm to look at

  20. Riften’s atmosphere/weather is probably my favorite. A lot of cities are too cold for me in Skyrim. And I like water.

  21. Ummm Riften for sure. Are you kidding me? Fall all the time, little foggy some mornings, peaceful little lake near for fishing. That's love right there

  22. Personally debating between Falkreath or Riften, I love the scenery and vibes, plus I enjoy both the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild storylines.

  23. Hell No: Windhelm, Winterhold, Riften, Markarth, Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, Raven Rock Maybe: Solitude, Whiterun YES: Skooma

  24. I love solitude. but if I was actually living there, I'd choose falkreath just because I like the biome more. Solitude is too wintery for me

  25. As much as I enjoy to see other cities but in the end I always have that "coming home" feeling when I enter the gates of Whiterun. I really tried to live in other cities but I simply don't get that cozy and safe feeling.

  26. Probably that small one that's on really shallow water. IIRC the one with the vampire living in someone's basement? I just really love the look and feel of that place, it's very relaxing.

  27. The answer to your first question is Falkreath. Therefore your second question becomes "why is falkreath solitide?" It's not. They're 2 completely different locations. Are you okay?

  28. I'd live in Markarth. Average housing but hey, the hold is much nicer and isnt cramped like Solitude. Also, they have their very own mine.

  29. I love the Solitude Mill. It's down the long road past the stables and it's absolutely adorable. It's right on the water, has a fantastic view of the harbor and Solitude above. It has a private dock and fishing boat, a work table and a cooking pit all on the shore. There's a little island next to it and it's even got views of Dragonbridge. It's such a little, quaint out of the way place and the house, though tiny is super cozy. It's perfect.

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