Real-time controlled CGI puppets in Unreal Engine 5

  1. I worked at Intel in the late 90s in the Game Lab (DRG @SC5) -- we were tasked with testing all the latest in gaming hardware, software, engines, etc...

  2. I loved that game but I am still kicking myself for not noticing the option to skip driving to your destination UNTIL I WAS DRIVING THE FINAL SHOOTOUT. God dammit.

  3. That game is so good just ahead of the technology. Once stuff like this hits main stream we need to revisit concepts like this.

  4. When people claim that AR/VR will not be widely adapted, I can't help but think they are underestimating how much people would want it for porn.

  5. The uncanny valley part for me is when she smiles and bares her teeth. There's something slightly off about it. But other than that, for a few seconds, I thought this was a real person. The lighting in particular makes this work so well. It's almost there, and that's a little frightening to me.

  6. The teeth look off because the mouth is not casting shadows onto the teeth. The mouth is just revealing teeth that are illuminated directly by the environmental lights.

  7. Yeah, but it isn't far off. As others have described, it's essentially just "small movements that weren't programmed in" so it is well within the realms of possibility to make it much more natural looking.

  8. Yup. I was like "Huh, this looks pretty cool despite her face stretching a bit more than it should." Then she opened her mouth and it all fell apart.

  9. It's the lighting. It doesn't fit the rest of the environment. While her mouth should be darker (cause ya know, mouth) I don't think it should be a pitch black abyss.

  10. The smile has no emotions. It's just moving the mouth to simulate a smile. That's why it feels so creepy.

  11. Well... the motion cap is capturing an inauthentic smile, because the actor wasn't smiling authentically. It's like when you do one of those smiles passing someone on the street, but you only smile with your mouth and not your eyes. It looks off because it'd look the same amount of off in real life.

  12. I don't even think it's the teeth that are the problem. They look fine in freeze frame. I think it is mostly the squint that is off and maybe something subtly wrong with the mouth movements. But you're right. It's basically perfect besides that bit.

  13. They didn't render any of the features of the inside of her mouth. Just a black void behind her teeth. I would like to see this with that fixed and it would probably fool me 100%

  14. I was thinking the same thing, we’re on the upslope of the uncanny valley. Incredible the advances we’ve made.

  15. I don’t think there’s a proper internal mouth, tongue, throat, etc. The teeth even seem to just be a picture. She opens her mouth and it’s just an empty black maw

  16. I didn't read the title and was wondering why this person was making dumbshit faces. Knowing changes a lot of things I think.

  17. The uncanny valley seems to be from the animation not the modeling. All the movements look confined in realistic constraints, but at the end where the model looks like she's talking is when it breaks down, and that's more to do with the animator trying to mimic real speech. That's an art form in itself and will require mastering to pull off.

  18. The use of "it" here is interesting. Accurate to say that being hit by the uncanny valley gave you the impulse to dehumanize the character? Like you were repulsed and the only way to reconcile that was to stop seeing them as a person.

  19. It’s weird because if you cover the top half of the head it’s a good smile. I think it’s off because there’s almost zero eyebrow movement with any of the expressions.

  20. It's amazing. I was really doubting it was not real. The only thing that show it's a CGI is a little strange transition in the last mouth movement. Other than this, it's hard to believe it's not real. I really can't wait what we'll have in the furute of gaming!

  21. Huh, interesting. When it's making that expressionless face and just moving the jaw around, it's really believable. But once it tries to smile, that's when it looks unrealistic and heads into uncanny valley territory.

  22. Is “uncanny valley” commonly used to describe video game models that look slightly off? I’ve never seen that phrase used as much as I’ve seen it used in this thread.

  23. It’s the eyes when she smiles for me. I have a similar feeling with people who smile with just their mouths and not their eyes.

  24. Tbh I've seen people with closed-mouth smiles that look like that, it's awkward but doesn't strike me as uncanny until she shows teeth and especially when she actually opens her mouth.

  25. My grandfather would say, "You lost me when she opened her mouth" then he'd proceed with tearing apart every minor graphical detail giving away the CGI.

  26. I think, we are at the beginning of the impact of technology on our society. We’re like cavemen who just discovered fire and we haven’t even come close to what the next 1000 years will hold

  27. At some point someone is going to post a video of a person doing faces, and reddit users are going to make 2000 comments about uncanny valley before finding out they’ve been looking at a real human.

  28. I wonder if eventually big budget movie will be a thing of the past. Most of the background is CGI now how long until the entire movie is phot realistic CGI.

  29. The only bit where I believed it was CGI was when she opens her mouth. It's a little off and it's completely black where you would see a tiny little bit of red.

  30. How far away from entirely fabricated celebs are we? A decade? Less? Scary tech IMO, this is the beginning of truly fake politicians, personality constructs etc

  31. Filmmaker checking in here... this is absolutely insane, also, I am going to start looking for a new career...

  32. i think deep fake detectives will arise, but what's scary is that the future might become completely opinion-based. Someone could be caught on video doing something and their best defense will literally be "that's not me or my voice. its fake"

  33. Concern? Hollywood has been passing off perfectly real digi-doubles of actors in certain scenes for years now and you haven't noticed, why start being concerned now?

  34. The implications of this entire thing is frightening and I dare say very, very dangerous. As much as I am in awe of the technical feat, I cannot help to feel that at some point this is going to have a large part to play in a now otherwise inevitable dystopia we're headed towards.

  35. They can do this already with photos and audio(voice). Being able to do this with video was a matter of time. We live in a post truth world anyway. Misinformation and propaganda everywhere. Not sure this would make a dent in the already existing problem.

  36. Why do all these CGI puppets move the jaw like that? No one does that. Act like a human to show off how it looks, dang it

  37. Makes me wonder how much more realistic Unreal Engine 6 will be compared to this. Not only would I have not known this was CGI, I'm still kind of on the fence if this isn't CGI. Except for maybe one or 2 frames.

  38. Something about the lighting inside her mouth is disturbing. I think it's the pitch black void. It reminds me of very familiar things. (and the lips are weird when she opens the mouth)

  39. Imagine an open world game where all the countless lines of dialogue from npcs are performed with this level of detail instead of switching between like 3 different mouth animations

  40. I'm happy for technology progressing and I never want that to stop. However I prefer this amount of effort be invested in fun game mechanics, gameplay and stories.

  41. They are investing in this type of tech because they are trying to get into the hollywood/movie industry. It has nothing to do with making games fun and everything to do with 'photoreal island'.

  42. This is what games need. Faces are usually so rigid and unexpressive. Make this work with VR would be even better. I’d love to be able to make faces while communicating with other players.

  43. It looks really freaky good, but the skin behaves more like rubber than skin. It doesn't make wrinkles like you'd expect it to around the eyes. The static brow ad forehead also gives it away, but of course this could all probably be animated.

  44. This shit looks real and noway a console can run it like this.... lets be honest. This shit is next gen... just like they showed those heads and shit with nvidia tech demos back in the day. This is 2026...

  45. All the other lads being amazed at this breakthrough of the digital medium. I'm just here in the corner, thinking how Porn hub will change a couple years from now...

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