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  1. You are only Silver 4, Come talk to me when you reach Silver 3. Thats where the big boys play

  2. I had never player a halo game. My roommate convinced me to download it. The second i started it up, he's like "hey let's do our ranked placements." Barely snuck into silver 5. He's platinum.

  3. Yeah I catch myself thinking this all the time. What I've learned is that there are actually really good players in ranks lower than me but they just don't play as much so can't push rank or they mess around a lot and try new things or they just play a more supportive role. Ranks are a good jumping off point but they arnt black and white as people like to think they are.

  4. Made me laugh until I realized that people actually do this. Derank to play with silvers so they can feel good about themselves.

  5. You know the funny thing is.... I haven't hardly seen anyone specify what games they're actually talking about, but instead a lot of people are like "yeah i'm stuck in bronze/silver too"

  6. The best part is when you can't play anything but ranked because everyone says "it's not ranked, why do you care what I do".

  7. looks like you are on a losing streak. When I'm on a winning streak in rank I am overjoyed and my ego becomes huge.

  8. My rainbros and I ride that Copper/Bronze line like it’s a mechanical bull at a dive bar and we’re each 30 shots deep.

  9. I see myself carry whole games in siege and still only get to silver. And then a cheater comes and heads hots everyone the next game.

  10. TBH this is a viable excuse when you're bronze 3 in Valorant and there's a level 21 Jett on the enemy team that's going 30 kills and 4 deaths the whole game.

  11. I like these ranking systems because when angry people dm me to tell me "you suck, uninstall. you are dragging others down" (literally a message I received yesterday), I can always answer:

  12. It may be true that I have.....13 accounts for one game....but I swear I just wanted to learn new characters 😅

  13. I main jungle so everything is my fault. It's fun when I get Vi but that popularity from arcane man...

  14. It's been 3 minutes and the score is 0-2 That one teammate: Guys let's surrender pls it's impossible to comeback now

  15. Shit happens in Rocket league all the time. We are down 2 or 3 then he just trying to forfeit and if I don't agree he will just go afk or strait up abandoned. Im like "dude it takes like 2 seconds to score and we have 4 minutes left" . Im a shitty platinum player and I still have won games multiple times down by even as much as 5 (even a few times completely solo because my teammate fucked off) just because the enemy team gets cocky and starts trying to do crazy up diamond level players and just miss the ball over ane over again.

  16. I had one game where I counter ganked top, got the double kill, but died to ignite... My top laner quit because I "fed his opponent".

  17. Pokemon unite is the game for you, literally everyone gets to masters so long as they sit around 50% win rate

  18. Go qualify in Halo Infinite, I haven’t heard of a single person getting placed below Platinum

  19. Honestly, Silver is harder than Nova in my opinion. I am Nova 1-3 depending on how my month is going and any time I get into a Silver lobby I play like shit. Silvers are playing a completely different version of the game, I am convinced. The way they move around the map makes no sense, they hold areas of the map that no one ever holds because it's not useful, and seeing a player at one bombsite with 20 seconds left means nothing because they are probably still unsure where they want to go.

  20. It's pretty stupid the rank decay in that game. My entire friend group was dmg-lem. We get back on get ranked silver 1. We played against a wide range of skill levels it's so useless the variation in ranks in low silver. Finally commit to playing the game and painfully grind to gold and wow surprise surprise it's WAY easier because those are properly ranked active players.

  21. I hate how CSGO you have to win matches to get placed, instead of just play matches like most other games. I suck so it took really long to get placed.

  22. Rocket league is pretty chill in every rank apart from Champ 3 division 4. Fuck me, the shear amount of sweat and rage triples lol. Then as soon as you get past it, it drops back to chill.

  23. I had to keep looking back at which sub it was, because everyone in the comments is just talking without mentioning what games theyre referring to and a lot of the comments seem like they still fit with RL.

  24. I know it's not your typical game to get excited about ranks in... but I had a fantastic time cussing my switch out not getting to S+ in mario maker vs.

  25. The thing about it is people in Gold and Plat make fun of people in Silver people who are like top 500 don't even think of people in those low ranks it all comes from insecurity.

  26. Eh wow and mmorpg as a whole are a little diferent, it is vs an ai, that while it also wanst to kill you it is not a real person(aka it will most lkely always have the same patterns), besides most mmorpg you do those bosses for the drops they give which will be almost all the times better than the drops from lower level boss, meaning each time you get something from that boss the next kill will become easier.

  27. All of League is pretty toxic, but Plat was by far the worst. Gold was the best, D5 everyone just knew they were a meme.

  28. Someone in my discord did this exact thing to me with the new halo game. I really don’t give a shit about it and since everyone else was doing it I thought why not play 10 ranked games and see where I fall. I was in Platinum 1 and this guy who Stans halo super hard started giving me shit about it. I just can’t imagine caring that much about a game.

  29. Then you play Overwatch where no one cares in quick play, throws in competitive, and sweats and rages in Arcade for the free boxes.

  30. Hey, I'm Silver in Overwatch and while, I would like to jump up in ranks... I just do not have to the time to wholly dedicated time to rank climbing.

  31. Yea im never having fun cause the people that I try to play games with are always better than me, so they end up in a higher rank and I cant play with them, so I quit.

  32. I’m gold 1 every season in seige but got boring when u get put up against people who don’t belong in golds then we face people who do belong it’s a all out war instead of having fun

  33. That's actually my mindset nowadays of ranked ranks, I don't mind if I'm good enough to prove for my friends or someone else. I just play for fun and that's all.

  34. Let me just say Forza is a blast as long as we are playing against the AI. Love the game but sad they didn't include the 2018 Nissan Versa since that's my current vehicle.

  35. Ranked alone is toxic but a lot of fun with a full team of buddies. Sometimes when I game alone, I still hit up LFG to form a squad. Waaay better than matching with randoms who start talking shit to their own teammates...

  36. Keep telling my friends that Peter Panning in Silver is way more fun than climbing higher. I just like fucking about and having fun when I finish work, I don't need a game rank to fulfill my self worth anymore. Cheers to those of you that are high rank though.

  37. I tried league for like a half hour before I just got sick of MFs yelling at me for not knowing how to play. I'm convinced people play that shit because they WANT to be angry. Life's too short and there's plenty to be mad about in life already.

  38. I hate ranked games. That's why I only play TF2 as a full australium/Unusual wearing Pyro being supported by a 6 year old medic who doesn't know how to right click

  39. Got to gold one season. Played a group match with some Iron ranked friends. We got destroyed because I brought the avg up to high silver I guess.

  40. No you fucking casul. PUBS are for having fun. RANKED is for climbing and taking the game to a competitive level. You don't have fun in ranked.

  41. Silver is where the real fun is. You can get away with whacky and dumb strategies that would never fly in higher ranks. Though, you’ll also have to watch your team fall for them.

  42. I have fun! I also deliberately stay away from ranked, as it is a miasmic abyss of shame and misery!

  43. Smash Ultimate 1v1s online are only fun with item on. I can manage without, but you can always tell who the competitive-only players are because they have no idea how the game works. The best is when you rematch them with their items-off rules and still win.

  44. Id argue items off are better becuase i want to play a character how the character was played in the game, and items make it so you dont even need to use a single signature move in game to win

  45. Dont think I've personally ever lost after rematching someone who has items on and getting my rule set without items. They always, always use them as a crutch from what I've seen.

  46. Ranked is a scam for the most part. You are being matched with/vs players higher or lower to simulate wins/losses. Why did you get an actual ape on your team, and not your enemy team and vice versa? How many times are people below/above your skill level?

  47. Hey, AOC is silver in League of Legends too, and she’s in Congress. I’m sure you are doing just as important things in your non-gaming time to justify not being at least gold.

  48. Ranked or unranked, it is still a team game and the purpose is to beat the other team. What you are ranked is irrelevant, only that you try your best even in QP or casual or whatever your game calls it. You are still playing with a team and the purpose of the game is the same. Even if it is practice, you practice to win, play to win. Stupid comps that would never work in real life make you practice to be bad. It is impossible to learn synergy and timing when you are running comps that don't work. Winning is fun and losing is not. Have respect for your team mates and always try your best no matter where you are in a team game. It is basically an esport, in regular sports you have a coach that sits your ass on the bench if you don't try your best in practice. Esports don't have that, but it is just as much torture to your team mates if you lolligag and sabotage your team.

  49. I carried all 10 of my grading matches and only lost 1 game. Had a KD of about 2 and got put in Platinum 6. Haven't been bothered to even play a ranked match after grading lmao. Really thought I'd get put in Diamond at least. But tbh I've stopped playing the game altogether and now trying to sort out my MCC files.

  50. The number one reason I like playing ranked in games is the more serious gameplay. Especially when it came to a game like OverWatch.

  51. I feels, SrGrafo. I LOVE Arcane but I feel like it brought back a bunch of people and the crunch time right before season end churns up all the people that haven't played for the entire year. Fiesta doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. Jinx building BORK over LDR/SG. 3/12 mid. 5/2/10 Shen won top but never took tureet, throwing leads. Junger diving for a kill before drag/baron spawns. Just jokes all the way down. smh I queued with someone that had 4400 games played (THIS season) G4 barely 50% wr.

  52. I quit before Ekko came out and came back after arcane. I’m just playing bots, ARAMs, and watching vids to relearn how to play. I’d like to avoid being told to kill myself after my first real rift game, so that’s my goal.

  53. As someone very adequate at many very random games but not actually good, I definitely concur with this. All my friends in different games trash my rank. I could thrash them at a complex array of games besides the one we’re playing.

  54. LoL is such a good game, too bad it got the worst community. so much negativity and rage it feels unreal

  55. Nothing gives someone more swag than being Gold 4, 0 LP, with a 40% win rate and having someone in silver not play a great game on their team.

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