What are the worst parts of otherwise great games?

  1. My sister and I still laugh about "Ah, the son of Jecht", heard dozen of times while trying to beat Seymour on the mountain.

  2. Damn, I just posted this, but didn't scroll down far enough to see it. I'm replaying FFX right now and I died to Yunalesca a couple of times and had to watch those scenes multiple times.

  3. That first Seymour fight damn near made me go bald at the age of 10. Not even just because of the fight itself, but the fact that I had to sit through the long ass cutscene every time I got screwed.

  4. Just finished a playthrough and man is it bad about this. The Seymour Flux and Braska's Final Aeon fight are the worst about this.

  5. They remastered it for PS4 if you didn’t know :-) I got it a few months back and it hit every nostalgic point I had in my body. I remember saving allowance to buy the strategy guide so I could get very aeon…Damn near 17 years ago.

  6. Farming viable blood gems in chalice dungeons in bloodborne. It’s fun to explore the dungeons at first but after a while of getting shitty gems it’s just annoying.

  7. I'd say root chalices in general, the random generated levels are full of empty rooms, bugged interactions and the level design in general takes a big hit on general. One of the best things about From games is the exploration and in the chalices it was weird and gets formulaic at a certain point, but with root chalices it's even worse, it just doesn't feel like your playing the same game.

  8. I’m sorry, the question was not “Immortal video game quotes that make you cry every time” so this is not a correct answer.

  9. What are you talking about ?! That and "WhatamIevenfighting foooorrrrr?!" Are the best parts! Honestly they made me cringe before, now I just laugh.

  10. Apparently someone went through the files and found that the hit boxes for bed of chaos was competently disconnected from the boss's appearance. So, your blocks and dodges were flawless, it was legitimately the game that screwed you over.

  11. When you finally have everything set to jump onto the little root to head to end of the fight and mid jump a branch comes out of nowhere to Dikembe Mutombo you to your death.

  12. I was gonna say DS1, except I'm calling the entire Tomb of Giants. What a terrible, long run to a nasty goof of a boss. That whole area is just begging to be cheesed.

  13. I hated these soul-parts more. "Collect shit, but don't step into the light." Fuck. You. I'm here to chop things up, why a stealth-like mission?

  14. I like the sequences, but I just can’t ever let go of the fact that you’ve got this massive embodiment of evil and TEETH, and you have to…pop his widdle toesy-woesy’s.

  15. One of the Grand Theft Autos had a mission where you had to terminate rivals using a remote controlled toy airplane. It was hard as hell to travel the huge city-wide circuit to find and kill all the enemies before the plane's gas ran out. To add insult to injury, you then had fly the airplane back to the starting base and land it high up on the roof of a tall building. If you failed to land it there, the mission was aborted.

  16. Especially when the NPC movement speed is faster than the PC’s walking speed, but slower than the PC’s running speed.

  17. Tailing missions are worst. Walking slowly while trying to avoid being detected in fear of havinf to start the mission over. Who thinks that shit is fun ?

  18. The later parts of Vampire: the masquaerade bloodlines. They are way too combat focused and melee characters are fucked.

  19. [GTA4] "HEY COUSIN YOU WANT TO GO BOWLING!" It wouldn't be that bad but if you say no to him 1) The number of times he calls increase and 2) your friendship with him drops. you have to say yes, call him back and cancel your plans with him in order to have your friendship remain. Granted #2 is really only annoying for those wishing to get the achievement/ trophy tied to having max friendship with every side character but everyone will still have to deal with #1

  20. Not long after, I played Red Faction Guerrilla and really appreciated how after meeting the protagonist's brother, he immediately gets you to blow up some abandoned buildings for salvage.

  21. I figured out taking damage cancels phone calls so whenever Roman called I'd dive out of whatever vehicle I was in to get out of bowling. If I wasn't in one I'd steal the closest thing for the purpose of driving a few metres just to dive out and not have to go bowling

  22. I loved it. He was trying so hard to make Yuna feel better that he was willing to look like an idiot.

  23. And once you know what is gonna happen later in the game, it means something completely different. You can tell how Yuna feels vs how naive Tidus is

  24. I feel like the only Kingdom Hearts game that made any sense was the first one but everything in it is retconned into not making sense. But I just like the gameplay.

  25. And then they added convoluted time travel in on top if it all. You'd think they'd put the shrooms away eventually, but each iteration gets both more off the walls and more pretty looking.

  26. I ended up giving up on understanding the plot of Kingdom Hearts and just enjoyed it for the exploration, combat and the worlds. The games are a hell of a lot of fun but god damn is the write/director incapable of telling a coherent story. He did the same thing with Final Fantasy XV except that one didn’t even really have a story.

  27. Any mandatory stealth section in a non stealth game. It's always the fucking worst. It would be like if Doom had a stealth section lol.

  28. Yes! I have this weird fear in any under water parts of games. Even like Mario games, just swimming around and then a giant eel pops out at you from a small tunnel or something.

  29. I just went back and beat this game and I was absolutely blown away by how terrible the camera is, especially since it was so much better than other contemporary game cameras.

  30. To be fair, it was the first time something like a controllable camera was really done in a 3D game. I mean they needed a Lakitu holding a camera to physically explain what it was to the player.

  31. Resident evil 5 on rails turret part. Its not bad on easy or normal but gets stupid hard on vet and pro. The giant fight is ridiculous on pro because he can 1 shot you and sometimes wont get stunned no matter where you shoot him. Makes me skip that chapter whenever i play. Re5 story is meh but coop gameplay is so fun and ruined by this. Had a friend quit 5 times on me for it when trying for platinum trophy.

  32. UNDER WATER LEVELS ARE THE FUCKING DEVIL. I’ve never played a game where I though, “Man. I’d love to go back and play the Underwater part again!”

  33. Mineral scanning is so annoying in Andromeda: « there are mining zones around here pathfinder » when there’s absolutely nothing.

  34. Was it really that bad? After the first few tries I got the rhythm down and got both the moons without too much difficulty.

  35. The little mermaid levels in Kingdom Hearts 2.....can't tell you how many times I had to make sure NO ONE was around before I played that cringe garbage

  36. The silent hill 4 inventory system. Only being allowed to hold like 8 items is so annoying. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if items stacked. So you can have 1 bullet take up an entire slot. And melee weapons break and hold up another slot. It’s just tedious running back and fourth from your room. However, I do enjoy some of the puzzles with this limitation.

  37. Ugh, playing through brilliant diamond was such a drag. Everything is 20 levels too low and then boom Cynthia's Lucario one hits all my mons.

  38. Fallout 4. realizing Shaun waited until he was like three days from dieing to let his birth father out of the vault even thought he could've done so years ago

  39. I want to believe he did it excactly because he was dying. He wanted to keep you frozen so you had more time to rule the institute after his passing. Thats just my theory tho.

  40. Also Macready waiting until after we honed to mention he was Mayor of Little Lamplight. Now I know why his name is familiar: I met him when he was a child in Fallout 3 😬

  41. Dude if you think Tidus's laugh was one of the worst parts of FFX you're in for a surprise wait till you get to the part where you have to dodge 1000 lightning strikes In a row or blitzball or the MOTHERFUCKING chocobo race.

  42. Eh, those are optional content though. If you're going for a completion it run, than I certainly do not envy the poor soul. The only weapon I bothered to max out though was Yuna's so I could feel powerful maxing out the entirety of the grid sphere with her and bonking enemies lightly on the head for 100k damage.

  43. The almost unbeatable werewolf from that one fucking quest in the wither 3. No special tactic just try your best to out damage his regen

  44. Hard disagree. Those areas (well, some of them) add some much needed gameplay variety and immersion. And they never made it unfair - in all of the games you have more than enough healing to deal with it assuming that you play well and don’t take too much damage from enemies. It’s a little inconvenient, yes, but these games have to throw some curveballs now and then to keep it interesting; imagine if they didn’t put any traps in Sen’s Fortress because it would be too annoying to deal with both traps and enemies - without the traps it would probably be a boring and forgettable area.

  45. i'll never understand why people hate that scene in FFx it's Supposed to be forced, if you played and payed any attention up to that point you would know that.

  46. I feel like people just don't understand the laughing in this scene. And we all know Catcher Chocobo was the worst part of FF X.

  47. Catcher chocobo? Can you refresh my memory? Is that the mini game for getting tidus’ weapon? And in that case I say “fuck you lightening bolts!!! All 200 of ya bastards!!!”

  48. While it’s tedious, I find that it’s necessary. Personally I don’t want to get OP because of infinite consumables and limitless money (if you could haul everything around and sell it all)

  49. The stupidest part for me was that enemies would sometimes spawn outside of the territory, and you'd risk losing the war if you went after them, because the game counted you as having fled the fight, even though you're chasing after enemies.

  50. I personally loved that part of the game, but there was this one yellow territory that was less than a block on the map that you had to wait for enemy gangs to spawn. Took for fucking ever just to start a gang war there.

  51. I never understood the hate for the FFX laughing scene, Tidus has been ripped from his homeland by SIN, he is slowly accepting that he is 1000 years in the future and literally all he knows about this new world is that the rules of Blitzball haven't changed. Then some guy that was friends with his dad in the past randomly shows up and tells him his dad is SIN, the monster that has been terrorising the planet.

  52. I hate how Red Dead Redemption 2 forces you to have certain weapons equipped instead of letting you have the freedom to choose what you want. Like I'll choose to have the Litchfield and Evans Repeater, but then I go into a mission and suddenly I have a Carbine Repeater and Springfield Rifle.

  53. The Riddler trophies and tasks in all the Arkham games. Some of them were… okay… but you get to a point where you are just putting in the hours for the achievement.

  54. The final boss battle in Fable 2, the complete lack of an ending in the first Forza: Horizon and the mission in GTA: SA where you have to jump form a plane to another plane.

  55. FF7 remake…the constant exposure to Sephiroth from the beginning took away so many great elements of him as an antagonist. And that goddamn purple Jenova goo

  56. I think remake is intended to be played after the original, you already know that Sephiroth has ways to manipulate and control Cloud, I think it makes more sense as a sequel.

  57. I just beat this the other day and when I was around 70% through I said to my friend "if I have to play as MJ or Miles ONE more time I think I'm quitting this game.

  58. Yes! As if someone would get bored swinging around doing spidey stuff. Only good thing about this was much you appreciated to finally swing through the city again.

  59. Rain in Breath of the Wild. It has no benefit, only disabling the ability to climb, which is very important to the core of that game, with no way to counteract it other than to wait or do something else.

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