What’s your comfort game, to take you back to a carefree time in your life?

  1. Baldur's Gate. Many factors but the mix of medieval atmosphere, exploration, playful music, magic and sense of adventure made an impression on young me.

  2. Totally underrated game. The engine still holds up today. I really wish they would have continued to make stories in that engine... Like once or twice a year we get a new module or something.

  3. I still remember being blown away by the Dragon Campaign cutscene the first time I saw it. Was the most epic thing ever

  4. I love this game. I know it'll never happen, but I always wished for a faithful remake or a prequel featuring the original Dragoons.

  5. It has some of the most soothing gameplay and sound. Like you could be getting attacked but still just makes we want to chill and relax, lol.

  6. Thanks for letting me find this so high on this list. This is my "family's" game and one of my most beloved memories.

  7. Absolutely love this game. It was such a departure from all other Mario games at the time, and honestly, still is.

  8. I was obsessed with this game as a kid. Called myself Geno for a year at school even though everyone already knew my real name. Thank God social media wasn't around when I was young or I'd be on

  9. I came here to say Super Mario RPG. Didn't expect it to be the top comment & it kind of broke my brain for a second lol.

  10. This was my first RPG. I played it before I could read very well. I couldn't get passed Mario's pad after the bridge to Bowser's castle gets destroyed. All you have to do is talk to toad, but I couldn't figure it out for some reason. So I searched every pixel of Mario's pad for a secret or something. I would restart the game over and over again to kill different combinations of enemies in Bowser's castle thinking that might unlock the rest of the game.

  11. Link to the Past is SO nostalgic for me I absolutely love that game...ive beaten it about 10 times and I still go back when I just want to mindlessly lose time. The soundtrack and all the sound effects I can hear so clearly in my mind.

  12. What about Banjo kazooie? That was a fantastic N64 game, but ocarina of time was absolutely classic and beautiful…. Bar the water temple…. Fuck that place.

  13. I spent so many hours playing RA2. Two of my friends would come over and we’d line up chairs next to each other. One person playing the other 2 couch commandeering. OMG make a Tesla coil already.. you’re out of power he’s going to kill you. We’d even uninstall and reinstall the game just to watch the briefing that happened during install. Oh man I miss Westwood.

  14. Has to be Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic for me I always remember renting the game and being off sick from school just chilling, enjoying and being amazed by the game.

  15. Sometimes I'll pay for a 30 day sub just to play through my favorite zones again. The music and aesthetic is just amazing.

  16. Don’t know why this wasn’t the first one that came to mind for me but simply leveling through OG Azeroth is probably some of my favorite memories as a teenager. The music, the environment, exploring and wondering what the next zones have in store. As stressful as the game could be at times and even the difficult times while leveling, it was still an overall relaxing experience.

  17. The night elf starting zone music sends shivers down my spine. The amount of hours I got lost in that world is ungodly, I wanna go back to 2006 :/

  18. Mine was Curse of Monkey Island. My dad and I played it together figuring out the puzzles on our Pentium 2 PC. I later played Secret and Lechuck’s Revenge but not having the voiceovers and the pixel graphics didn’t leave as much of an impact on child me. I love them all, but Curse’s art, music, actors, and those memories with my dad are timeless.

  19. Recently started re playing Donkey Kong 64. Honestly what an awesome game . It actually gets kinda hard at a certain point too

  20. The sequel to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, is my nostalgic game. I love both, but the replayability of Chrono Cross is higher for me and the combat system more interesting. Plus, the world in Chrono Cross just feels warm, so I get spring vibes from it.

  21. Chrono Trigger...man that game was awesome. Kind of a simpler rpg compared to some But the art style, mechanics, music, characters, plot...All of it was great.

  22. Super Metroid and the first and second Prime games are really nice. I’ll sit in Tallon Overworld next to the gunship for hours listening to the music, or in the crashed frigate.

  23. I want to say Oblivion. Played the shit out of that back in 2007-2008....but that was also a time I was an unemployed, basement dweller with not a thought of how I'm going to get out of that rut (borderline depressed too). It was just wake up, make myself a coffee, wrap up in a snuggly blanket then Oblivion for the rest of the cold Winter day while everyone else in my family gets ready for work and leaves me home alone.

  24. Oblivion is one of my favorite games ever. Moved in to my first apartment back in 2007 and got an Xbox 360 and Oblivion as my first game. Still remember playing through it during the summer, exploring the world and just soaking up the awesome music.

  25. Oblivion introduced me to so many new genres and concepts. First "roam free and do whatever you want" type of game, first large scale game, first "rpg" like game, and probably so more. I'd mostly only played console games before, 2d games, 3d platforms and most were 3rd person. But oblivion was the bees knees! The amount of immersion was insane, the world felt so alive and there was so much fun stuff to do! I swear on the nine that the dark brotherhood quests was the peak of all quests for me. I've been meaning play it again, albeit with some heavy modding for textures, lighting, etc. Just so that I may feel that wow once again

  26. I love Chrono Cross to death, but the worst thing that ever happened to Chrono Cross is that it was a sequel to Trigger haha. Trigger is just a stone cold classic, and I’m shocked it hasn’t been remastered or remade at this point.

  27. Legit me, Fallout 3 is my comfort game as well. I can't tell you how many characters I made, how many times I've beaten it, and how many copies of the game I've purchased over the years. I know every stage in my life will always involve me going back to that game to play again

  28. Seriously, I bought both PC and switch and I'm enjoying both so much. Don't think I played it through on my own without getting rushed so many times even in all the years I played it growing up.

  29. It's just such a cozy game. The atmosphere is just so relaxing (unless we talking about the earth temple or under the cabana)

  30. Castle Crashers does it to me the most. Takes me right back to summer nights in grade school and sleepovers with the boys.

  31. Fun fact the Game Freak dev team fucked up and didn't have enough room on the cart for the game. So Nintendo does them a favor and calls in the giga chad Satorou Iwata who single handedly writes a custom compression algorithm to get it to fit. He didn't even work for Nintendo till like a year later they just knew he was the man for the job based on their time working with Hal where he worked. He also single handedly ported the R/B/Y battle system to Stadium becuase no one else could figure out how to (Gen 1's code is a fucking mess). Also iirc the whole two versions and trading thing was his idea but I may be remembering that wrong.

  32. Pokémon Crystal takes me back, too. It felt like there was so much mystery with the legendary dogs and birds. Not to mention, playing through the Kanto region and ultimately facing Red. Spectacular generation all around.

  33. The song immediately started playing in my head ☺️ It's the first game that I fell in love with as a young child, watching my big sis play and we bonded over it. Such lovely memories.

  34. When I bought Skyward Sword 25th year collection, it came with a cd with the most iconic zelda soundtracks orchestral edition... when I heard Ocarina of Time: gerudo desert, I started crying like a child for the sense of pure freedom that song evocated in me

  35. The original Sims and its expansions; I still have it on my machine and sometimes play it to chill. Great ost and just generally nostalgic.

  36. I’m playing this for the first time on Switch and it’s amazing! I only ever played Tooie and I think the first might be the better game.

  37. Old arcade games like Pac-Man, Arkanoid, Space-Invaders, Gallaga, Gyruss, Tempest, Defender, Lady-bug etc.

  38. In 2015 my coworkers and I would spend nearly our entire work days playing this game. We had to play down in the parking garage because we’d be too loud anywhere else. We made a big Star championship belt that the winner would get to tote around until the next round of races. When we weren’t playing, we’d be messaging eachother with jokes and trashtalk. We must have put hundreds of hours into that game. So many stories and laughs.

  39. For me, Star Wars battlefront. It was the first game I ever owned and I got it in the summer before middle school. The sad part is I can’t find a populated server anymore

  40. Dude a clasiiic! I remember going to my friend’s house, playing that on his ps2 and eating cinnamon rolls on a Sunday morning 🤤 good times

  41. That 3rd level through the "secret" route where you were flying and fighting an all out war with that starship flying down the center on the map was my favorite. Felt like I was battling in Independence Day

  42. It blew my mind that you could send things to other people without the internet. The music was just so goddamn great in the original too

  43. Probably because the content, mostly people listing carefree type games. Not headcrabs and aliens. I’m older so Half-Life 1.

  44. OoT was my shit back when I was 13 but I recently got the expansion pack on Nintendo online just to play it. I was immediately disappointed at how laggy and clunky the controls were, it made me hunt down a n64 just to play OoT and MM.

  45. Yeah I always have a relaxing time on Minecraft, I know some people stress out from playing hardcore or from the mobs at night but I always play on easy to have a good time lol

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