We aren't planning on doing anything about it

  1. This is sadly true. EA has damaged a lot of franchises then decided fans just aren't interested in them anymore. The reality is EA keeps trying to turn everything into a golden goose and you cannot do that with most games without making predatory design decisions

  2. I hate how companies word this shit. EA saying it 'did not perform well' (money-wise) when it should be 'it did not meet gamers expectations'.

  3. It can’t possibly be because we released a hopelessly buggy, basically unplayable mess of a game. What are you, crazy?

  4. Could be wrong, but didn’t they come out and say that they actually plan on doing way more battlefield? I could have sworn I saw some articles talking about EA wanting to do a whole universe of battlefield games or some shit like that.

  5. “Ahh fuck it.. Guys, make it free. We fucked up so let’s just keep making micro transaction outfits for people to buy and not fix the game.” - Most games that come out these days

  6. That beta was great IMO. Helped me realize that the bones of the game were too brittle to fix and I saved some money.

  7. They knew what the playerbase wanted, that's why they made the trailer the way it was. Hell, people have been giving them feedback for years now about what they really, really hope to see in a Battlefield game, what worked in precious titles, what didn't or needed to be improved and even possible avenues for expansion and growth.

  8. Nope, I won’t give them that excuse. It wasn’t rushed at all. They had years to get things right. I honestly think the talent in management and devs is simply not there.

  9. It's the same hand but not Dice's fault as when you have a company like EA who wants deadlines done right away it's kinda hard to do much bug fixing

  10. I think it's because i didn't play older BF games except 1 which i really loved, but i find the specialist system and map design fun, not perfect but still fun.

  11. Aren’t all those reasons the same hand? TBH I’m no programmer but it would seem a game that is 60+GB in size isn’t somethjng that happens over a few months with out, testing or checking over code with out some sort of issues happening.

  12. Most likely changes in leadership and the devs behind the great titles have moved on. It's kind of dumb how often it seems being a game dev is basically "make one title and move onto the next studio". It just sounds super unappealing since you're just glorified freelance labor and people need more stable careers.

  13. 2042 is the only recent "dud" I can think of. Battlefield: V is a great game these days and not too long ago we got the masterpiece that is Battlefield 1.

  14. EA bought them. Game programmers HATE working for EA (cuz same toxicity exists inside as out). So EA basically keeps buying game studios and only getting to keep the programmers who haven't learned to have EA proof exit clauses in their contracts. So EA only keeps dev's against their will, who jump ship as soon as they can.

  15. Dice sweden and dice la have moved on to making different games and this bf was made by a bunch of studios including 2 new ones and need for speed devs... lol also rushed but everyone knows that.

  16. That's what happens when you pour the same shit into a game-making grinder, push a button and expect a masive hit. Because I honestly can't believe it was done by real people.

  17. It just proves to us what we knew all along. They weren't interested in making it an amazing game. They were interested in making amazing money off a sub par game. You'd think they'd learn by now but they don't. And that's because they don't give a shit. It's so clear as day it's insulting. And I know most of you agree with me. What a ridiculous response by them. Looking at f2p as if that's not the fucking core of their problem here. My god it's just crazy at this point.

  18. If only that option came up when they were pulling the plug on the still played and popular BF2, 1942, vietnam and 2142

  19. If they literally just made BF2 but with better graphics it would’ve been a solid win. Like really, it would’ve been so easy to not fuck this up. It’s fucking sad how bad the Battlefield series has got. RIP BF2 and BF2142.

  20. Man I remember all the talk about this finally being the call of duty killer, sucks for all the fans who paid full price smh

  21. They'll make it free to play and just milk it for whatever microtransactions they can get out of it, then release their next dumpster fire. This is just how it works now

  22. If anyone bought this shit and didn't go for a refund. Why not? And has everyone learned their lesson about preordering yet?

  23. Because it was generally able to keep you going to go past the 2 hour limit, whether by giving you just enough fun, or making you spend more time in the menus than needed and suddenly, no refund for you.

  24. At least they invested in making that super fan-servicey trailer to get all that sweet sweet pre-order money. They just forgot to actually make a good game to live up to any hype it created

  25. I know it isn't fully accurate to what people believe, but all it really needed to be was BF4 but more, not reinvent the wheel

  26. If only they listened to every single player that said it wasn't ready, should remove the gimmicky shit and stop trying to make a cod clone. If only they had some sort of warning from every single person months before release. Like who the fuck are they actually taking advice from, I think every single bf fan had the same ideas on where they fucked up but they didn't listen to one of them.

  27. Part of the problem is that people complained there wasn't enough gimmicky shit in the last two entries and as usual the execs gave them only that.

  28. It's unfinished that's the main issue. It's also different I'm the sense that it has specialists instead of classes. That's very debatable but it's also hard to sell people on change when the game is a mess.

  29. Really hard to take in just how far EA has fallen. Axing the Medal of Honor series, and probably the first over-hyped/under-delivered title Anthem...just incredible 🤷‍♂️

  30. I mean, there have been a ton of overhyped under delivered games over the years. Remember Brink? That was a game that was going to revolutionize fps games... Everyone was stoked for Brink, then it came out and it was a soggy loaf of bread.

  31. At least the 10hr trial on gamepass saved me 60 bucks. Ill be on bf4 till this game gets polished enough to buy.

  32. Costs too much, they only have so much to slap a new skin on last year's game. They can only spend so much to keep their profits at "ludicrous" level

  33. Do people really not think both the developer and board members wanted the game to be good? Delaying a game is expensive and they probably hava a bunch of calculations that show that it would not have been economically beneficial to move itvaway from the holiday, and delaying it until next holiday and would raise the costa a lot and put other projects on hold.

  34. Okay so they just need a time machine to make the game different? That's clearly the best option.

  35. The only Battlefield I ever played was Battlefield 1. Absolutely amazing game, it’s a shame what’s happened to the newer instalments.

  36. This is yet another big launch that failed. Game developers are going to have to realize that they need to have a damn perfect, or as close as they can get, game before launching. Halo Infinite has been less than stellar (lack of co-op at launch is wtf level material, the transactions and battle pass bullshit), now 2042 is flopping.

  37. Am I the only one that would like to see BF2143? Keep it like 2142 but just update it with a few new weapons and game modes. The titans would finally be able to be used in the way intended.

  38. I’d kill for a remastered 2142. Don’t touch any of the game mechanics. Just make it look even better. Would have been an infinitely better game than 2042. So sad.

  39. I haven’t played it so I can’t say much about it, only that the consensus was it have a dreadful launch week. However this is EA. Anthem was a game they basically made in 6 months. Who released titanfall 2 against their own game. Who pulled development from battlefront 2 just as it started to make an actual impact as a game. To make battlefield 2042 ironically.

  40. Do you understand what inflation is? Those $30 games for nes would be 60 today. Also do you understand the cost of production today vs back then? How old are you? I feel like inflation and overhead vs revenue vs profit would be something you learn in highschool??

  41. Anyone getting some MASSIVE TF|2 vibes right now with the whole “we/the dev team screwed up so hard at launch so we’re basically gonna give up” thing?

  42. It’s battlefield/call of duty. The franchises need the games to be good the same way that fifa games need to be good

  43. I hate how companies can just release a game without a story mode these days...it's like showing up to class without your homework and then you have the audacity to shit on the teacher's desk and charge the teacher 60 bucks to eat it

  44. Eh. At least we don't have to pay for it. Being free to play means people have no investment in it. They're just as happy to drop it as pick it up.

  45. They better be giving people that bought the game something in return. I didnt buy the game for $110 just for it to go free to play months later when the months its been out have been nearly unplayable with how badly it performs

  46. I bought a new pre-built gaming computer that had Battlefield 2042 download as a free gift. I have not downloaded it yet, and may never given how much this game has been getting shit on.

  47. As soon as I heard a mention about Free to play, I decided it was time to finally get the Refund, as I accepted that point as there is no point to wait for fixes (like Battlefront 2)

  48. Man, nfs heat, Star Wars Jedi fallen order, and such gave me hope that EA could finally be a good company, I suppose they’re one step up from Activision/blizzard but that’s not saying much

  49. I for one, would actually be a little pissed if 2042 goes free to play. That is not the solution here. So damn many of the Battlefield fans out there, like me, fell for all the hype and most likely (again, like me...) decided to fork out the $ to pre-order the game only to be met by the trash fire that 2042 turned out to be, only for it to go free to play because instead of fixing the game and getting people to buy it because it's good, they would artificially boost their player base by giving it away for free. I'm sure there are people who enjoy the game and don't feel the same way, but I have also seen for myself how many people are unhappy with what was delivered.

  50. Some time ago EA realized that if they cut content and released a game, fans would buy it. Then, since that model was the only one offered for the IP, they tricked fans into thinking it is what they want. “Its selling like crazy, obviously you want it!”. Meanwhile the IP gets slung thru the mud and abused for a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  51. They should be disappointed with how the game turned out, not how it performed, aka how much it sold. If the game was better, it would have sold more. And now instead of fixing it, they want to make it f2p so they can nickle and dime what little playerbase is left with micro transactions? EA is despicable.

  52. Can't just make a game, gotta pull in all that "data" to determined the most profitable game. When the hell are we going to see just a game again?

  53. Hopefully this is a lesson they will learn (i rather doubt they will learn anything) that if you want people to buy your shit you best make it good ive never seen a game worse than this in my life

  54. They never thought "Let's just give the devs the freedom to work at their own pace and make the game to their vision". Shame, EA. Shame.

  55. Except the game is in a much much better state than release, how is it supposed to fix it more when its already good? They logically start looking elsewhere, but apparently that logic escapes you.....

  56. Maybe EA should learn how to make games instead of just being a publisher that makes money off someone else's work. Or is that too hard.

  57. I’ve only been following BF since 4 but has the latest one started out worse than the others started? It’s my understanding that they all had a shitty start and that’s just expected.

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