What are some of the most annoying enemies in video gaming?

  1. I'd have to agree with the picture. Cazadors are easily the most obnoxious enemy I've ever had the the misfortune to fight in a game.

  2. Worst part was on hardcore they would kill your companion so easily. Any time I suspected I might face a cazador, I'd make my companion wait behind so they didn't get massacred right away.

  3. Since Cazadors are based on Tarantula Hawks, if you actually lived in the Fallout universe and had the great misfortune of running into one of these things, it would paralyze you before dragging you to a burrow where it would lay an egg inside of you. You'd then stay conscious and alive while the larva slowly ate you alive, avoiding major organs to keep you alive and fresh for as long as humanly possible.

  4. Even if you ignore the fact they were lighting fast tanks in the air who stung like they were packing mini nukes, there was the fact you usually fought like 7-16 of the fuckers at the same time.

  5. I don't know why I still remember this, but I'd get the Dinner Bell shotgun specifically for these guys. At 100 guns it would one-shot cazadores because they are all health no Damage Threshold.

  6. You know what is even worse than regular Cazadors in NV. The Giant Cazadors in Zion Canyon god damn that place is fucked.

  7. Best mod for Morrowind by a large margin was a belt that automatically electrocuted them when they got close. Didn't do anything else, and otherwise wasted an equipment slot but 100% worth it.

  8. I wish the wildlife in the Bethesda games was more realistic. There was mods for it but none of them really seemed to do much.

  9. Vespoids from the Monster Hunter series, you are trying to get all the carves in time, then it stings and paralyzed you and you missed an item T.T

  10. The endemic life in general is super irritating. I'm fighting the bastard offspring of a forbidden love between a t Rex and a jar of pickles and this dipshit pig comes over and charges into me, only for the oblivious fucker to get pounded into the dirt by the very mutant Apex predator I was trying to kill.

  11. Bullfangos, rhenoplos n konchus are the bane of my existence Bnahabras are just there to get one shotted, same for the black insects I forgot the name of

  12. The regenerating necromorphs in Dead Space. Especially in Dead space 2. Having to stasis it and hack that machine while its stasised. Holy hell. Talk about a rage quit.

  13. I did the trophy for playing Dead Space 2 on hardcore mode where you only get 3 saves. The sheer panic I felt during the end chase with the regenerating fuck face was palpable

  14. First time Oblivion players when an old man asks you to find his ring in Lake Rumare: "Sure thing old man, I'll be back in five!"

  15. The fucking bone wheel skeletons are my least favorite. How the fuck am I supposed to deal with captain calcium and his skeleton drag racers when I'm running on two legs???

  16. i'll say special mention to the great malboro of FF 10 which will get first strike in every combat so unless you have a special ability to always go first or status imunities to especialy confusion you will start the fight with every condition which is 99.99% sure to kill you instantly.

  17. Also the flood ranged form. Fuck that bullshit, perfect accuracy, no reloading just infinite shots, super long range, rapid fire and to top it all off when you start shooting at them they curl up and take like 8 mags to kill. It's so tedious

  18. I bet most people got surprised when a tiny little mosquito was much harder to deal with than a massive troll that shreds the forest with its attacks.

  19. Accidentally took my first boat too close to a plains biome, one of the little suckers came out to sea and killed me instantly.

  20. "wow look at those fields! All bright and golden, oh look a big buffalo thing! Sail closer......hey look at that big bug.....it's flying at us.....ITS FLYING AT US GO GO GO"

  21. My first encounter was when i arrived at the Plains for the first time and i was just in awe with the Soundtrack. Just slow walked while listening to it. Then one of those MFs showed up.

  22. I remember landing in the plains being like hmm this place looks neat, I noticed that the goblins (idk what they were called) were kinda tanks for my gear at the time, then I saw the god damn mosquitos and it came over and clapped my asshole in a quarter of a second

  23. When I was a kid and I was playing Pokémon Red, I didn’t know what repels were… yep, the whole game without a single repel… oh, God, I still dream about Zubats

  24. Playing co-op with friends as Axton, would legit throw my gun turret down for them damn things so we didn’t have to try and shoot them.

  25. Holy shit I just had some bad memories of these fuckers come back. Don't think I've encountered anything in any game that pissed me off more than those stalkers.

  26. Yeah somehow this is what they stood out to me too from all the mountains of frustrating NES games.

  27. Sure Winter Lanterns can kill you, but it's those Insight stealing Brainsuckers that deserve nothing less than total eradication.

  28. Prometheans in halo. Shooting aliens is fun. They bleed, yell, fight from cover, dive out of the way, etc. the prometheans are just bullet sponges with laser accurate shots. They will literally stand in the open and melt you while tanking hits all day. And they disintegrate when you kill them. No blood, no body to teabag. Useless. Plus they teleport, never reload, and will literally spawn right behind you

  29. They were horrible in halo 4 and almost made me put down the game. I know halo 5 is often hated on but the way they changed the prometheans and actually made them fun was a very redeeming quality for me.

  30. I think the werewolves rate higher for me, because they were more mess you up and you had to be so precise with dodging or countering them. Sometimes when I jumped into the game after completing it, I'd just nope out of certain fights with them because I didn't want the frustration that could possibly come, especially on new game +

  31. In TLOU2, the building above all the water thay you have to enter from the fire escapes, I ran through there so fast every time. Honestly, just fuck those things man.

  32. Holy fuck shooting a bloatfly without vats and not being literally up it's ass was damn near impossible.

  33. You literally just described soul twisters in hollow knight. Except they are so rounded by fireballs that they throw at you.

  34. Now that I’m thinking about it, destiny has so fucking many annoying enemies. Hobgoblins, phalanxes, pretty much all of the taken…

  35. Those guard captains in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. They strut about like a fucking peacock and the moment they get the slightest whiff of danger, they run terrified. Leaving their subordinates to die while they cower in fear in the guard tower 🙄🥴😒

  36. Flying creatures in Morrowind that wreck you on your way to Balmora for the first time. You know the ones

  37. Gastropods in terraria. Not as annoying in the later stages of hardmode but early on they snipe you from off screen.

  38. Carcasses for me, with their annoying fucking shield spawning and blocking me in the most inconvenient ways. Whenever I see them spawn I ignore every single enemy, even Marauders, Barons of Hell, Tyrants, to kill those fuckers asap

  39. Marauders interrupt what is an otherwise satisfying gameplay loop. It's not that they are terribly hard, but they hard stop a groovy rhythm.

  40. Don't forget about the Claw Vipers in Hell mode in Nihlathak's tempel, their bone spear attack is glitched and can do insane damage. As far as I'm aware it was never patched

  41. Had to scroll to find this one, however Icthyornis are worse as with Pegos you can at least try to get the stolen shit back, that seagull from hell will eat anything like a trooper and not be for the worse, such as not going down after munching on a full stack of narcs

  42. The moles (rockbreakers) were miles worse for me, I had to cheese them on the rocks nearby. They're tanky as fuck and really hard to dodge whilst being stupidly fast at the same time

  43. as much as I hate the dogs in dark souls.. the sound of a murloc (in WoW) running to you is the most annoying thing ever

  44. The Marauders from Doom Eternal. Im good at video games and everything but everytime I had to fight a Marauder sometimes their being multiple, it was awful and I definitely was close to rage quitting a few times.

  45. Enemies that can call for reinforcements. World War Z, the screamer. Dying light, the kids, think they’re also called screamers. Days Gone, they got screamers. Far cry games, the guys that call for backup. Always pissed me off.

  46. The giant misquotes in fallout 4 because the hitbox is terrible and they move very fast. I'm shocked Bethesda didn't code them to spin around you.

  47. Did you know that Cazadors are real? They are native the Southwest US and known as Tarantula Hawks. They have one of the most painful stings on earth and doctors suggest, if stung, to quickly lie down to avoid concussions because when the pain starts you might go into convulsions from it.

  48. In World of Warcraft, when the guy you are attacking, suddenly appears behind you, and you are chopping at air, while the little fucker is whacking you in the back.

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