What’s a game that you think no one but YOU seems to remember?

  1. Lords of Magic: Special Edition. 6 year old me sucked at it, cause I had never played a strategy/RTS game before and had no idea how to play it. A lot of fond memories of reading the 100 page booklet that came with it, and the triumph of figuring out how to play a game that felt like it was for adults.

  2. Thank you, Monster in my Pocket was a game I tried to describe to people and every 2nd person was a jackass and was like, "don't you mean pokemon".

  3. Just loved how your soldiers grew with the missions they survived, growing in military grade but also in firearms ability. Losing a man after a few missions was a real lost

  4. Yes! Interstate 76 is reason I purchased my first 3D graphics card and begged my parents to switch from AOL to a “real” ISP because the online play didn’t work over AOL’s connection.

  5. Jill of the Jungle. Probably the one that I enjoyed the most (Along with Jazz Jackrabbit) that people go, "Huh?" when I mention it.

  6. I loved building cities and then flying around in them. The fact that you could fly to the military base and then use the apache and launch missiles was great. One time I did that and launched a missile at my nuclear power plant. Suddenly my screen went completely white. I thought, "What the heck? Did the game just crash?" And then details slowly started coming back and I realised that my chopper was spiraling out of the sky and my city was a wasteland of wreckage and fire. I nuked my city. Good times.

  7. There it is. I loved this game as a kid and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. The premise was so cool.

  8. MDK, one of the best game I've ever played. Incredible art direction, amazing soundtrack, top notch gameplay, funny, and a very special general atmosphere.

  9. Exile I II and III Exile 3 was the one I played most of... Exile is the most impossible game ever you literally starve to death cause you start out with no food no items nothing lol gotta use cheats

  10. Spiderweb software is the developer, you should check them out! They’ve remade the Exile series’s under the name Avadon, and have other classic-style games such as Geneforge which I highly recommend playing.

  11. Phenomenal game. Somehow this formula of chess mashed up with arcade action just felt perfect. Shapeshifter was the OG.

  12. I swear I remember a mission in that game where you end up on a real-world bathtub chasing a Blue. No one who played it with me as a kid remembers that, and I found an emulator that also doesn't have that mission. I feel so weird...

  13. I only played 3 but man did I love that game! I keep a windows 95 machine alive so I can play it from time to time

  14. I have been thinking about this for ages - is this the one that is Myst-esque and you are chasing,iirc, a robot to stop something? I had a demo of it and it was super cool but never bought it.

  15. The Strike games were so good, they were basically their own genre. Kinda weird how there were 5 big games and hardly anybody talks about it now.

  16. Every time I see someone post this thread I come looking for someone to mention Mischief Makers or Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. This is the first time I've seen anyone mention either of them.

  17. Zone of enders. Which is odd because I see people mention that the game is good, but I never seen any actual discussion about the game before

  18. This game singlehandedly showed me who I am and what my interests are. It was the launchpad for my love of Scifi, space, and reading

  19. The coop in the first one was awesome. There was one level where one of you started in a jail cell and had to wait for the other player to come break you out.

  20. Windows 95’s Road Rash was something special. The only other game I ever saw that was truly like that was Burnout 3 Takedown on Ps2. Most fun arcade racing games ever. It’s surprising that they haven’t been brought back with online multiplayer available for new consoles. It’s pretty obvious that they would sell, even if it is the original game and not a better remake.

  21. Aw man. That game was brutal, but in a good way. Just shooting limbs off of people was so damn cool back in the day. Or shooting them in the stomach. shudders

  22. Remember in the mid 90s my brothers and I used to crowd around the PC playing this, each taking our turn until we coukd afford a nuke. So many good rounds.

  23. Messiah (PC) You played as a cherub in a dystopian future that could possess people, and Fear Factory did the soundtrack. It was awesome.

  24. Loved those games. Particularly fond of the crew mates that would shout "they're everywehre!" Every timr you walked near em haha

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