What are some truly unique video games that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life?

  1. +1, I turn as many people as I can onto this game and live vicariously through them as they bawl their eyes out. But seriously it is something truly special and I think everyone should buy it.

  2. I just played it last night, found someone online, it was late but i coudnt leave them lone, we finished the game together. This game leaves and awesome feeling of accomplishment and it’s fucking beautiful

  3. For those who enjoyed it, the company who made it also made a free multiplayer mobile/switch game called Sky: Children of the Light. It’s really pretty and is super fun to make friends in with its social aspects - I highly recommend.

  4. Fun fact about Journey: there are no automatically generated shadows in the game whatsoever. In order to obtain the perfect aesthetic of lighting and shadows, the developer drew out all the shadow maps ahead of time, a huge extra bit of work given how easily game engines can produce shadows automatically from placed light sources.

  5. Journey was beyond anything I've played. It will stand to be the number one best story I have ever witnessed, from intriguingly dark beginning to beautifully transforming end. (Plus, I love riding the wind across the sands. I could spend hours doing it.)

  6. The multiplayer experience in this game was absolutely magical. That first glimpse at someone else, another being in this beautifully desolate place, the shared journey, the silent communication. Just perfect.

  7. I came here to say Journey because the video wasn’t loading on my phone. Very happy that this amazing game still gets the hype it deserves. That ending though… chills

  8. Don't see Torment mentioned too often anymore... everything from the premise to the characters to the world were unique and amazing. A high INT build was the best way to go so you could do everything from convincing a person they didn't exist so that they fade out of reality to finally learning your name.

  9. Disco Elysium blew my mind. The only game where I let all the dialogue audio play in full rather then quickly reading it and skipping through.

  10. Subnautica is the one game I wish I could forget everything about and play it again. Its not just terrifying as some people have mentioned, but the atmosphere and experience is engrossing. Only a gradually unfolding mystery pushes you forward (deeper?) and exploration feels like a necessity rather than an optional thing you can do like in most open world games.

  11. I can only play Subnautica for a bit at a time before I get too heebie-jeebied and need to play Pokémon or something gentle for a while. Finally have the Cyclops and have found some of the deep areas, but oooof… thalassophobia is a real thing. Especially in VR.

  12. 100% yes! That’s my childhood! Guybrush led me to discover another favourite - Broken Sword, which I’d recommend to any fans of the Monkey Island series.

  13. I didn't speak english first time I completed these games, and it was an old version on Amiga without the images for the inventory, just the text. Let me tell you it took me a while to find that on Phatt Island, you needed to use a monkey to unscrew that valve. There is no literal translation of "Monkey wrench" in french, it's just something else with no relation to monkeys.

  14. Theeeeere's aaaaaa monkey in my pocket and he's stealing all my change, his stare is blank and glassy, I suspect he is deraaaaaanged

  15. At least one of the metal slug games. I feel like most people looking for artistic atmospheric games can't appreciate the artistic value in something as chaotic as metal slug, but it does have a lot of great stuff about how the visuals and the story and the gameplay work in metal slug games.

  16. Amazing game. For me the art and atmosphere is great! The real pixel art masterpiece 15 years before the movemenr was created

  17. None quite like the original on a .25 cent arcade cabinet. Used to have one at the grocery store where I grew up. Used to ride there on my bike with $2 in quarters like I had a 100 bucks lol good times

  18. Happy to see SOMA!! I never see it mentioned online but it really had an impact on me. I'm biased cause I love sci fi, horror, robots, etc, but still! It was awesome! I think about it all the time, years later.

  19. I could not believe how much I liked this game. Was sad when I finished it. I'll have to go back and give it another go.

  20. I remember buying this game and begging the store I purchased it from to return it because I thought it was so awful and boring. I was denied of course since it was already open.

  21. For any Bioshock fans, I strongly recommend Prey (2017). It's like Bioshock in space, and it's one of the most immersive experiences I've ever played.

  22. The atmosphere alone brings me back to that game every few years. There's so much attention and detail put into the environments they almost tell a story themselves.

  23. I loved this war of mine. Two play throughs was enough for me, but they were both intense and unique experiences. Neither one survived to the end.

  24. Can’t believe how low this is. Outerwilds changed how I look at video games and storytelling

  25. Yasss, so happy someone called it out. Bought it after watching the noclip documentary (avoiding the spoiler part). Didnt think much of it after the first few minutes, felt clunky and the graphics were a bit mweh. Left it as was for a while then came back to it later kinda forcing my way in and holy shit.. it is now my favorite game ever and i still listen to the soundtrack every now and then. Its such a unique and wholesome piece of art, a nice step away from slaughtering draugrs or shooting terrorists. Just, unspoiled exploration and puzzle solving in what is frankly a stunning world.

  26. That game hit me hard I strived to get all my friends to play it managed to get one of my best friends to play it. He said "when I got to the fish factory scene I instantly saw why you connected to it."

  27. Yes. That and the Myst series. I really should go back and finish Grim Fandango before tech advances to where it no longer runs. :-)

  28. Outer Wilds. It's the only game I've ever played that legitimately brought tears to my eyes when I finished it. The music is incredible, the world(s) is/are amazing, and the game design is pretty astounding and solid for what the devs(small team) set out to accomplish.

  29. If you liked the Mass Effect Trilogy check out the Star Control Trilogy. Star Control II is the best by far and can be found for free as:

  30. Shit I just download the Mass Effect Legendary editon on game pass after having NEVER playing any of them before, and I gotta say... I'm having a blast with ME1 right now!

  31. Spiritfarer. It’s still the only game that brought me to tears multiple times. It’s beautiful and the characters are incredible.

  32. I've been scrolling to find this comment because yes Obra Dinn is something I feel everyone should experience. It's unique in its gameplay and art has wonderful sound and music work and tells a story in a really cool way. It all comes together to make such a unique experience that can only be experienced once.

  33. I’m really looking forward to the day when my memory of the game had faded enough so that I get to play it again.

  34. I believe everybody needs to play Bioshock at least once, if not more. The environment is gorgeous, but the STORY. I have never been so gripped by a tale that truly unfolds itself according to how actively you seek out the narrative. So few games tell so much with so little nowadays. In my opinion, no game has told such a grand story so subtly since then aside from maybe God of War.

  35. I played RE a lot as a kid and was never really scared of it. Dead Space literally gave me nightmares until i was able to repeatedly beat it over and over

  36. Yooooo i forgot all about that game! Wasnt that on n64? It was a long time ago i know that, used to play it at my friends house in school… like around the same time we were playing diablo.

  37. Such a classic. Morrowind defined western RPGs and I gotta say I am of the humble opinion that I don't think Bethesda has gotten it entirely right since then.

  38. Having played Morrowind first spoiled me for Oblivion, and I ended up not liking the game as a result, simply because Morrowind was so much more.

  39. Unbelievable experience. From Psycho Mantis reading the memory card to the Colonel telling us to turn off our PS2. Genius!

  40. That's a bit harsh on HR and MD. HR is a legendary game in my book and MD would be on par if it wasn't only the first half of a complete game.

  41. Everyone should at least try it. I didn't get into it long-term, but learning how the world worked was a very interesting experience.

  42. That game left me speechless. I can’t think of many other lengthy games that made me wanna finish it so badly although I didn’t want it to end. The music! The story! The world! The detail! Phenominal

  43. I have to say Celeste or katana zero. They’re both ridiculously difficult platformers but they both have incredible art, music and storylines that I haven’t forgotten since I played them.

  44. The atmosphere of being utterly alone and away from civilization in that game is so well done, its scary but also strangely calming. Love that game.

  45. You need to play at least one souls game. Not just because elden ring is totally hyped right now, but because for me it changed the way I view games, how enemies are designed (including their weakpoints) and affected my overall playstyle.

  46. “Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped… is a never ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? A kind of punishment? I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle and wonder if we’ll ever have the chance to kill him.” - To be or not to be? Maybe Nietzsche. Anywho, 3rd play through was a masterpiece.

  47. If you like RPGs, Fallout: New Vegas. So many varied and meaningful choices, cool dialogue and well-written characters. Fun quests.

  48. Shadow of the Colossus was incredible, don't get me wrong, but Ico just has this special vibe about it. There's this strange appeal and something unforgettable about it.

  49. Can’t believe it’s this far down the list. Witcher 3 is the first game i played after like a 5yr hiatus from gaming. It completely sucked me in.

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