PS4 overheated 6 mins into God of War, shut off. Wife sees my disappointment, gets on her phone, shouts “I’ll be right back”.

  1. You forget the $20 was inside the Ferrari keys that was inside the GameCube that was inside the Xbox1 that was inside Mila Kunis that was inside the McDonald’s 8 piece tendies meal that was inside the Ps5 box OP’s wife got for him

  2. i swear someone else posted this same exact picture and said they went to taco johns for tacos and came home with a ps5.

  3. And with an obligatory, uplifting story meant to garner upvotes. It's almost like karma farming is alive and well on subs with no standards

  4. Some people are financially stable and have a great wife. Mine would do this. Mine was planning on surprising me with a ps5 but I was able to get one before her.

  5. I was sick of them 6+ months ago and got downvoted every time I complained about it. Some stupid story about how someone got a PS5 and always a "fuck the scalpers" in there somewhere. Reddit sucks.

  6. No it was with her ugly fat friend but then she overheated and so she got on her phone and was like “I’ll be right back!”

  7. I'm planning to buy my hubby a new GPU. Why would OPs wife not buy him a PS5? It's also cheaper and probably doesn't double your utility bills.

  8. PS4 overheated 6 mins into God of War, shut off. OP's wife sees my disappointment, gets on her phone, shouts “I’ll be right back”. Also a threesome happened. OP was not invited.

  9. So, the game came out yesterday, your ps4 blew out, and the very next day you have a ps5 ragnarok edition 🤔🤔 the math a just a little sketchy on this 1

  10. In a nutshell, this. I sincerely hope it's real because kick ass couples like this exist and they should be normalized rather than vilified, out of caution, by the internet.

  11. Can we ban these posts and make people post them in a separate sub for literal pictures of boxes?

  12. I guarantee it would've sounded like a jet engine yet taking an hour to disassemble it; clean it; put some new thermal paste on; then putting it back together, would've made it sound brand new.

  13. Bro please. You expect anyone to believe this blatant bs? Of all the "I got a PS5 today" concocted stories, this by far the least believable. i mean, a wife? Pfft.

  14. After seeing this post I decided to check the PlayStation website to try my luck and ended up finding the GOW Ps5 available. I’ve been trying to get a PS5 for months and I got lucky tonight. Thanks OP

  15. Without any response of OP and just a picture of the box it baffles me how this gets flooded with karma and medals

  16. Man I love these photos of boxes that definitely contribute to this discussion based website. Give me more of them. More! MOAR!!

  17. What an excellent wife! I told mine a few a month ago that I had two games I was eyeing, MW2 and Ragnarok, that’s it for the next few months. She said that was fine since the price of two games would make up for her Sephora/Ulta trips.

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