My surgeon only requires a 2-day pre op diet. I want to do 1 or 2 weeks… would there be anything wrong with that?

  1. No that’s beneficial in multiple ways. The less you weigh when you start, the lower you will get later. Your liver will also shrink more. And you’re already practicing for your new lifestyle!

  2. Is it though? The post-op lifestyle isn't all liquid. That's just a temporary phase for healing. It's why I decided to just eat smaller quantities/healthier options up until the required two-day point by my surgeon.

  3. I had to do a 1 week pre-op diet and went from 275 to 262. The lower you weigh for surgery the healthier it will be and faster healing.

  4. It might be about where your body is storing your fat. The pre-op diet is mostly about shrinking fatty livers to make it safer for you to have the surgery, if your liver is okay they might not be as concerned about you losing weight beforehand.

  5. Mine said 2 day pre op liquid diet and prior to that it’s a 10 day simple diet that consists of a protein shake in am and pm (with a serving of fruit blended in), a small lunch of chicken breast and serving of vegetables. 2 snacks of like 10 almonds and things like that. I decided to start a diet before that, doing the am protein shake and then more sensible lunch and diners. I quit all added sugars and coffee (I knew it was going to suck because I’m very addicted to sugar, so I wanted to ease myself into the big day). Today is my second day and I feel soo crappy, headache and nausea. I knew this would happen though, so I wanted to get it over with before being just doing liquids. I think it will be easier but we shall see.

  6. nope - i was supposed to do two weeks but i really only followed the diet the last 3-4 days before surgery. IMO it’s more to get you used to your initial new normal post op than anything else- that said if you have the mental fortitude to do more than your Dr requires, go for it - as others have said you will go in to surgery at a lower weight AND have a mental edge.

  7. I'm 11 months post op. It has taken 10 months for me to even think about eating soup again. I couldn't imagine volunteering to eat it 1 to 2 weeks before my surgery and then having to eat it for another 2 weeks after surgery. I can't eat jello anymore. As someone suggested above, take this time to eat a few foods you don't plan on eating after surgery. Just don't over indulge.

  8. Just don’t let your BMI drop below 35. I have been losing weight on my pre-op diet and had my pre-surgery appointment yesterday. The nurse seemed a bit worried at first when she weighed me and saw the loss (I started as a 37 BMI). They said to proceeded with what I’m doing cus my BMI is still above 35 and likely won’t go below in the next 5 days, but I thought that was interesting.

  9. For me; it would easier to do a week or two liquid diet than trying to eat small meals! That's how my head works and the op may be the same way. Ask your doctor if he/she has a problem with it and why.

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