Was Gina Carano’s firing professional or unprofessional based on her political beliefs? If so, explain why her getting canceled was the right thing to do.

  1. The biggest issue I have with it is that her former co-star Pedro Pascal has made equally provocative political statements on his Twitter, albeit left leaning, and precisely nothing has happened to him. Gina’s only downfall was she didn’t stand on the correct political side for Disney.

  2. I'm a moderate conservative Republican. I've adopted the phrase:" No more left nor right, black or white, it's wrong or right!"EFF all cancel culturists!!!!

  3. Pedro deleted the tweet immediately because Disney told him to. Gina Carson was given multiple chances to stop posting political stuff but she refused to listen so Disney fired her. Disney is a private company and has the right to fire and hire whoever they want whether you like it or not.

  4. Do you mean the Nazi comparison? Yeah that's not true of course, they're filthy rich, stupid OR Nazi, pick at least one.

  5. Agree with everything up until the PS. Seems this is another left and right looking at things differently situation. To the the left leaning people I know, cancel culture doesn't exist and they agree with you. To the right leaning people I know, it's used to describe the attempts to damage someone's reputation or to hurt them financially by a large group of people. The pushback I guess would be to liken it to saying "Communism isn't a thing because it fails more than it succeeds"

  6. I'm torn. Sure I can see why Disney don't want political stuff from people currently in their employ but also fuck Disney and all big corps for being cowards. I don't care if you're left or right - you have a fundamental right to speak and everyone being so skittish about being politically incorrect that they'll cancel you is fucked up. What do you think this will do to freedom of speech and open discussion/debate in the long run?

  7. I'm a lefty. One of my best friends is trans and I despise Ben Shapiro. However Gina did not deserve to be cancelled for the following reasons.

  8. I think if the roles were reversed and conservatives had the power that progressives have and progressives were being fired, progressives would be saying that the situation was not just unfortunate for their side but deeply unfair and wrong.

  9. I believe her being fired was absolutely uncalled for and is a crock of 💩! Why should a political standpoint have anything to do with show business. It shouldn't! Just like any other business in the world unless it's literally politics. I worked in the grocery industry for over 25 years and that would be like my boss firing me because of my political views... no different. Disney has become a huge part of this "woke" generation and is trying to please a minority of people who happen to be making a lot of noise over something I feel is very unnecessary and petty

  10. i luv GC i remember hrr gladiator dqys as well as early mma. Now Disney warned her several times to stfu she refused. The straw that broke was refering to the treatment of the jews in wwii to how america supposedly refers to conservative politcs in america. I undrrstand the point she was making she went about it all wrong and she deserves to get canned.

  11. Cancel culture is for pussies. Stand up for what you believe in and if someone's opinion differs from yours that's ok it's not all about you. Learn to be humble and if it really bothers you oh well it's just someone else's opinion,it's not going to hurt you,grow a set.

  12. She didn't do or say anything wrong. If she did she'd be in jail, right? She has an opinion like everyone else and she wasn't even vocal about it. Cancel culture wants to control thoughts and opinions, that's why it won't stop with a job loss. Cancel culture wants to lock people up behind bars for thinking and being different. They will scoff at this idea but all through history people are sent away for disagreeing with tyrants and they are the tyrants.

  13. I just stopped by to catch up with Gina, because she really faced them repercussions. Disney ain’t having that. Popularity will fade and politics will change, but Disney will always peddle that crap if they stay out of it. She is a great example for all aspiring or up and coming entertainers.

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