I made a game for Mini Jam, with the limitation "Movement is Lethal" Playable in browser, please give me advice!

  1. I'm on mobile right now so i can't really get further than into one of the levels, the only thing i can really comment on is the visuals. I don't know how much time you had but the current visuals look almost like placeholder art. Not everyone is great at art but if you know some tricks you can make good visuals out of extremely simple shapes. Maybe use a color pallette someone else made or learn some color theory (first option obviously easier). With the right colors, just rectangles could work better than what you have now. Add some shaders and other visual effects onto it and it can look very professional. Also I feel like repeating the "Yeah It doesn't have knees but just use your imagination" twice is kind of unnecessary. Just a simple detail, in the thumbnail i think it works well and is a funny little comment. If you repeat it in the description though, it will drag more attention onto it and kind of makes it seem more important than it actually is. That's my advice (not having really played the game), hope it helps and keep making games :D

  2. Yeah lol I made the art in MS paint in like 5 seconds. I might remove the knees thing from the description, I'll look at it again. Thanks so much for your help!

  3. I reviewed your game and published on youtube. It's always fun to find interesting, innovative, and niche ideas. You did a great job. If you enjoyed the review please try, comment, & give feedback on other projects in the video. It will help us all iterate and improve as a community.

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