Does anyone else hunt with their golden?

  1. Literally just got home from the very small wooded park near our house where mine somehow collected 100 burs in the 30 mins we were there

  2. When they were developed as hunting retrievers in Scotland one of the original goals was they could slip through brush without collecting burrs. I don't know if that was dropped when the breed shifted mainly to being bred as pets or if America has different brush that sticks to their fur. My strategy is to carry a

  3. Get a field line dog, not a show/bench line. Don't spay/neuter until they're done with their working career, as spay coat is more cotton-y and fluffy. (Dogs don't magically get pregnant, if you keep your female away from intact males while she's in heat and keep your intact boys away from in heat females they won't make babies. It's not difficult.)

  4. My dog is a Labrador but the breeder he came from breeds gun dogs mostly. We have had a good laugh about that many times over the last decade because ours is the biggest woose ever. He’s been chased by a rabbit and by a frog no bigger than my thumbnail

  5. Fellow I know, golden probably did over 200 retrieves last year and half as many the year before. Great dog and easy to be around after the hunt aswell. Good job letting ur dog work!

  6. We had a family ranch in the Pacific Northwest for 4 generations. We raised Hereford cattle and hay. In the winter we duck hunted 7 days a week during hunting season. The valley had the most amazing duck hunting you could imagine. Our retrievers were first a Golden male who was a wonderful dog and an OK duck dog. After he passed we got another Golden male and a Black Lab both as pups. The Legend was born. For 10years those 2 dogs were the most amazing duck dogs ever. It was very rare to ever lose a bird. So many amazing stories with those 2. I tear up thinking of those 2 even now 45 years later. Nice Drake there and a beautiful dog to boot.

  7. Not into hunting but my golden gets super alert whenever she sees a duck (or squirrel). I think she’d be awesome at it. Not my thing though

  8. Not a hunter either But my golden sees a bunny in the back yard and he bolts to it. Luckily he hasn’t gotten one, I hope he doesn’t because I don’t want that clean up

  9. I’ve had 2 goldens I’ve taken into the field without ever actually training them for it. First, a female, wasn’t terribly birdy but got the idea as she saw the pheasants drop. She made one good flush and retrieve and was obviously pleased by the response. The next morning there were 11 dead fancy chickens in my brother- in-laws yard! “Sigh”. Replaced them with a mixed bag bunch from a local auction yard. When my brother in law pointed out that they were all roosters I thought “that poor last hen”.

  10. A person in my hunting groups has a golden. He is the best bird dog I’ve hunted with. His owner had done a ton of training and competitions with him and it’s noticeable.

  11. Mine was hyper alert and anxious toward loud noises as a pup and I was concerned I could never break him on gunshots, he heard one out camping a ways back and didn't even flinch. Bummed me out that I never did it but c'est la vie

  12. My golden isn’t a trained waterfowl retriever but he’s obsessed with salt marshes. I bought my mom a place at the beach in the south and he just wants to run in the marshes and get dirty as hell.

  13. I have had a golden and a standard poodle as my bird dogs at one point in my life. That poodle is still the best dove dog I have ever had. She was lighting through the dry rice stubble. No bird could hide.

  14. I had looked into sending my boy out to a guy who trains upland bird dogs. I ultimately decided against it for two reasons, 1.) My golden comes from a long line of show dogs whose fur is thick and fluffy. It picks up every briar and bramble in a 3' radius. It would be a nightmare trying to keep him "house dog" ready. 2.) I was worried about his hearing being affected by shooting shotguns off so close. I can put on ear-pro, my dog can't.

  15. My golden is way to goofy to be an actual hunting dog. He wants to be best friends with everything. And loves birds.. except Ribbons.. those can’t be in the yard (according to him)

  16. Mine is the same way. An absolute nut job at home. Once we hit the water it’s like a flip switches in her head and she means business and is very tentative and wanting to listen to me

  17. My Goldens mom comes from a long line of amazing hunting dogs, his dad is just a good ol Goldie house dog. I would love to take Otis hunting but it’s not really my thing.

  18. Golden 1 (if she can stand to get in the water) would gently play with the duck, but want me to try and play tug of War with it.

  19. I used to but the golden I have now doesn’t want to keep headphones on and I don’t need her to lose hearing… she already doesn’t listen enough

  20. I sure do! He’s an exceptional upland bird dog, still working on water fowl but I’m so proud of my boy for living out his breeds purpose! Never seen him happier than when we are hunting!

  21. Ducks I eat right away bc they’re good fresh in my opinion. When I shoot geese I freeze them and make jerky at the end of the season. Their meat is a lot tougher

  22. Mine would be good at it because she’s completely unfazed by fireworks season, which runs January-December in my neighborhood.

  23. Mine just chases away ducks and other birds so she can eat the bread they were given. She’s not so much a hunter as she is a gatherer.

  24. Yes, it’s his favorite activity. He literally shakes with joy when he sees the shotgun and camo come out!

  25. Are you vegan and don't use animal products in any part of your life? Because plastics and other synthetics are much more sustainable and renewable, right...?

  26. This up coming season will be my Goldens first, but he's showing alot of potential during training

  27. All the time! Mine loves ducks over water and pheasants, but is equally at home in a goose blind over corn

  28. I got this one into it immediately just from throwing a toy duck around for her to play with. It just came natural

  29. My 1/2 golden 1/2 lab was built for hunting. It’s a shame i don’t. But I do take him for 45 mins of fetch everyday no matter what.

  30. Someone thought breeding a service dog with a hunting dog would make a good line. I have a velcro dog that is a fetch machine and is fine with fireworks and gunshots... Scared to death of horses. I'm not a hunter, so he is forced to survive with his love of spherical objects.

  31. I think it was ok doing this last century but 2022 killing animals for fun is a shame but I respect a different culture than mine

  32. Nope, she's terrified of guns. I learned that when I went to clean my hunting rifle. She was a puppy. I dropped the bolt and she ran away and peed under the couch...

  33. My golden is a hunting machine. He's slower paced than a lab, but he goes all day long and doesn't miss any birds. And I've never lost a downed bird thanks to him. I got him specifically as a hunting dog and trained him as such. Best bird dog I've ever hunted behind.

  34. My golden loves chasing deer. Never thought he'd actually catch one but one day I let him out in the yard and he caught one and pinned it by the neck. Eventually the deer broke free but he had him. Anyone else's golden love chasing deer?

  35. Golden’s are goofy and floppy until the flip switches in their head and it’s all business. That’s how mine is during training/hunting - stoic and tentative. But when we’re home she’s a goofball

  36. No our golden hunt with us, walking with the lead and then bam she goes of to the peacefull ducks walking in the grass😅

  37. My FIL hunts, so every now and then we set out a trail with a dead duck in the back yard with a treat at the end. I t incredible how accurate he follows the trail. He's not trained well enough to retrieve while hunting tough.

  38. I got my first Golden as a hunting dog and we hunted ducks and geese a bunch. Eventually got sucked into the Hunt Test and then the Field Trial games with my later Goldens. Now they can retrieve the heck out of ducks, but they wouldn't have a clue in an actual duck blind.

  39. Mine excelled in training then when she got spayed completely different dog. Now she’s scared of noises and could never go out in the field. Amazing swimmer though.

  40. My dog would have been a great hunting companion. Barrels through ice water, brush, swamps, no fear, won't bruise the meat. But I don't hunt. So he accompanies me to outdoor restaurants

  41. OK before goldens I had a Springer Spaniel, absolutely empty between the ears. After years of chasing birds, he actually caught one. Came up to us and realized he had no idea what to do, decided he must have misbehaved, dropped the bird, and sulked into the house. When you reach your goal, what is left?

  42. I’m on my fourth and fifth goldens, the first four all excelled at upland but weren’t great on ducks (but that could also be me). My first boy was gun shy until he got scent and I dropped a pheasant right in front of him. After that we trained two German shorthairs, two labs and a springer with him. All business once the season started, did not play with other dogs. The next two just loved to hunt and now my fourth (9yo) hunts well but prefers tennis balls and #5 is pretty much a house dog at this point. They are impressive and intelligent in the field and all of my Goldens have been first rate at home and around children. Best dogs all around imo.

  43. My husband took our first golden out a few times and he did great. We now have an 18m old male who gets super birdy but hasn’t had the chance to try. Maybe this year. They love to work and are so happy to be out.

  44. Just found out my golden is allergic to DUCKS!! Had a allergy panel done and everything 😂😂😳

  45. This has always been a dream of mine. Sadly my boy doesn't bring anything back and barks and everything that moves so.

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