How quickly could one lose 100 balls?

  1. I've actually played three of my last four rounds without losing a single ball, but I've also once lost 4 balls on a single hole...

  2. The first year I bought a box of 100, I needed to buy more in September. The next year I had 20 or so left at the end of the year. Last year I went through maybe half of the box of 100.

  3. I lost 3 balls on a single par three a few weeks ago. Random and horrible case of the shanks, island green, tons of windโ€ฆ but still, as an 11 handicap i almost started crying.

  4. I usually end up finding 1-2 while looking for my 1 errant shot. But I am also usually swapping out Pv1 or nice Calloways for a pinnacle gold or something.

  5. I'm getting 72 gently pre-owned Pro V-1's for start of our season. I hope they'll last till fall. But I'm also a 30 handicap still... (first season back, never was good.)

  6. normally lose at least 5-8 balls per game, lets just say I haven't figured out how to drive correctly. I've only paid for balls twice though! Find most of them when I'm looking for the one I lost

  7. If I start with 100 balls it would probably take me about 30 rounds of golf to lose the original 100 but I would probably find another 100+ while looking for my lost balls.

  8. My deal is that when I only have two sleeves of V1โ€™s in the bag, I lose them all. Yet when I have 50 junk balls on me, I play an entire round with one pos ball

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