If you suddenly had an extra $750, what would you buy with it?

  1. get fitted for a driver. it’s the one club in my bag that i suck with and i think it’s because it’s just a hand-me-down from my dad and not ideal for my game

  2. 100% worth it. I've been itching for a new driver, but I hit mine very well still, so I can't justify dropping $400+ on a new one. I may reshaft mine though, since it's had the stock shaft on for awhile now

  3. I’d throw some new grips on if you have extra after the Scotty and/or wedges. IMO there’s nothing better than fresh grips on all my clubs.

  4. I recently got GP velvet tour on all of my clubs except putter. I like them, but I might switch to lamkin or maybe multi compound for next season

  5. If I was in a position to spend $750 on a putter and some wedges, I’d already have them. Since I’m not, I’d save the $750.

  6. Just bought the garmin r10 that was $600, now I need to clean garage, get impact screen, hitting mat, etc..

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