I was supposedly offered a remote job overseas…this is a message they sent. Do I bail?

  1. You can tell it’s a scam by how unprofessional and illiterate that sentence is. Professional companies don’t write long, run-on sentences like that. Especially not about important transactional information like this.

  2. I could barely understand the message. But to be honest I've been sent internal emails with even worse grammar and spelling

  3. Exactly. Either they provide their computer that their IT department sets up and manages remotely (and that you return at the expense when no longer employed) or you provide your own equipment and figure it out yourself (more typical in 1099/contracting work).

  4. Tell them to take the startup payment off your first pay check. They will of course say no. No legit company asks you to pay to work for them. That’s only scams and mlm.

  5. They may very well agree to take it off of your first check. Once you've paid for the delivery they've gotten what they want, you were never going to get a check anyway.

  6. Fuck no. A real Job would never make you purchase your own equipment that way, and if they ARE real you don't want to work for a company like that anyway.

  7. What was the application, interview, and offer process like? I’m curious if this was all done via amail/text.

  8. It's one of the most common job scams. They tell you it's remote work and ask you to pay for equipment. Then they're gone.

  9. It's a common check cashing scam. Sadly, the checks are untraceable and once you deposit that check, you're screwed. You're basically giving the scammers a back door to your bank account.

  10. This is a SCAM! Last year similar happened to me but they were based in US some where. They said they will provide me workstation, bla bla bla… I still have screen shots somewhere of the conversation. Do not reply, do not give them any information about your bank etc and block them. Everything they say is a red flag, from the way they interview, the tone they use to the delivery of workstation, what a JOKE!

  11. I was targeted with something similar where they found my resume on Indeed. Long story short it ended up with them asking me for Google Play cards and something about a Bitcoin ATM. Don't fall for it.

  12. If it makes u feel any better, Ive gotten 2 of these too. Of course I didn't go through with it. But it definitely wasted a lot of my time.

  13. The wording of this message is cracking me up again 😂 darn hilarious !!! Like look at the name of person, then starting with “Alright, Daniel” and ending with “okay ?” RED FLAGS😅

  14. Yup… big scam. This is how I lost my job during the pandemic. Luckily they didn’t get money from me but they did get me to quit my job.

  15. Yes, yes, and yes. Also, yes. And to be 100% perfectly clear, I'm saying yes to bailing. Bail, now, bail again tomorrow, and bail Saturday morning. This is a scam.

  16. Scam, the company I work for just took down an operation that was using our name to scam people like this.

  17. One of the oldest scams in the book for hiring creatives ! I had this one, the best thing to do is reach out to the company they say they are representing and ask to speak to HR. Last time they were shocked and apologized, but they weren’t hiring.

  18. Did they want a picture of you? Had a scammer contact me and his linked In profile had a name and picture of another guy he scammed.

  19. Op, go to figma, take their free courses on design theory and on how to use their tools. This should give you some clear briefs to execute against and tell stories about why you did what you did.

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