I've been working in GSO for 8 months

  1. Don't miss out on Cincy's downtown for lunch if you like chili. First Carolina Deli on Spring Garden is also pretty decent.

  2. Is that like regular chicken salad, but instead of regular chicken they use spicy buffalo chicken, and instead of mayonnaise, they use bleu cheese dressing, and instead of celery, they use, well celery, I guess? Because if it is, I gots to get me some.

  3. Try Pastabilites sometime. Occasionally they’ll have a buffalo chicken sandwich as a special. All around great simple lunch spot of comfort Italian cooking.

  4. My personal favorite is Lindley Park Filling Station on Walker St. It's small but I've always had a great experience. Other favorites include World of Beer and Mizumi Sushi

  5. As far the Buffalo chicken salad, you can check Fishbones weekly specials. They are a fantastic seafood restaurant/bar and often have Buffalo flavored specials.

  6. I haven’t had one myself but I’ve heard good things about the Buffalo chicken salad from La Pizzeria (on 68 in High Point). Some other recommendations IMHO:

  7. Nope. Wrong in everything. No one give a shit about a patio including myself (paddy-o) Best sushi: ichi sushi Best diner: Carolina Best sandwich : giacomo's Best pizza: mario's Best Italian: ha ha this is greensboro there is no good italian. Best Mediterranean: Odeh Best hidden gem: bihn mihn, taste of Ethiopia, seriously anything other than hamburger joes.

  8. Best wings ive ever had in my life were at Heavenly Buffaloes. They have bone in, boneless, and vegan, plus fantastic waffle fries you can get seasoned with any dry rub. I know they do a buffalo chicken sandwich, I'd think they'd do a buffalo chicken salad.

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