To owners of Boss Waza Air headphones

  1. I actually really like my set. Great for quiet practicing. But they are pricey and I'd say go for one of the many cheaper alternatives if you're on a budget.

  2. I’ve had mine for about 18 months now and use them almost daily for maybe 30-60 minutes. I’ve found myself playing more because of them. I’m in a small house and have children sleeping so I can practice late. Battery is still really good on mine and charge time is quick. They’re pretty sturdy and I’ve found even though they are expensive, they’ve been a good investment. Csguitars have a really good review/demo of them on YouTube

  3. I’ve had a pair for a week or so now. Haven’t had too much time to use them, but I found that the sound seemed imbalanced. Too much volume in the left ear unless I carefully moved my head just so to even it out. Has this ever been an issue? Do you have to calibrate them before using them?

  4. I have had mine for about a year and love them. They have great tone for what they are and allow you to practice without bothering others. I also take mine when I travel so that I can continue to play. They are pricey, but have been worth it to me.

  5. Anyone have experience using the Waza as low latency wireless headphones on an amp or effects processor like the gx100? I get that the tone will always be a modeled amp, but is a clean amp clear enough to let the sound come through without changing the tone from the amp or effects board?

  6. I got a pair this weekend just gone and when they work they are literally amazing. My biggest problem with them at the moment is that they keep disconnecting from the app. It's extremely annoying. Im using a Sony Xperia 5mk3 and it's running on the latest version of Android. I wonder is anyone else experiencing this? Edit: Typos

  7. I know this may not be relevant anymore, but I did read on their website and in other reviews that there is a firmware update that can help with this at

  8. I really like them but as a beginner I find the tone editor really complicated to use. I thought I could use the gigantic library of patches from the katana community, but they use a different format (WHY? This is the weirdest decision ever not to make them use the same format). Haven’t been able to find a lot of WAZA-compatible patches yet

  9. Yeah I haven’t delved into those yet. I bought them for the 360 degree sound gyroscope gimmick and I hate it. Mine feel really unbalanced and I have to tilt my guitar or head a certain way to even the sound out. The fender micro mustang does a better job for what I need.

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