What's her name?

  1. My main strat is Alice. I swapped out the neck plate for one with an engraved image of an old Fender ad with Alice in Wonderland meeting the smoking caterpillar.

  2. Salmonella. Covidia. Maud. Myrtle. Pakistrami. Pornocchio. Chick Repellant. Tammy Two-Tone. Gretcha Thunberg for the win!

  3. If you want to a name for your guitar, or pet for that matter, you should really do it yourself. The name history should be your own, not someone else's :)

  4. I’m always super obvious but just take whatever sticks and move on. You may have a dozen names you pick but it just ends up whatever you call it most often. And this one is awful but…..Gretch-en. Lol 😑

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