I can’t win at all this season

  1. I made a speedrun to pro with selfwound. I only lost to some strange giga-control elves and NG

  2. If it makes you feel better, you're not the only one. I've been stuck in rank 3 for days, and I'm playing Waylays which got me to pro last 2 seasons 😅

  3. Same here, stuck at Rank 3. I made it to Pro again last season miraculously about a week before the season was up. I was stuck on Rank 3 that time as well and then had a major string of victories out of nowhere. I had to go darkside with the Nekker build from NR to make it that time. Right now I'm taking the opportunity to homebrew in Rank 3. I honestly want some love for Wild Hunt in MO.

  4. i played kelly when i faced alot of poisons that one day. think some streamer/youtuber probably just released a deck. then i got a lil toxic and played AQueen Gerni for fun, was hard to win consecutive games to get to pro but managed to, a few days back

  5. I’m still at rank 3 also (playing mostly a couple symbiosis decks - one devo, one non-devo) and every now & then I recognize a username as someone I played against days prior so…you’re not alone. I think the patch shook the meta up quite a bit, which is a good thing but I’m seeing lots of new stuff I don’t know how to counter yet so there’s a learning curve. I expect this week to go more smoothly.

  6. Curiously, I have found winning this season to be much much easier than last season (probably because I refused to run NekkerNova shit last season). I just hit Pro with Vampires and Skellige Warriors.

  7. Played sk warriors last couple of seasons with 80% wr from 3-pro, you do lose to melusine and some st decks and blue coin really sucks for you but it’s a favourite of mine and the new cards made it somewhat viable

  8. Do you really believe this? I mean seriously, why would CDPR pick you as the one to lose whilst everyone else gets an easy win? Definitely take a break and clear your head a little.

  9. I somehow muddled my way from rank 3 to rank 1 so far playing a bunch of different decks. Mostly Triss Relicts with Sabbath and Censor, but also some symbiosis, Triss Pirates, Elves Traps, and some ridiculous SK hyper thin Nekker stuff.

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