When Coinbase listing? HAHAHA

  1. I’m with you. Been ranting about harmony since last fall and got trashed on hard for it several times. Nothing good has happened since. Just a constant flow of bad decision making and core values changing on the fly. One and done.

  2. I stopped following this sub for a few months and apparently missed some news about bad decisions regarding the core values, as you call it. So can anyone provide links so I can catch up what happened?

  3. Another joke is then saying in their proposal that they don't want to dip into the treasury because it would hurt the future of harmony. This proposal has hurt the future of harmony. I don't want to be part of luna 2.0 - 2.0

  4. Harmony Dev needs to figure out what the One chain is best at. There are so many competitions. I still believe in their engineers just not the business management side of things.

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  6. in the facebook movie justin timberlake just showed up to the guys house and immediately demanded an executive position so he could steer the company. just do that

  7. Sure, Tse's "reimbursement" proposal is hot garbage. But to be fair, DFK isn't really the paragon of ethics you're portraying them to be either. There is plenty of evidence that their founders were dumping their holdings on investors during the bull run while assuring the community that their project is going to the moon, and now their token is not worth much more than ONE either.

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