Do y’all think Bonnie Wright was a good Ginny that was underutilized or that they needed to recast Ginny?

  1. This is it for me. She was casted as the main character’s best friend’s little sister at the age of 9. No one in the film team knew that they were really casting the love interest and future wife of the main character. She simply wasn’t picked for the role she was going to play.

  2. It seems like the directors tried to shoehorn them into typical romcom type scenarios. When the entire point of Harry and Ginny was that they didn't do or want anything like that. Harry hated Cho trying to make him jealous and didn't understand why she couldn't just say what she wanted to say. And Ginny broke up with Dean when he tried to help her through the portrait hole one too many times, and was very known for speaking her mind.

  3. I think she was underutilized, she had to work with the script she was given which unfortunately didn’t do Ginny’s character justice. I thought she did a good job with what she was given, but the script really failed to show the personality and character development of Ginny’s character.

  4. So we have our answer then, the writers and directors did her dirty. In the books, she was fully of life and vibrance and quick witted sass that matched Harry's beautifully as she got older and more confident.

  5. The shoelace scene is SOOOOO cringe. No matter how many rewatches I’ve done, as soon as that scene comes on I’m yelling at her “to have some dignity and let that man-boy tie his own damn shoe.” Canon Ginny would NEVER. Ugh. The movies did her so dirty.

  6. The mince pie scene wasn’t too bad. I could see the writing behind that scene but the shoelace scene wasn’t very good.

  7. Sadie Sink. She obviously would have been too young as she was born the year before the movie came out. But if they recast the movie now she would be perfect. (Please dear God I hope they never remake the movies).

  8. I think Natalie Dormer might have managed it? EDIT: yes, I know the ages don't match linearly, I was just mentioning an actress who I thought might have managed that poorly designed scene :)

  9. For whatever reason, I really don’t like when key characters are recast in series or movie franchises (lookin’ at you Fantastic Beasts), so all things considered I think it was the right choice to keep the original Ginny.

  10. Also, the later books had not even been written when they did casting for the first movie. They didn’t know they were casting for such a spunky character, they thought they were casting for a shy kid with a crush.

  11. She wasn’t a good Ginny (I’m sure she’s a fine actor in other things) but she wasn’t able to change the way Ginny did. She was fine at the nervous, little girl Ginny who was crushing on Harry in PS and CoS but OotP onwards she was not good.

  12. The only change I noticed in Ginny that I felt kind of matched her personality was that she wore trousers instead of skirt in her school uniform. At least in one scene, so far as I can remember. To me that was their sorry attempt at making her more sporty and daring.

  13. I think Bonnie Wright is a fine actress, and really any issues were mostly due to the script and the way she was directed. Even some of her parts that I hated, I think she performed them well.

  14. Haven’t seen her other stuff. So no frame of reference to determine if it’s bad acting or bad direction.

  15. The script was bad for establishing the character, and also how they directed her perhaps. Ginny is not as seducing in the movies as she is in the books. It's partly due to how they cut so many of her scenes, but Bonnie Wright could have salvaged it. Actors can perfectly manage to bring out things that aren't in the script. Vera Farmiga is an expert in making the most of her appearances; in The Departed her role is really a stock "girlfriend" character, yet she makes it excellent through her non-verbal acting or intonations. Same goes for The Many Saints of Newark; she has few scenes as Livia all in all but captured the essence of the character flawlessly.

  16. So at first I thought it was the actress + the direction she was given. Bonnie seemed too sweet to play Ginny who was supposed to be fierce. But there are a few short instances where we see the real Ginny in the films. It really makes me wonder how good the character would have been had she been given proper direction.

  17. I think her delivery in Goblet of Fire “I’m not wearing that, it’s ghastly” was brilliant. There are a few glimmers of Book Ginny but the script was restrictive. I also think that the romance was underrepresented in the book. It was all from Harry’s perspective with very little dialogue from Ginny to demonstrate her feelings (in HBP, not when they were wee in COS/pre- dating Michael and Dean). The benefit of Ron and Hermione’s relationship is that you see it evolve up close from both sides

  18. I imagined Ginny less...plain. Like, big windswept hair escaping a side braid, athletic, twinkle in her eye and a smirk. She's the youngest and grew up being tormented by brothers!! This girl they gave us is too practical to have survived Fred and George.

  19. I blame the direction and script, plus there wasn’t enough done to get Ginny and Daniel to feel comfortable with each other. The chemistry simply wasn’t there, and Daniel especially looks uncomfortable trying to be romantic with her. I can see why as he’s grown up with her and she is younger than him so he obviously sees her as more of a little sister than someone to be in a relationship with. I think the director should’ve done things differently as every scene with them is awkward. And not in a cute teens that are awkward with each other, it’s like two teens who are doing a school play and have to kiss each other but have no interest in each other.

  20. I don’t think the people creating the films for movies 4-7 really understood why the story is so beloved. Yes, there’s conflict and war and scary bad times, but it’s about the characters and their relationships that really made people love the stories. Along with the cool magic. I’m not sure Bonnie was ever given a chance to prove her abilities bc she’s barely in the movies until they have to force her in to make sense of why her and Harry end up together. Not sure if she had good chemistry with Daniel but none of them really did after growing up together.

  21. I don't think I've seen her character enough in the movies to even be able to say she wasn't the right actor. So, it falls on the poorly and underutilized character. The HP movies had a pretty strange way of dealing with the feminine cast. Aside from Hermione, obviously, the majority of the girls had shallow/single note personalities and (to me) felt very indifferent towards the movies, specially with all the damm recasts (like Lavender Brown suddenly becoming a white girl and having the personality of a succubus).

  22. Oh yeah, I completely forgot about the Lavender switch! That seemed just wrong. JK should have let them know from the start that she was supposed to be a white character and casted for that, or they should have just kept the same actress they chose for the whole series. It ultimately made no difference to the story at all what skin color Lavender had. Plus if they were going to recast for stupid reasons like that, there was quite a few other characters that didn’t quite fit and should’ve got the boot too, or a new look at least.

  23. Idk about her talent as an actress, I think the movies suck in general but particularly when it comes to Ginny's treatment.

  24. Unfortunately this is a landmine of a topic on this subreddit, along with questions or opinions that dump on certain relationship pairings.

  25. I've said it before, but they should've casted "up" with Ginny so she'd match Daniel Radcliffe's age. Ginny is only a year younger than Ron so it wouldn't have been obvious. J.K. Rowling should have told the casting directors that she was intended as Harry's love interest. Chemistry reads exist for a reason.

  26. I have not seen her beyond HP movies. Everyone says here that she is a good actress, but even good actors/actresses can be miscast. Take Robert Pattinson, amazing actor, terrible in Twilight series. Either they did not care (Robert did not), or just simply have no chemistry with their co-stars which results in awkward deliveries and lack of personality.

  27. 100% agree. They’re all awful, but Emma especially is like fingernails on a chalkboard for me. Her “acting” consists of comically over-enunciating every word while furrowing her brow and looking worried.

  28. Honestly it's hard to pinpoint the issue because I haven't seen her act in anything else. So it could be her acting, the directing, or even both. Regardless, by the end she doesn't match the book character at all (quiet mousey girl instead of badass) and there is zero chemistry between her and Harry.

  29. I heard that it took days to shoot Daniel's and Bonnie's kiss because she was so uncomfortable to kiss Daniel. If that awkward disaster that ended up in the film was the best they got for so much work, I wouldn't call her acting good. But she was really young so it's understandable. I don't think the script really favored her either, wtf was that thing with the shoelaces??

  30. I think the blame lies mostly with kloves. Like he could've easily added the library scene or equivalent scene in ootp. Or replace shoelace scene with a banter between them or them talking about quidditch. There were lots of ways to show ginny's character. Not all badass girls are main characters. But kloves wanted Hermione so badly he butchered romoine and harry/ginny

  31. Recast. All this “it was the writing” “the directors did her dirty” is BS. Her scenes with Harry are so cringe, yes definitely due to writing but I feel like no half-decent director would watch those takes and be satisfied with the outcome?? Maybe it’s literally all she was capable of no matter how many takes. She didn’t have the skills to make it watchable. Her delivery of “Open up, you” makes me want to crawl out of my skin lol

  32. I do think Bonnie is a good actress, but I don’t think we got a great Ginny from her :/ I mean of course it could’ve been bad directing too but I just never thought Ginny was played well. She was always pretty monotoned and never showed very much emotion or fluctuation in her acting.. I’ve loved her in other roles but especially now that I’ve read the books, I really don’t think she did a good job playing Ginny. It definitely could’ve been the directing that was bad and not her acting I have no idea, I just wish we could’ve seen more out of her personality wise in the movies. Looks wise she’s perfect in my head but maybe because I watched the movies before reading the books and she’s the only Ginny I’ve known. I wish I read the books first!

  33. Even the best actors had a hard time to shine in the movies. For side characters its 10x harder. I dont think its her fault. Its mostly bad scripts and directors.

  34. One thing I've thought about before is that a lot of the young actors may have been feeling burnout by that film. I'm pretty sure it was this one that Dan admitted he was at his worst with his drinking, and it was around the same time that Emma had been thinking of leaving. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other actors were feeling the same.

  35. That’s very true. It took like 10 years for the movies to come out, and when you’re only ~20, that’s half your life time spent filming these movies and existing only as “insert character here”. By half way through the films I’m sure there was a sense of ‘at this point you HAVE to see this through whether you still like it or not”’. On top of that a lot of the characters roles changed through the series from what they were cast as, and no one really knew what the end story was going to be until the last 2-3 movies. Signing up to play a shy little sister, or the adorable 11 year old Harry on a magical childrens adventure is much different that signing up to be the main female love interest or signing up to be a character that has to sacrifice themselves to save everyone in a huge final battle. They may not have accepted to rolls if they knew what the end game was.

  36. Her character felt forced and useless in the movies. Wish she had more screen time or just didn’t exist at all.

  37. I haven't watched Bonnie in anything else, so I really have nothing to compare her acting in HP to. But I just found her to be very... flat. She didn't show a lot of emotion or anything really. Was it bad directing? Was it because she was a child? Maybe a bit of both, idk. Honestly though, I don't find Ginny to be the most interesting or outstanding character in the books either. So it may just be me. I have read so many times and do not see the "connection" between her and Harry that everyone else sees.

  38. Thats a tough one. She definitely does a good job in a lot of scenes. The ones OP cited, and when they're returning to Hogwarts after the meeting at the Hogs Head and Hermione says one good thing that came out of the meeting..Cho couldn't keep her eyes off Harry. Ginny has an expression of sadness over Harry fancying Cho, and disappointment/betrayal at Hermione encouraging the pairing. The parts where she does a good job definitely make me place the blame on the adults. Actors, especially ones that young need a good script and good direction to convincingly portray love. Its easier to act a "love story" like Ron and Lavender because it was shallow.a quick passion, lots of making out, then pfffft...its over. Real, growing love is hard. So yeah. I place at least 90% of the blame on the script and direction. She may have been utter rubbish either way, but we will never know because their scenes were utter rubbish as written. Tying his shoe lace? "Open up you" ? So. Much. Cringe.

  39. Her accent really bothers me, it makes no sense in terms of the rest of her family or where the family live geographically in England. For me she was miscast, she wasn't quite 'spunky' enough for me. I saw Ginny as almost tomboyish in the books. She starts off well as the shy kid in front of Harry but in the later films I just didn't seem to have the chemistry with the trio that book Ginny has (or even with the twins.) To be fair to the actress it maybe that she doesn't get the screen time needed to fully build the dynamic for an actress of her age. But to me there was no spark between her and Harry and little friendship chemistry with Hermiome.

  40. Bonnie Wright is a great actress that got seriously screwed by Steve Kloves and the directors. Actually, a lot of the actors/actresses got screwed by that same group of people.

  41. Mostly bad directing and writing (thanks in particular to Yates) but Ginny's supposed to be a confident scrappy girl past book 4 and I never got that from Wright. Could be the directing, could be the actress being intimidated by the role. Looking at how they character assassinated Ron however I'm going with the former.

  42. None of the writing for her scenes depicted her in the same way as book Ginny. Changing actor wouldn't have solved the problems with Ginny.

  43. I like Bonnie Wright, and to me she is Ginny. I think the script she got was possibly not great to work with.

  44. As a character in the films Ginny isn’t presented very well and Bonnie isn’t given a lot of opportunity to flex her acting muscles.

  45. I think Bonnie Wright is a good actress but not even recasting could have helped the role. And I say this honestly as someone who does not like that Harry ended up with Ginny.

  46. Originally, I thought it was that I didn’t like Bonnie, but seeing her interact with the actors who played her family during the Back to Hogwarts Reunion i saw glimmers of Ginny and began to realize it was probably less her fault and more bad writing and direction. We spend more time with Book Ginny and see her WAY more and see her interact with Ron and Harry a lot and we just don’t get that time with her in the movies, when when shes a fairly important to the plot. I recently realized that in OotP despite being woth them when the squad goes to the Ministry she only had one line (“REDUCTO”) when she accidentally blasts all the prophecies. A lot of time she’s just there and we never see much development. Especially when it comes to her and Harry’s romance.

  47. Ginny had so much potential. In the book she was this BAMF of a character. The movies reduced her to a love interest with awkward ass scenes like the mince pie scene and the shoe lace scene. The script writers and directors did Ginny dirty

  48. Rewatching the films lately I think although the writers did the role injustice and really ruined Ginny, I think arguably after Chamber of Secrets they should have (or perhaps before) recast Ginny, I love the actress but don’t think she was strong enough as the character even with the dirt she was given.

  49. Bonnie Wright's actual personality is more Ginny than movie Ginny. Definitely underutilized and bland. Perhaps she couldn't have enough screen time to really emphasize her personality, but they should have worked with what they had.

  50. Are we specifically talking Half Blood prince? Because I agree that Steve gave her some bad lines to work with. Bonnie really seemed underutilized to me

  51. I would have to say it was pretty bad directing. Granted the chemistry felt off but it’s hard to pin point who it was. But the overall directing was terrible, the decision to constantly cut her out of the group was bad. She’s basically non-existent the entire series.

  52. The romantic scenes with her and daniel Radcliffe seem so awkward and forced. I agree with the majority in the comments and blame the directing.

  53. Watching the movies growing up I never realized that Ginny would be Harry’s love interest. I remember being so surprise when they kissed in HBP. I always thought Hermione would end up being it.

  54. I think it was a combination of the script giving her nothing to work with and an unfortunate lack of chemistry with Radcliffe. Recasting might have fixed the chemistry problem, but the script issues would be there no matter who was cast.

  55. I don’t think she was given the script or the direction to shine as the character. Maybe they adjusted the script bc she was struggling but to me it seemed like they took the character in a different direction.

  56. Tbh the writing for Ginny was so bad I dont think I can really tell whether Bonnie Wright was a good fit. Especially in terms of her relationship with Harry - it was around then that the writing for the character took a large nosedive from already lacking. She seemed like a decent actor from the few okay lines she had, but there's nothing more substantial than that.

  57. I think she was good in her part, the problem with her character in the movies was in the script and direction not in the actress

  58. We all have to remember that the movies in general did the books dirty just as most every movie based off a book does. But that's the price we pay for movies at times.

  59. Dont know if she's a good actor or a bad actor. She wasnt given much to work with. In the movies she only had few cheesy lines here and there when in the books she was an actual character with a personality.

  60. I think the actress was fine. I don't think anyone could've done much better with the amount of screen time she got. With the Harry/Ginny romance in particular, there's no one who could've made it feel better, because it needed more screentime than anything else. It was pretty fast even in the book, but in the movie it was literally a thing that came out of nowhere.

  61. 100% a writing issue. There's ofcourse a chance that it could be a miss cast, but the fact that most of her more significant scenes (particularly with Harry) were rewritten or cut from the movies means the writing was wrong from the start and no amount of acting talent could rectify that.

  62. Great actor, just hard for the love interest to be sincere when the actors been basically siblings since they were 10/11. They explain it in the Harry Potter reunion

  63. Very few actors have enough talent to overcome bad writing and direction. That doesn't make them a bad actor.

  64. I think she should have been recast, there wasn't any chemistry between her and Daniel as love interests and those scenes just come off cringey to me.

  65. I think she was doing the best she could with a garbage script. I highly doubt anyone would have been able to do any better with the same dialogue and directing. None of the blame should go to Bonnie Wright.

  66. Lmao why is there a post about the casting of Bonnie Wright like every week on this sub? Y'all really hate her that much that every week you want to give people the opportunity to trash her performance? Gosh this makes me sad.

  67. Not sure if everyone commenting here thinks their own 16 yo relationships looked any less awkward from the outside or what....but u did, they did. You are Harry and Ginny and ppl witnessed it.

  68. People are trying to be kind to Bonnie, which I commend, but the reality is that she is not a very good actress who has almost no charisma. She was fine as the timid scared girl in Chamber of Secrets, but they needed to recast her once they knew who the character Ginny from the books would become (popular, flirty, sporty).

  69. Idk, really. Part of the problem is we never had a chance to see her act much as Ginny from the books. I’d have to have a better view of how she is as an actress and idk if I’ve seen her in anything else.

  70. I think she was a great casting option who was criminally under-utilised. I know you can’t cram everything from the books into the movies, but Ginny was a brilliant character that just wasn’t portrayed properly.

  71. Honestly, the fact they gave her a line asking "Who's that?" at the world cup when Krum first flew in indicates that the writers didn't know her character at all. She has seven brothers and snuck out their brooms to learn how to fly and she's the one asking who Krum is? That line would be better asked by Hermione, who usually doesn't pay attention to quidditch.

  72. Poor script but also Wright’s parents are rich. They’re jewelers or something. Probably had influence over the casting decision.

  73. She barely got to do anything it doesn’t help that they casted her as a child then didn’t have her do any actual acting till she was basically an adult.

  74. There were direction, performance, and editing issues. She just needed more takes as the series went on. They kept on choosing ones that made her appear timid. The scenes were structured in ways that didn’t highlight her. TLDR: replacing her wouldn’t have changed anything.

  75. I don’t think Bonnie Wright is a bad actor. I also don’t think she was the right actress for the perfect Ginny. Meaning, had they known when they casted her what that character would have become, they may have made a different choice. I do think that she could have been a good (but not perfect) Ginny with the correct writing and direction which she unfortunately did not get.

  76. I doubt it's Bonnie's fault. She's an actor and plays according to the directions she's given. Surely not always 100% on spot, but she can't be that off. I believe they wanted Ginny to be that low-profile, almost sad girl. Idk why, though.

  77. I think she did fine. An actor or actress can only deliver the lines they are given. They can only appear in the scenes they are given. Then they have to survive the edit room.

  78. I think that I haven't seen enough of her to see how she would have done as Ginny. GInny was completely underutilized throughout the movies. I think if they brought her back she needs more scenes and also more direction during her scenes with Harry. They had no chemistry.

  79. No, she was not a good Ginny, but I also don’t think the movies wrote Ginny well at all. So she didn’t have much to work with.

  80. She was a good Ginny based on what she was in the second book, and then she wasn't given any development that happened in the books

  81. Roommate and I literally talking about this right now while watching HBP. It's such a bad portrayal of Ginny and displays none of the qualities we love about her in the books that make Harry fall in love with her. I think Bonnie is okay, not great, but it also seems she wasn't set up for success with the shitty writing. I just don't know why she has to be so stiff and awkward. She's supposed to be cool and fiery and talented and hot.

  82. Director and writers messed up big time, only Goldenberg director of Ootp did her justice and did decent at hinting at her power and subtle love interest

  83. No, I think she was missing the essence of Ginny and her nervousness seemed to carry over into acting and it broke the spell. I think she should have been played by someone else.

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