Patch running late.

  1. You can have exact estimations and rough estimations. If my GPS tells me I'll arrive in 34 minutes, that's the exact estimate, as opposed to the "about half an hour" I might tell someone

  2. Ay, usually they don't say anything when it's late, which it not infrequently is. Glad they said something, although does kinda make me think it might be MORE late than normal. Communication is good though

  3. Mobile here, I am currently stuck in the endless loop of "Let's go to the store to start the download" but there's nothing in the store to update so it takes me back to the client again.

  4. nope, why would they delay the patch because of that? It's most likely something major with the client.

  5. I hope they fix the wild collection filter bug. On Mobile if you filter by wild and try to filter anything it reverts you to only being able to filter by wild cards.

  6. I have a feeling this has a lot to do with their coffee... Any one have an inside source? There's something they aren't telling us!

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