17-Year-Old Arrested for PnB Rock's Murder, Father of Shooter Wanted by Cops

  1. I teach high school. One of my 2020 grads killed another 2020 grad in a drug deal 3 months after graduation. The killer had honors and AP classes all through high school and was generally a “good kid”. The kid he killed was a local dealer who had a lot of friends. I heard it was over a pound of weed, but honestly don’t know the specifics. I still keep up on his case; he hasn’t gone to trial yet but that seems to be his lawyer’s strategy.

  2. My lifelong best friend was shot in the back and killed by a 15 year old. There was three 15 year olds robbing him for a quarter pound of weed. So essentially killed him for what I think at the time was at most $400 each person.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Folks were acting as if the shooter was posted on his GF's IG, waiting to descend as soon as she gave the signal-- like they were convinced she set him up. It was disgusting.

  4. Surprise surprise, it was just a crime of opportunity and PnB was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Fuck all those people who were crucifying his girlfriend and blaming her for his death like she was the one responsible and not the motherfucker who shot him. Appalling how everyone just jumped the gun and dragged her endlessly over nothing.

  5. Nobody should have been blaming her at all, but it's still a horrible idea to do pretty much all of what they did that day. A celebrity eating at that Roscoe's is bad enough, but you definitely shouldn't be wearing 3-4x the local house values around your neck, or letting people know where you are.

  6. I wonder if the people blaming this woman for what a bunch of grown men did are going to be as vocal about this as they were when they could point the finger at a woman.

  7. I just want to know the role the stepmother had in it. Must’ve been aiding & abetting? I’m curious to see how it unfolds.

  8. Some people should not be parents smfh I can’t imagine the amount of grief his girlfriend is enduring especially after being blamed when she wasn’t at fault at all. Tragedy all around.

  9. so everybody blaming the gf for an ig story post is not only a fucking asshole, but they were wrong too.

  10. Nicki Minaj posted a whole rant like an hour after this happened blaming the girlfriend and I thought it was tacky as fuck and ridiculously immature

  11. Hmm I read another article that mentioned they arrived after most likely seeing the shared location. Surveillance footage probably showed them already there and it was just random misfortune PnB caught their eye as he arrived.

  12. That’s why we should always wait to jump to conclusions like this, especially with the mob mentality. Kodak was on his story saying that woman should end her own life. It’s disgusting and everyone involved owes her an apology.

  13. Never understood people blaming the gf like niggas don’t kill and rob everyday without inside help. Of course there’s a chance of something happening to a famous rapper while they’re in a hood area, especially with 100k in jewelry on and no security???

  14. have you seen the malika andrews shit on twitter today? people just hate on women just to hate they don't need a reason, or they craft reasons like pnb's gf literally no one knew info and already blamed her.

  15. Glad he got caught but I never understood why killers never leave the city? A greyhound to the nearest state probably costs like 120$.

  16. Anyone dumb enough to rob and kill someone in broad daylight in a busy restaurant isn’t thinking that far ahead

  17. Some people do but they can still end up getting caught if they get arrested or pulled over for something else. Basically have to live off the grid which might be easier to do in another country.

  18. People who murder anyone in todays day and age are just plain dumb. Like 30 years ago when you had a chance to get away with it it’s different but now again they will get you with a pixel from someone’s photo

  19. Many of them still go unsolved , youd be surprised . I live in a urban part in America and a shooting that left one man dead at a park 2 min walking distance from me, 2 weeks ago is still unsolved. They usually solve these celebrity cases because the pressure the detectives have on them.

  20. Pop smoke got killed over a bussdown they sold for a few thousand, if PNBs jewels were custom I doubt they get a lot of money for that either so much loss over in the grand scheme of things so little.

  21. They'll arrest the murderer, for good reason. But you'll never hear about the people who buy the stolen jewelry putting these people into that type of hell. Guesses are they'll be free to tell more kids to rob for jewelry.

  22. This man really went to south central with over 100k in chains and expected not to get his shit snatched. Sucks he died but at what point do you realize that isn’t a good idea lol? This is just like the other rapper who went to the south bronx with over 100k and got murdered for it too. You wanna flex on people living in extreme poverty this is what happens

  23. What about his father driving the getaway car? They were a team. What the fuck does that have to do with the internet? He was raised by a pos.

  24. The crazy thing is, he killed PnB for his jewelry, but got caught immediately making it all for no damn reason... now you'll spend the rest of your life in prison because of it & ended up with $0. Philly lost a great one. We all did. No other rapper could switch it up with the singing as well as he could. His music hit differently, and definitely is now...💔

  25. Based off the legal documents released in the last 24 hours, the father dropped his son off, he went straight in, straight to their table, gun pointed at him told PnB to "give me your jewelry right now!" Shot him in the chest immediately, then twice in the back. Took his chains off, his watch, and the rings off his fingers. And then robbed his girlfriend.

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