The Columbus Blue Jackets have signed restricted free agent forward Patrik Laine to a four-year, $34.8 million contract extension ($8.7 million AAV)

  1. This whole thread of comments is exactly what that “what joke is so played?” post from yesterday talked about and now I can’t tell if the people making these comments are trolling or not.

  2. Who's the center tho? Both players are pretty lousy defensively and neither digs. I can definitely see them teaming up for some real dirty goals, but I can also see that line getting caved more than it makes any offense. If they had a center with ridiculously good possession metrics, maybe like a Bergeron, then I would be confident in that duo. But who do they even have for centers in Columbus? Could be a rocky start to that marriage.

  3. FUCK YES . Been waiting this news all summer. He's probably expecting a long term contract at the end of this 4 years, his production should be skyhigh with Johnny so he wants his bag when the cap rises

  4. Laine strikes me as a dude who will be productive well into his 30s. He's not that physical and as long as he avoids injuries the hands will be there. So yeah, he can sign a massive contract with a salary cap that's probably gonna be nearly $100M in 4 years.

  5. I don't mind the AAV. Four years of Gaudreau assists on Laine goals makes me excited to think about.

  6. Sorry it’s the summer of Pierre… Jarmo has a 4x4 Gudbranson contract that really ruins the good he’s done

  7. And it’s the Blue Jackets, no less. I’m not being sarcastic. This has been a surprising week for sure, but I’ll take it!

  8. Fair, but you guys are still the best in the division on paper. The East is all loading up, it's a fucking arms race. Can we trade divisions with one of y'all central teams next season?

  9. Congrats on the house, make sure you have a good spot for a massive tv to watch all the wheels, snipes, and cellys from Laine and Gadreau.

  10. He probs wants to sign a mega deal once the cap goes up and has Johnny setting him up for the next 4 years so his stats should be insane. Wish it was longer but I’ll take this

  11. Figure cap will be up by then, he will have better numbers playing with Johnny and have a better bargaining position for his final contract.

  12. Good value for Laine considering the cap will be going up substantially next season. People are saying guys like Mackinnon will be making $13m+ a year.

  13. This deal takes Laine to age 28. If he gets to Gaudreau's level and peaces out, so be it. Pumped that this deal got done.

  14. i think 8.7 is fair considering what hes been playing through last 3 seasons lol, he still has that top 3 goal scoring potential, and next season he pots 50 with johnny, this is steal contract

  15. I'm happy for them that it isn't a one year deal. I'm sure they would have loved 6 or 7 years at this price, but this is a moderate expression of confidence from Laine.

  16. I personally think it's great. He gets paid and if he keeps improving has the chance to get a bigger payday down the line.

  17. It'd be fun to see a comparative analysis of the off season moves made by each team, how those moves are expected to influence the respective teams, and what that is expected to translate as far as points/standings are concerned

  18. My brain is having trouble balancing the shit show of an off-season the Browns have had and the best off-season in CBJ history

  19. In Columbus we get to watch Laine and Gaudreau tear it up in the NHL; and Cucho and Zelarayan tear it up in MLS. It’s so fun to be a Columbus sports fan right now.

  20. I made a promise and I’ll keep to it. I’ll be buying a Laine jersey within the next few days for my second team now that he’s locked in. <3

  21. CBJ needs a legit center for these two…they would/will be deadly together but would be even better with an elite center.

  22. Absolutely over the moon with the signing. I know other columbus fans are gonna be question marking why only four years, but I wonder if it's to do with gaudreau's contract turning from NMC to limited no trade clause after four years too. We know jarmo is calculated and maybe he wants to re-evaluate the roster after 4 years and see where the team is at with more flexibility

  23. Good deal but I'm assuming Columbus was hoping for a longer contract but they settled on 4 years in the end. As other have said, Gaudreau and Laine on the same line will be fun to watch.

  24. As a Pens fan, I’m legit excited for CBJ. I hated y’all and your fanbase during the goon era with Dubinsky and Prout but I love the identity of the team now. Great bunch of players and maybe the best GM in the league.

  25. God I miss Prout though. Dubi was a bit of a tool but idgaf Prout was the man for that ohko on Lucic and whooping Tom Wilson. You need at least one or two guys like that on your team to really be competitive or you get the rangers last year

  26. Good for Columbus fans. I was hoping somehow we'd have a shot at him but I knew he was probably going to re sign. Been a bit of a meh off season for us but nice to see another overshadowed fanbase having a good off season. Y'all deserve some success

  27. Seems like a bit high of a price for Laine but looking forward to seeing the Blue Jackets this season with both Gaudreau and Laine. Can't really put a price on goal scoring ability though and Laine definitely has that x factor.

  28. I feel like the JG and Laine will have a great off ice relationship. JG being the outgoing funny little goof ball and laine being the kinda awkward but funny guy as well.

  29. He was going to go for 5-6 years but they wouldn't include a PS Plus subscription in the deal so he bargained down to 4.

  30. That’s a great deal, probably took less so they could fit in JG. They’re division rivals and all, but I’m really happy for Blue Jackets fans.

  31. Some are saying this is an overpay, and I recognize that, but I also could not give one entire shit about it, I'm just happy we get to keep Laine.

  32. HEY HEY HEY, IT'S SUMMER OF PIERRE! Jaarmo trying to slide in here. Back off Kekäläinen, this your last warning.

  33. Boone. He's great at defense and faceoffs, meh at playmaking and scoring, not afraid to rough people up. Would I like a legit skilled 1C between Johnny and Laine? Yes, but he should work quite nicely

  34. Probably a tad higher than what I think he deserves on only a 4-year deal but there is definitely the potential to for this took look like a fantastic deal as early as this season.

  35. $8.7M, for only 4 years, for a guy who just now barely broke PPG status and is pretty bad in his own end, is a brutal contract.

  36. Can you imagine the kind of team Jarmo can build if he gets rid of Gudbransons contract. It's bad now but after this season he still has 3 years left, damn

  37. Well, Nyquist has 5.5M, his contract expires at the end of this season. Then Voracek, Robinson and Roslovic's contracts are up, that's 13.85M that's freed up by the cap. The year after, Sean Kuraly is up, that's 2.5M off the cap. And finally, after Gudbranson, Bjorkstrand and Jenner are up for 13.15M off the cap.

  38. Ridiculous overpay for an over-rated, selfish player who has yet to come close to proving his claim that he should have gone #1 over Auston Matthews.

  39. Am I the only person who thinks Columbus is set up for failure? They lack talent down the middle, have tons of money tied up in bad contracts, and have now entered cap hell. They have some really elite pieces but as an overall team I just don’t see it.

  40. Other than Gudbranson please enlighten me to a contract that is bad on our team… one is getting paid over 10 AAV……

  41. Did Columbus have a shake up in management? Or is this just lightning striking twice? Like wtf is going on in Ohio.

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