[PuckPedia] Bruins to re-sign Pavel Zacha to 1 yr $3.5M deal

  1. I’m happy if the bruins stave off the collapse for another year even if it means we stay out of the playoffs.

  2. They want to give the illusion that they're "going for it" when in reality the windows closed and we just keep flying into it like damn blind pidgeon

  3. Sweeney woke up this morning and decided to get all his work done in one day so he could go back to shenanigans for the rest of the summer

  4. On a related note, gotta be the first time in NHL history that a team signed their 1C, 2C, and 3C the same day.

  5. Well we won’t be “fully healthy” until Christmas at the earliest so he’s gonna have plenty of opportunities in the top 6

  6. I believe he's still an RFA at the end of this, so not a bad idea to go one year. 2 or 3 puts him UFA and Bruins have little control if they like what they see, tho

  7. cap dumping isn't going to be pretty this year, only like 3 teams with cap space that could be used for dumps (Anaheim/Buffalo/Arizona). the price is going to be nasty, Arizona got two 2nd rounders for taking on Nemeth's 2x2.5.

  8. The Bruins now have 9 pending UFAs next season. The team (especially at forward) might look drastically different in 23-24.

  9. That seems about right for someone who’s had respectable points due to usage but probably is nothing more than a 3rd line winger and can’t play center

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