[DailyFaceOff] NHL point leaders in the past 5 seasons

  1. Kucherov’s injuries deprived us of so many interesting regular seasons. Then again, I don’t think he cares, he’s already solidified himself as one of the best playoff performers ever and likely is a mark no/very few active players will match

  2. It's disheartening how little representation the rest of the alphabet has compared to the letter M. The league needs to step in and do something about this.

  3. Huberdeau is at 1.21 in the last four years though (1.25 PPG in the last 3 years), as if he wasn’t worth the contract we signed him to.

  4. I just wanna note that drai climbs this list quite a bit if you go by the last 3 seasons. Over that span he is 2nd in ppg with 1.47 compared to McDavid’s 1.625(!!). The next closest is Mack with a ppg of 1.35. Drai is also second in goals per game with 0.62(!) compared to Matthews’(0.76!!! Absurd). Next closest after him is mcdavid with 0.56.

  5. Just a casual 107-point lead on the first non-teammate, MacKinnon, who himself has a lot of separation from everyone below him.

  6. I mean At this point if you DID NOTHING , and you let the players just autocoach themselves you would have more success. Its like the coaching and GM's aim was like "how do we make what should be a championship team as BAD as possible"

  7. Considering what the cap is projected to be. I could see him getting 15m. I mean it's only 2.5m more than he makes now. He'd be worth every penny

  8. To be fair he could have asked for 20% when he signed and that would have been 15mil, and any gm would have been dumb to say no. Based on projections and when he's up to sign his next deal I could see him at 16-17mil

  9. I've been watching his whole career and even when he was on the fourth line, I had no idea why. Even as a rookie with 1 point in 20 games, he was exciting to watch and was way too good for limited minutes in a limited role.

  10. And, aside from Panarin who didn't go through the draft process, Marchand is the only one who wasn't at least a 3rd overall pick on this list. He went 71st in the 3rd round. He's easily the best of this bunch defensively. Projected in the 1200-1400 point range for career if he can go another 8 years...and he should as he's built like Marc Recchi.

  11. And Mack still hasn’t broke 100. That’s the craziest part. Mister consistent. I’m not comparing to the 2 above him. They’re obviously consistent too

  12. He’s still so damn good. I’d like for Kane and Toews to get shipped out at the deadline. Get something back in return while you still can.

  13. Amazing Gaudreau is still top 10 despite having almost a full season playing on a line with a broken Monahan and rotating 13th forwards

  14. He's going to be a really fun HOF case in a couple years. But if he keeps up this 70-80 point pace, he'll break 400 goals and 1000 points and it'll be hard to keep him out even without any hardware other than a Cup.

  15. I fucking hate Brad Marchand, but he might be one of the most underrated players ever. What he brings to a team is invaluable.

  16. If they hadn’t already won 3 cups, these last few years of Kane would’ve been a more tragic waste than they already are

  17. Was this list purposely cut off at 7 to make Florida fans feel like shit ? Who makes a “top 7” list 😂

  18. A team. It’s no coincidence that the first year McDavid and Drai had some actual NHL top 6 wingers for the first time we went to the conference finals

  19. I remember when I wouldn't even tune in to the BOA because both teams were so bad/mediocre. Now it's the #1 offensive team in the league vs the (arguably) #1 defensive team in the league.

  20. I can't imagine having a player that much above the competition for that long and not winning a cup with him. It has to happen, right? I know it's a team sport, but hot dang. Imagine having Tom Brady as your starting quarterback for 6 years and no Super Bowl. I imagine it has to happen before his contract is up in 2026.

  21. If I had to think the last 5 season I don’t know if Marchand, kane and huberdeau would have been in my top 7. I woulda guessed off the top of my head kucherov, Crosby, matthews, stamkos……solely on the basis that huberdeau took like 7 years to start being a point a game player, Marchand only hit 100 once, and you don’t hear much about panarin in the top 10 scoring even if he is and Kane has been on a garbage team for almost 5 years

  22. Kane and Marchand are 33, and 34 respectively. Interesting to look back in another 5 to see who’s still on this list.

  23. You should really look at the goal differential. Prior to last year, McDavid was only +80 over the previous 5 seasons. While he's on the ice for a lot of goals for, he's also on the ice for a lot of goals against.

  24. I think there is an error with your infograph... the goat, Austin Matthews, isn't listed for having the best stache and flow.

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