I need some advice in building my teams, especially my Phys team.

  1. I need some advice on what valks should I use and what Weapon or stig is optimal for a somewhat ftp player. Especially for Phys cause I've been struggling on abyss if I fight an elementally strong boss.

  2. First things first, get HoS. In the meantime I recommend using Drive Kometa with Briareus EX as an alternative. Pair with either Griseo, or Carole (if you really need that extra shieldbreak) and then pick a DPS depending on what type of enemy you're facing

  3. Agree with this looking at the options you have, Herrscher of Sentience should be available in BP 3 patches from now if you buy it. But try forging Elysia G4 for Miss Pink Elf from Foundry and it can help you till you get HoS for a better phy team

  4. Senti for president. When ypu'll get her you'll probably get her gear accidentally (like me, got the T and B piece)

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