Fox 26: Man claims to have sold dozens of $3 printed guns for $50 each at Houston buy-back event.

  1. Nothing solved except potentially murderers getting off the hook for killing someone's children....everyone's cool with it until you are the grieving parent that police say they found the killer but he has immunity because he turned in a gun willingly, murder and violent crime get out of jail free

  2. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...unfortunately in this case the stupid prize is handing out thousands of dollars to this guy, no questions asked, at taxpayer expense

  3. There is a story abt the Brits in India once upon a time. They tried to curb a snake infestation and set up a a similar so-called “buyback” program. All of a sudden there were underground snakebreeders.

  4. Best part is when the Brit’s realized what is happening they ended the program so the snake farmers simply released the cobras into the wild. Increasing their population. Basically American gun control in a nutshell.

  5. I missed this buyback but I definitely have one old rusty rifle sitting in storage that I would never actually trust to fire that is going to the next buyback lol I was going to toss it eventually but if the govt will pay $50 for it then why not haha

  6. I’ve got 2 old shotguns that i inherited. I would never trust a shell in either. So it’s either hang them on the wall of my garage where, someone less informed might use them, or make $100 off a penny’s worth of scrap.

  7. Well I actually believe that part, because anonymous dipshit strikes me more as a zealot who values guns over children's lives...because he uses a whole mess of other excuses.

  8. I know people that turned in 3D printed guns they made and one guy went to the police auction and bought low cost guns and flipped them at the buyback lol basically the city got hustled

  9. Proof that if anti gunner want to actually solve issues they need to work with pro 2a people. We keep telling yall this shit is stupid and easy to take advantage of. And nobody is gonna sell their $1000+ rifles for a hundred bucks.

  10. He's the only one that admitted it. I know of 2 others who profited off that event. The HCDAO warned HPD, HCSO, and Linda Hidalgo......and trust me, I'm not a fan of Kim Ogg...but she raised some very important points about this buy back in her letter. Now the Mayor is saying whoops. And b3cause everyone was offered immunity....if the guns come back positive for crimes....any of the 845 of them....Kim Ogg cannot prosecute because immunity was offered with no questions

  11. This is circumstantial evidence, but most of the non-printed guns in the news video look pretty rough anyhow: Rusty, beat up, questionable safety, and perhaps unreliable to shoot anyhow. Who else is going to pay $50 for those? No one. Only the City. Good thing these are no longer threatening the population!

  12. I am liberal and support common sense gun control, but this type of event has no effect on gun violence or other gun related crime. It seems like it was more of a publicity stunt and a shallow attempt to show “we are doing something”.

  13. I have two 3d printers, one PLA and one resin, and have printed thousands of hours on them. I guarantee you those guns didn't cost $3. I'd bet each was closer to $7-$8 maaaybbeee $6. There would have to be a LOT of things not printed for the materials cost to be that low. So while he probably did make a decent amount of money, it's not quite what everyone is thinking. Just an fyi, not trying to start a debate, more to inform you that it's not quite so low.

  14. There is nothing new about guys cashing in like this with old beaters, zip guns and just going out and hustling up old crap for a lower price and engaging in arbitrage.

  15. There's a video floating around, the cops offered $50 for each but he kept insisting on the $150 for each. That tactic worked cause they then said $50 each take it or leave it. Still came out with an easy $3000, lmao.

  16. Public works had some stat forast year that 99% of potholes that were reported on 311 were filled within 24 hours. If you see a pothole you want filled, report it. It'll be fixed fast

  17. The mayor is an idiot. I'm so many ways. Now he will no longer allow 3D printed guns to be turned in, but wants them banned.

  18. ” Seems like a good cause for a lawsuit against the city if they refuse 3D printed guns and they are later used in a crime.”

  19. Didn't someone else buy guns at a Houston police auction for less than 50 per gun then turned around and sold them at this buyback.

  20. We don't know that. We just know at least 10% were, and they were from one person. There is also a black and decker drill in there.

  21. How? What difference will removing 630 guns from circulation make? Feelgood liberal nonsense with no meaningful effect.

  22. Facts! People that are anti guns but don’t know shit about guns are the worst. They call it assault weapons which you can’t walk into a gun store and ask for one, they think most rifles are auto and they don’t understand that gun basics.

  23. Yeah but these "guns" would not exist without the buyback. They were printed for the purpose of selling them to this buyback.

  24. Land of the hustlers. Yall surprised they came forward? The police got hustled and they deserve it. The DA office told them the dangers of this and they didn't listen

  25. The guy is a well known dev in the 3DPG world. He printed a couple and they didn't print to his satisfaction. A few were earlier versions of his design where he worked out the kinks. A few were printed just for the event.

  26. Maybe he went to only print one, set up the printer and went to bed for the night, then after it printed a dialogue popped up that said "finished! Press spacebar to print another." and his stupid cat sat there all night smackin the spacebar, so he wakes up to a bunch of printed guns and figured oh well might as well try and sell them all.

  27. I am skeptical you can 3D print a ghost gun for $3. That may be the cost of the raw material, but my understanding is that quality 3D printers are still very expensive. Committing 62 separate felonies also doesn't seem worth the risk to prove a point. While the city event was "no questions asked" someone turning in a box full of ghost guns seems like it would get attention from the feds. If FOX 26 found the guy that quickly, I'm confident the FBI, ATF, and Homeland Security will be able to.

  28. This has always been my favorite MAGAT logic: I am being a complete chode because other people might be complete chodes, but I'm not a complete chode.

  29. Start up costs are about $200-$300. Once you have that invested you'll spend about $3-$5 in filament but can reduce that significantly if you print at lower infills.

  30. depending on the gun, if you want a nice semi auto, it will be more, but the derringers and liberators are basically a couple of bucks of plastic and some metal springs and fasteners.

  31. Whoever didn't ask "how do you have so many of these gun parts?" would have just resolve this issues.

  32. In exchange, they'd pay the guns' owners a fair price, set by a national committee using market value as a benchmark, to compensate for the loss of their property.

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