What the hell does Chris Petersen do for the UW?

  1. Ah, thank you. I appreciate the link to the article. Yes, that does indeed answer some of my questions. Unlike some of the smarmy pricks in this thread that tell me I've made absurd comments (which is fine), then dole out inaccurate info. in response. So again thank you.

  2. As to your question about Lake... some sources said Lake had distanced himself from Petersen. Who knows.

  3. What it sound like was Peterson had good mentor relationships with all the coaches in the athletic dept and that Lake didn't want anything to do with him.

  4. I remember at one point he has some sort of position with the Foster school of business. I don’t know exactly what that role is, but he appeared in our magazine once. He’s probably used as some sort of consultant

  5. https://247sports.com/Article/Chris-Petersen-former-Washington-football-coach-lands-lands-new-job-in-Washington-business-school--149017643/

  6. Maybe he did. Maybe thats why we canned Lake before completing his first full season (really very unprecedented - thats while Jon Wilner said it was lunatic fringe talk).

  7. Sounds like an easy gig. Right now, we don't have any players that anyone would like to use NIL for. I hope and expect that changes soon.

  8. I'm pretty sure there are NCAA rules around who can recruit. If they didn't you would see athletic departments stocking up on employees as assistants that conveniently are always out recruiting throughout the nation, while all the coaches are leading the team.

  9. I don't care if they pay him to sit in a back office and watch netflix all day. After seeing the last few days of coaching moves, I'm just glad he still wants to hang out with us.

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