jio fiber vs airtel fiber

  1. I have always had good exp with ACT - but it looks like it depends on the area you are in. Have you tried escalating to their Appellate authority or Nodal authority? Details are on their website. This has worked for me in the past - they are more responsive than the normal customer "service". In terms of overall otherwise ACT > Jio - hence you might want to try this approach first.

  2. Bad customer care is one of the major reasons for leaving ACT fibernet, other reasons being I'll be getting higher internet speed and a bunch of OTTs for a slightly higher fee. Also ACT doesn't provide 100% fiber connection, they use copper as well which reduces the actual internet speed when compared to the promised internet speed whereas both jio and airtel are providing 100% optical fiber connection due to which the actual internet speed will be much more closer to the promised internet speed.

  3. If you want OTT services, then go with jio (even airtel has OTT services but not as good as jio), but if you want higher speeds, lower latency and already subscribed to ott services then go with airtel as you will get almost double the speeds for the same price... My suggestion would be the 200 mbps plan which gives you speeds of 210-220 mbps in real world usage which is higher than what they advertise!


  5. You faced issues with jio fiber in Bangalore. May or may not be as bad in Hyderabad, differs location to location.

  6. Airtel in Bangalore, not sure of Hyderabad. Never got a issue in 3 years. When I needed something they visit my place in 6 hrs

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