This karen is literally a piece of shit.

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  2. Wasn’t there a girl that caught a pretty heavy charge during that stupid fucking ‘lick random tubs of food then put them back’ TikTok challenge?

  3. My first job was as a waitress for a restaurant that serves pancakes 24 hours a day. So we had a lot of young people in late at night. I distinctly remember these two early teen girls acting up and being condescending. I leaned over and said to them, “never mess with someone who handles your food.” Their eyes got really big, they apologized when I came back to the table, and acted right after that. I hope it stuck with them and they are treating wait staff nice today.

  4. Yes, she should have to pay for all of the food she impacted but that shouldn’t be it. She should also have to do community service. I’d like to see that lady on the side of the road picking up trash.

  5. No. Jail. It's not about her destroying property, it's about her spitting on others produce. You can't buy your way out of anti-social behavior.

  6. They should go the old school approach, similar to your parents making you smoke an entire pack of cigarettes if caught smoking. Make her sit there and eat it all.

  7. She should just go to prison period. If she was yelling some conspiracy shit, this is lierally terrorism.

  8. Because she has lived a life filled with no hope, with no desire to go through her day when she wakes up, with no love to give and nothing received, with just misery in every moment of her existence. This rancidity has festered within her for years and fermented into bitterness. Her thoughts are bitter, her actions are bitter, her emotions are bitter because she has known nothing else. This causes a vicious cycle where people are mean to her because she's bitter, and she's more bitter because the world is mean to her.

  9. Mental illness could be a major contender here and she's not getting the care and support she needs in the community.

  10. You know how when you keep getting killed in a video game you get pissed and start ruining everyone else’s fun? That’s what they are doing basically

  11. This is why I always wash my produce with soap. I don't give a fuck that the FDA says that it's fine to use just water. They clearly didn't think of scenarios like this.

  12. Can't believe how far I had to scroll to find this. When did "literally" come to mean "figuratively"?

  13. Ohhh i really hope so... There was the kids who licked ice cream in Texas stores and placed them back on the shelves i know they got some punishment so this white lady better get something

  14. Literally has been used in the figurative sense since Mark Twain. Not saying it isnt confusing as fuck, but it's been a thing for a while. Like when Bad meant good.

  15. I was just thinking, how do you get so old being such a god awful person? You'd think you'd either learn your lesson at some point or get a beating that stops your shit actions in another way...

  16. My 5'3 stay at home little self would gladly enable you to do so... My first thought was why hasn't some knocked her out yet i know i sure would have

  17. Not to say the US isn’t pretty crazy right now, but you can hear someone speaking in a language other than English in the clip so this may be somewhere else.

  18. Seconded, especially on this one. Some folks in here have remarked that it looks like a farmer's market owner "shining up" her produce, I gave it a rewatch and... you know, I could see that.

  19. I'm not usually an overly violent person...but if I saw someone doing thos shit in real life I'd have a really hard time not feeling a fiery urge to punch them in the face...this shits just gross.

  20. Im a 5'2 chubbly little lady i assure you i share your sentiment i look like a little teddy bear to most people but this would burn the grizzly bear the wrong way waay to fucking fast

  21. Aren’t we allowed to beat the shit out of people that do this? I mean… don’t we serve the public when we have proof?

  22. Not that it makes it any better - but it looks like this is a farmers market and that it’s her own produce that she’s “spraying” so it looks more appealing (like those misters you see in supermarkets)

  23. That’s correct. She was making the veggies look fresh. But she was filmed and now she’s on the news. Ukraine.

  24. Why do people do this shit? Even if she's doing it to "own the libs", what if it's a fellow Conservative who ends up buying that fruit and get sick from it?

  25. You think they care about that? Most of the shit they do in pursuit of "owning teh libs" owns them harder than anyone else.

  26. No, she is figuratively a piece of shit, not literally one. She is literally a human being who is also behaving like shit. I hate it when people mix up the words “figuratively” and “literally.”

  27. This is an example of the correct use of the word 'literally'. You can look it up in many dictionary's, or you can read authors such as Fitzgerald, Joyce, Dickens, or Mark Twain to see it in action.

  28. In my experience, the people who can't help but fluff their sentences with 'literally' haven't read a book in years. No wonder so many tosspots with the one-trick vocabulary when they all sit on their phones reading the same word said by so many others also on their phones.

  29. Love how people would rather film these acts of indecency than confront the person and hold them accountable. Call me salty, but she is never going to learn that this is not ok when there are no consequences, oh and please make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables before eating

  30. No she's not literally a piece of shit. A literal piece of shit is what comes out when you sit on the toilet and push.

  31. Dude I get it, you are desperately trying to get attention and validation, but this is not the way to do it

  32. How dare you think logically on Reddit! You should know by now that Reddit's mob mentality is worse than Facebook. You're clearly right.

  33. The red herring fallacy is a logical fallacy where someone presents irrelevant information in an attempt to distract others from a topic that’s being discussed, often to avoid a question or shift the discussion in a new direction.

  34. yeah most of the downvoting on this app is performed by mere plebs.. or pats.. idk, whichever one is lamer these days

  35. What the actual fuck is she on. Does she think she can do that and just people will accept that shit like wtf

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