Why Even Have a Pet?

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  2. People can say whatever they want, but anyone with a brain knows if they get into an accident that dog will be badly hurt.. It doesn't take much to properly secure an animal...

  3. Bastard. It can't even sit or lie down because the rope is so tight. I don't care if it's a working dog or a pet. Would you like it if your boss did this to you!?

  4. For real the comments in the post are disgusting, I really could care less that they’re downvoting me these people are wrong.

  5. All that dog has to do is take two steps towards the center and it can sit or lay down. Your being over completely dramatic. There is nothing wrong with how this man is treating his animal. It's safer where it is tethered than it would be free roaming the cab if there was an accident.

  6. Reading the comments in this post makes me sad that they outlawed letting your kids ride in the back of the pickup years ago. There’s nothing more fun than a sunny day riding with a dozen cousins to the park with the wind blowing through your hair and your jowls flappin’ as you turn into the breeze. If these critics had experienced that, they’d know this dog is having the time of its life and is right where he wants to be, doing a job he loves.

  7. I think it’s mostly concerning because the dog is on the back of a flatbed truck with the only thing keeping him tethered being a relatively loosely tied rope

  8. The truck driver better not start crying if that poor dog gets injured or even killed. That's what happens when you place it in the back instead of in the cab where it should be.

  9. Here’s another pos that has no clue about a breed and why he’s on the back of the flat bed he probably tied up because he hasn’t learned to stay on yet

  10. Dogs love riding on the back of a truck, what's wrong with that better than inside the cab where it may impede your driving.

  11. So....this happened 7-10months ago, my brothers dog nolly(she's a Cain Corso btw) was tied to the back of the truck (because all the seats in the truck were full but the back interior of the truck was a 3 seater So my mom, he was also getting something with his house fixed and he didn't trust the repair guy to be alone with nolly) She was about 6-8 months, her birthday was around Christmas so we drove, for 4 minutes things were fine until we had to stop by a nearby market because she put her paws on the edge, my brother told her non of that then we went out way.... Then all of a sudden I hear and feel a THUMP and my mom stops the car quickly and pulls over to the side of the road, I got out first and I saw her hanging down the side of the truck with her collar around her neck, her eyes bulged and I thought she was dead, then my brother came and took her collar off, she was barley alive but she was still able to get up and walk to the truck We took her to a clinic and the she had to be put down, there was no way he had enough money especially since he had just quit his job.

  12. I don’t care if it is a working breed. If it is a true working dog it should be considered valuable enough to be put in the cab. If this truck is in an accident it is at the very least injured or at worst killed.

  13. Doggo livin his best life. Seriously though, i know the majority of people reading this comment came here because the post infuriated them but hear me out. Have you ever ridden in the back of a pickup? Have you ever ridden on a platform of corrugated metal flying down the highway in the sun? This dog trusts the restraint his owner puts on him and is surfing on a truck in the sun. Just saying

  14. As a kid I used to ride around legally in the back of a truck with my friend and his dad on two-lane highways. The most comfortable seat I've ever had was sitting on the wheel well bump in the bed.

  15. Yeah this is in Oklahoma and the dogs are perfectly fine they’re trained to ride like this. Instead of going after this guy, how bout take your anger to the post on this sub about the guy who nailed his dog to a door it will be much more needed there

  16. Yeah, it’s a working dog. Working dogs are different from pets, you don’t princess them. And unless they’re break checking every 10 seconds, the dog ain’t gonna get hurt.

  17. I grew up on a ranch. Our dogs and horses were both working animals AND pets. I’d never have secured a horse for transport this way, and nor would I have risked a valuable working dog this way. It takes hundreds of hours to properly train a working dog and they are worth a lot of money. You don’t just throw a valuable animal on a flat bed that way.

  18. What if they have a small, fuel efficient truck? Can the dog ride in the back then? And how else are we suppose to tell if the dog is worth keeping? The best test is to put them in the back. If he jumps out he was to stupid to keep. If he stays put you got yourself a good dog.

  19. Everyone here talking about “oh they enjoy it, they hate being in the cab”. What if they get in an accident? That dog is dead. That’s the point.

  20. If they get into an accident the dog is just as likely to be injured inside the cab. Generally, these are farm dogs and on farm or country roads. Not likely he is taking a dog like this on a highway.

  21. Ahh man this reminds me of something I saw in Australia when I was 14-15. It was the exact same set up but the guy crashed and the dog was hanging of its leash. Pretty sad images

  22. Imagine living in a city apartment and thinking your dog is half as happy and healthy as this guy. He's got a job he loves and couple hundred acres of land. He's living the dream. Or maybe he's getting hauled off to the shelter.

  23. The dog is fine how it is probably having time of his life, very xommon on farms etc, the only problem is on main roads where OTHER DRIVERS can cause ur car to flip wven if ur driving perfectly and bam MrFluffers is painted to the road over 3sqm

  24. I mean, I would personally use a crate for transport, but this is a working dog. He lives in a yard with farm animals. He's filthy dirty, stinks, and isn't the kind of dog that gets a bath.

  25. ITT redditors who think because it’s a work dog it has a stronger neck and could survive flying off a truck better. I have a dog and a truck just like this, I would never put my dog back there. You people excusing this are literally insane and have no respect for animals.

  26. ITT OP and other close minded city slickers don't understand dogs lmao, this is an incredibly common sight in Aus. Dogs know to stay in the back of the truck. If the truck gets in a crash the dogs probably not gonna be much better off inside the truck anyway. I see this every couple of days here

  27. Wtf. That is wildly dangerous. The lead is tied to his neck..if that driver stops suddenly, that dog’s neck is broken.

  28. Where else would you tie a leash? It’s meant to go around the neck, lol. Also, the dog isn’t going to have its neck snapped from the driver stopping the car. Worse case scenario it gets thrown at the bars it’s tied up to and besides a few bruises and some pain it’s fine. The driver is probably a sane human being too, so they’re not gonna be swerving around and such.

  29. I see this crap all the time in the southern US. Dumb rednecks can’t even be bothered to put the dog in the cab so they come up with all sorts of justification to this action.

  30. ITT: a bunch of "country folk" try to explain to us "city slickers" that it's OK to abuse your animal "bEcAuSe tHeY LiKE It." It's not about whether the dog enjoys it or not, it's about safety.

  31. I mean, it’s alright to put a dog in the back of a truck as long as you aren’t going on the highway. Just make sure the dog has enough space so it can lay down. I personally always put my dog inside the truck because I’m afraid that at 10 mph that my dog will fall out and somehow die

  32. Look I love dogs but this is a working dog. Not different than a horse or any other working animal. You don't cuddle up with them in the cab. It's an animal to this person. One he feeds and takes care of, but ultimately not one he constantly dotes on or snuggles in bed at night. I can tell you though, my dog is NOT a working dog and she would rather ride in the bed of my truck. But if I ever let her I'd have to tie her to something back there just like this dog so she didn't jump out.

  33. one thing i would bet is that this dog begs for this, hops on the back of the truck and waits to get strapped in and absolutely loves every second of it.

  34. That’s normal and that dog is more often than not a working dog. They are trained to stay on the bed of the truck and only get off when told to in order to help with cattle etc.

  35. tbf, that is very likely not a pet, but raised for other purposes. Which makes the whole "what if you get an accident" argument kinda pointless. This guy is probably treated as a property, not as a family, so if it gets hurt, the owner loses some of its monetary value but that's about it.

  36. Probably live nearby. People gotta stop assuming the worst. Anybody with a working breed that’s actually used for work would be stupid risking their asset like that.

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