He Faces Up To 15 Years In Prison

  1. My school went on lockdown last Friday because a middie schooler made a gun threat (I'm a senior but the high school isn't that far from the middle school) swat teams and everything showed up. Terrifying experience, sucks sitting there not knowing what's going on and thinking kids are getting attacked

  2. “Back in my day,” all we had were bomb threats. And the thing is, you knew there was pretty much a zero percent change of it being a real bomb, so nobody really got worked up about it. Because as it turns out, not many people have both the knowledge to make a bomb and probably more importantly, the balls to risk blowing themselves, their families and houses up in the process of making one.

  3. Oh my god I was reading this and went "sounds just like something that happened around here” and then I saw the location!

  4. My middle school had a girl who brought a gun to school because of a boy, the entire school got locked down and students were going home, I stayed. Anyways, this was about 20 years ago, my toad.

  5. Of all the stupid stuff high school kids do these days public gun threats are easily the ones that confuse me the most. Logically they have to know and have seen all the other people who were “just joking” and lost their entire futures. I get most behavior like this is a cry for help but Jesus Christ maybe try asking first.

  6. One year my best friends now ex was holding a pistol with a group of kids in a video story on Snapchat just taunting and threatening to cap them. That was directed to another group of kids who they didn’t like for some reason.

  7. how many ppl still put fireworks in toilets.. sometimes there are no answers other than; stupid, it is as it does.

  8. It's much more of a peer pressure situation (at least in my case) when I was in middle school 5 years ago just about everyone I knew was making or laughing at school shooting jokes it was a low hanging fruit and in a few cases like this or in my case someone reports it and you get arrested

  9. A family friend screwed around and didn’t prepare for a final in law school. Made the brainiac decision to call in a bomb threat to delay it and was busted within 24hrs. Kicked out of law school and permanently banned from ever practicing law. 30 years later he’s still not fully recovered.

  10. The internet has given people the impression that their actions online will hold no consequences in reality.

  11. We had a series of bomb threats at schools and public buildings in the 90's (to my knowledge, not a single one turned out to be actioned.)

  12. My nephew’s paternal cousin recorded himself asking Siri questions like; “Where’s the nearest gun store” “how much is an ar-15” “How old do I have to be to buy a machine gun” “how do I hide a rifle to take to school” “how many students attend [his high school]” “how much time can I get in jail for killing people” and just laughing about it. I told my nephew he better stop fucking around because if one concerned person hears that stupid video of them then they’ll get in trouble. Kids are idiots. And that boy is a psychopath, I don’t like him.

  13. They just dont grasp the consequences. The most punishment theyve had to this point is detention or being grounded. Both totally suck and feel awful as a kid, but those are nothing compared to getting forcibly taken to a police station and finding out adults with guns are doing mental math if they need to ~~tackle/taze/restrain/~~shoot you or not. And then the edgy 'joke' they thought of, posted, and likely forgot in 10 minutes could cost them years. Its literally an unfathomable escalation in punishment to a kid.

  14. Their brains literally do not work normally. They do not react to stimuli like how you would expect. That is the problem.

  15. Cops jump on these people because it’s low hanging fruit, not because they’re actually threats. If they were so good, they’d catch all these shooters before the tragedies.

  16. Teens’ brains are underdeveloped. Many of them literally are incapable of considering the consequences of their actions.

  17. While admittedly not the same, we’ve seen politicians doing things that are only degrees of separation away from this, and they face no consequences and in some ways, actually benefit from their actions. All because when called out, they were either misinterpreted, just joking or the other side is just trying to cancel them.

  18. i dont think you realize just how many of these "just joking" posts do get brushed under the rug and go unreported.. many times because it came from the same edgy fucker thats always telling terrible dark jokes so its totally in character

  19. Yeah well they also know people who ruined their futures by drunk driving and doing heroin and yet they still do it. Can’t assume a kid is going to be able to reason through their actions like an adult

  20. Had a guy in my town post on Facebook that he was glad it happened and wished he could too. Family informed the FBI and he's been committed to a state institution.

  21. I was saying to my buddy the other day 'wonder how many thousands of kids are gonna get reported to their schools this week?'

  22. This may not have even been illegal. Like, yes if he is convicted of terroristic threats or whatever he’s charged with, he could go to prison, but that doesn’t mean the evidence is strong enough for a conviction in this case.

  23. Wager the first thing he asked his lawyer was if he can take this to the supreme court for violating the 1st amendment. lol

  24. Honestly, I feel bad for this kid. It's stupid af to do but his life shouldn't be ruined for memeing.. I found it pretty funny tbh

  25. Not as long as America is a pressure cooker of poverty, fear, and competition. The problem is in the culture, not in the guns. Sure, 400 million guns in circulation or whatever the hell it literally is now doesn't help, but primarily it is the screwed-up attitudes and the rich abusing the rest.

  26. they're disenfranchised with society and have mental health issues. No point going through military training to defend a community and society you hate.

  27. I’m glad the police are taking things like this seriously now. Hopefully people will stop making jokes and saying things about doing school shootings

  28. Sadly things should be taken seriously every time not just after a school gets shot up then just to blow things off again in a few months.

  29. Why would they? Cops already proved that the second a shooting is actually happening they just stand there with the hands on their pockets and focus on stopping the parents from entering the school.

  30. What if all it does is makes sure that the next shooter thinks twice about posting a warning message online? Let these fools out themselves early and deal with it quietly rather than making the headline story that if you post a warning online we'll be there within the hour to arrest you. Let these idiots still feel safe enough to give everyone the heads up.

  31. It'll be interesting seeing him show up in the news again once he gets out of a system designed to turn you into a repeat offender.

  32. Prob going to sound a conspiracy theorist here but it seems like the Feds are cracking down on social media posts about stuff like this rather than the number of people posting stuff like this increasing

  33. i wonder if that will hold up in court. there was no direct threat made, just a perceived one. it seems like this case will be thrown out

  34. Probably nothing serious will happen beyond maybe community service, but there’ll still be a record of it and his life is going to get interrupted being dragged in front of a judge. Can’t imagine his family will be thrilled either.

  35. I don’t think he’ll be charged anything however, I think Florida’s current red flag law would kick in, to where he would basically have to prove to the courts that he is mentally stabile and not a danger in order to retain his rights to own or purchase a firearm.

  36. Seriously. The kid just made an awful joke. This isn't worth locking him up for 15 years. They give people less time for manslaughter.

  37. Well some kid got 6 years for a schoolshooting threat he made on runescape, guy didn't have a weapon, was mentally stable. He was more direct though so idk.

  38. The problem here from a legal standpoint is that from what I gather from the title, all he did was post a picture with a rifle and a caption of "hey Siri, directions to the nearest school" which seems like a threat, but it's not what it seems it can be in courts. It's what you can prove. And you can't prove intent with just that information, which means it falls under freedom of speech and he's not going to jail.

  39. Yeah this is just to make people think Leo’s are doing something. They get their propaganda and the DA gets an easy plea deal.

  40. I don't know the local laws, but many crimes do not require intent necessarily, mere recklessness is enough. Causing people to fear for their imminent safety is a crime despite free speech protections.

  41. He'll probably end up on a watch list of some kind, maybe (though unlikely) even banned from owning weapons for a few years.

  42. He did cause some chaos due to his actions. It must be punishable under some law of US. Also the right to freedom of speech and expression isn't absolute and has restrictions.

  43. Can he actually go to prison for this? I've heard so many stories of cops doing nothing about death threats and stalkers because "no crime has been committed yet"

  44. This joker will get 15 years but the actual shooters will get through to schools and massacre children without any problems.

  45. American justice at it's finest. Joking is illegal, but actually shooting up a school? Go for it champ! The cops will keep you safe from the armed parents that will try to stop you.

  46. They were airsoft but I still agree with you. If you lack this much sense given today's climate, you're too dumb or unstable to own a firearm.

  47. Yeah but the fact that Americans refuse to deal with the problem of barely restricted access to weapons, arresting edgy teens is all they can do.

  48. About as funny as if a metal detector goes off at an airport and the best reply you can come up with is "Oh sorry, forgot to take the grenades out of my pockets."

  49. Now this is how you stop the bullshit because these fuckin idiots post everything online before they do something stupid.

  50. Pretty dumb thing to be making jokes about specially now but 15 years just for saying something like that feels excessive xD unless they have proof of intent... Kinda much idk

  51. People love to oppose mass incarceration until someone they don’t like is facing 15 years in prison for what is most likely a really horrific joke

  52. I'm not from USA but anyone see it as a problem that you can be locked up for a joke? Sure, it's an off colour and insensitive joke, but it's basically just a shitpost meme. A picture on the internet. This is not the same as being on a plane and joking you have a bomb. That could still be a joke, but it's more similar to yelling fire in a theatre, which can have real life consequences.

  53. What is the joke, please explain? He’s literally threatening to go to a near school with a rifle several days after active school shooting. Where is funny?

  54. You might be missing the multitude of actual mass shootings carried out following “jokes” in this same manner. We recently had a big shooting where someone essentially used “shitpost memes” in a similar way and then shot multiple people, so yea, you’re missing a lot.

  55. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Was it a joke or was there evidence to suggest he wanted to shoot up a school?

  56. It shouldn't be illegal to post a joke. He obviously isn't really doing that, or why would he have outed himself? If it's not a legitimate plan, it wasn't serious, and if it wasn't serious, it was a joke, whether you think it's funny or not. Neither party in this story is doing good things

  57. Regulate guns, don't take it out on the people who embarass you by showing how stupid the situation is.

  58. f em...stupidity is no excuse from the law....and that's if we're giving him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't a potential school shooter....

  59. He can’t actually go to prison for 15 years though right? (Assuming this was a “joke”). I would imagine a short incarceration (if even that) plus a shitload of supervision under probation would be best.

  60. I am not defending his moronic behavior, but surely this would be covered under freedom of speech? He can just argue it was a joke, no?

  61. Can't take any risks. If people are stupid enough even to joke about things like that that's on them.

  62. Not much. Maybe a mental evaluation hold and a slap on the wrist. The kid who shot up the grocery store in Buffalo made a similar joke about his high school. We saw how his "joke" turned out.

  63. I'm glad this sort of thing is being taken more seriously but will they actually be able to convict someone off of that alone?

  64. A student who makes an inappropriate joke gets 15 years, while police officers who refuse to do their jobs, resulting in 20 children being slaughtered, get a pat on the back and all the help they need.

  65. That's a stupid joke and he should be punished but 15 years is pretty damn harsh. Especially since a lot of people who commit actual crimes not just talk about it get less

  66. I most certainly don't think it makes any sense to just ignore this kid but 15 years for what may simply have been a bad joke is absolutely ridiculous.

  67. this all jokes to some of y’all.. but i’m a teacher at a high school in south florida… 30 minutes away from parkland. i’m genuinely worried.

  68. US wide laws (no state laws) that institute annual Background checks, home checks, no automatic/semi automatic guns. Gun buy back schemes.. these have all been implemented elsewhere and by and large they work. Why cant the US do this? Oh thats right gun nuts and political corruption

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