Needs a port for dehydration. Proceeds to the sauna 🤔

  1. I think that someone that is REALLY chronically ill and can't do what was done in the past, there is a mourning phase. Such as looking at old pictures, reliving old memories. To me, that would be private - probably in the form of crying in my room with the door closed. But to her - it's a trophy she did "all that".

  2. It’s kinda ironic cause what she’s doing to her body now is probably worse than going out and drinking every Friday night lol

  3. Move over Mother Theresa. Ash is reminding us again what an absolute saint she is. I can’t believe she doesn’t drink… so mature.

  4. Nah I definitely believe she was a low grade alcoholic. She’s spent the past couple of years doing nothing but drinking and smoking weed alone in her bedroom. She only recently cut back on the booze… or that’s what she says, anyways.

  5. I don't see her current "health" activities as that different from drinking/partying either. Doing bong rips, getting in a sauna, and watching RH is just straight up hedonism, admit it

  6. She probably cries herself to sleep because she wasn't able to party at college... but she did, and she would drink a TON she was an alcoholic

  7. TBDR (too beige didn’t read): i am salty about wasting my twenties while my peers are going out and living but I’m too deep to afford being caught in my lies, so imma just act like I’m better than them and pretend my life is totes interesting.

  8. Exaaaaactly. And not only are her friends still cutting loose on the weekends and having fun, most of them are starting careers and getting married! She is missing out on an entire life, by her own choice.

  9. Yes. There’s a sort of reservoir device beneath the skin and it can be accessed again by a new needle that taps into it. Kinda similar to like a maple syrup tree tap is best I can compare it to ?

  10. Yes, its a small rubber circle on top of a tube, so when the needle is taken out, the rubber closes the hole! Modern medicine is awesome

  11. What I also don’t understand is why she has a port if it’s to lessen the amount of times she gets ‘poked’ as she says, if she’s just going to get the port removed and put back in every weekend???

  12. It’s an implant under the skin. When it’s not being used you don’t see it unless you stick your face into their chest. When it’s being ‘accessed’ they use needles and lines, you just get poked in the implant

  13. The port stays in, the needle comes out once a week as opposed to her getting an IV every couple of days and getting poked for an IV that many times. Or even if it’s once a week if her veins are really that bad it could take multiple tries bs once for the port.

  14. It doesn’t get removed, it stays in and just gets re-accessed when she needs fluids. Basically saves your veins because it’s always IN your vein, but the needle itself isn’t outside your body when it’s deaccessed which is better for infection risk.

  15. The port isn’t removed. The port is under her skin under the line on her chest. Instead of poking for a vein there’s a dedicated spot under her skin there on her chest.

  16. She’s not getting her port removed every weekend. Once it’s in, it’s stays in until it gives you complications or until your treatment is done. It’s under the skin, it gets accessed via a needle but gives you a direct line into the vein rather than nurses having to find a vein each time. She’s just extremely dramatic about “accessing and de accessing” her port, it’s literally just having an iv ran there or not ran there.

  17. the port doesnt get removed i dont think? i though it stayed in and you accessed it with a specific needle when you need to run fluids/meds. or at least thats what i gathered from other posts. feel free to fact check me

  18. Every time a vein is accessed either for an IV or a lab draw, it creates scar tissue. For someone like Ash, who gets multiple venous accesses, eventually any potential IV site would just be scar tissue and make access harder. Having a port, while still requiring “pokes” doesn’t create the same scar tissue over a venous site. It’s an ideal solution for people who need weekly venous access because it makes lab draws and infusions easier for nursing and the patient. As a nurse who occasionally accesses ports in the line of duty, the ease and reliability of use is a plus.

  19. She doesn’t get it removed and put in, she gets it deaccessed. SHE doesn’t get poked less, but her veins do.

  20. Literally when tf did she spend her Friday nights doing that?? Because she’s what- in her mid 20s now? We’ve been on the “rest” train with her for quite a few years already, and she has frequently spoken about how she had crippling health issues and a mental breakdown while at college.. Sooo, I feel like she maybe partied twice?

  21. This is just a complete stab in the dark but wouldn't this also be bad for people who truly have POTS? Even for a regular person, saunas tend to make people dizzy or faint so if that's your reaction to orthostatic changes wouldn't that be ill advised?

  22. POTS symptoms definitely worsen in the heat and even in humidity or barometric changes like weather idk much about saunas but i definitely think it would be more dangerous to be in one and would also speed up dehydration which would exacerbate symptoms even more

  23. Absolutely yes. POTS involves temperature disregulation, which means that a slightly too cold room is incredibly uncomfortable, and a slightly too hot one causes a flare up of symptoms, often involving passing out, nausea, pre-syncope and more! So this is more akin to self harm rather than self care.

  24. Her port is under the skin. To have it accessed she has a special needle put in. Its only supposed to be accessed seven days in a row then it either gets changed or left alone.

  25. the port is the device under the skin that is able to be "accessed" with a needle (the thing she takes out) the port under the skin with no needle is completely safe to get wet but when the needle is in it functions as a central line and uses all the same rules as one (don't get it wet make sure it's clean and use aseptic technique when setting up infusions)

  26. The port is essentially an implant under the skin. When it’s not being used, you wouldn’t notice it because there’s no external lines. When ‘accessed’, needles and lines are just poked into it.

  27. the port itself is implanted under the skin and is always there because it is tunneled into a major blood vessel (hence the major infection risk). she has to have it "accessed" with a needle, ports can be accessed and de-accessed as needed. the needle isn't the port it's just what they use to use it

  28. The port is internal, like a donut. To access there are specific short needles that you have to poke through the skin and into the donut hole

  29. A port is accessed by sticking a special needle into it, when the needle is removed it is deaccessed. A deaccessed port is closed off so you can shower and do other activities as normal, in contrast to a PICC or central line which can't get wet and needs special dressings and maintenance.

  30. There's a plastic tube implanted under her skin in a vein. When she gets an infusion, a nurse finds the tube and plugs a needle in it to get access to the vein. When she's not getting infusions for a little while, they can take the needle out but the tube is still there underneath her skin.

  31. It gets “deaccessed” which just means removing the needle and IV tubing from the port and skin so that nothing is visible outside your body. When it’s accessed, there’s a bigger risk of infection because there is then a route directly into one of your veins from the outside. So this way she can do basically whatever she wants.

  32. A port is under her skin, it’s a device that has been inserted into a blood vessel and it positioned under the skin in the upper chest area.

  33. The port under her skin is not actually removed but the needle and tubing that’s plugged into the port are. Basically she has this reservoir under her skin all the time and when they’re about to end access, they most likely flush it with heparin to keep it from clotting and then remove the needle and tubing. Once that’s removed, nothing is visible above the skin anymore.

  34. A port is a surgically implanted central IV line. These devices can be “accessed” by shoving a needle through the skin to the implanted device. Then “de accessed” by removing needle. So the implanted port is always there but can only be used for therapy when accessed. They are out in patients that will have long term IV therapy (longer use than a PICC).

  35. a port is a device that sticks UNDER the skin, and leads to a vein. You access it by sticking a needle into the device so its "accessed" and used like an IV would be then. Then when its finished, u take the needle out, so "deaccessing it" but the device still remains under the skin to branch between outside and the vein. If that makes sense :)

  36. ports can be deaccessed, they access with a needle where the port is in the chest, the port itself is like a little silicone triangle shaped thing with a tube thats in the vena cava , but its all underneath the skin. The needle that accesses it goes into the silicone part (im not sure if this made sense but heres a link that explains

  37. Anybody with pots will avoid a sauna like it’s the PLAGUE. And claimed pots on top of “dehydration” ?? A sauna would be a guaranteed flare. Cant wait for the pics of her mildly elevated HR and fatigue later on claiming she needs to ✨ listen to her body and rest ✨

  38. In other words: she used to be a normal kid in college but then the cravings for attention hit and oh my how her priorities have shifted. The biggest LOL. This is just sad. She needs friends but she is the most exhausting human I’ve ever seen I highly doubt that will happen

  39. She's like those people you went to high school with, when you run into them when you all are 40+, but they only talk about the cool stuff they did in high school. It's like, dude, I'm 40; I have a career, I have kids. I don't remember that party or the big game.

  40. It’s ironic because normally priorities DO shift throughout your 20s. From focusing on yourself and living for the short term, to focusing on family, your long term future, and the world around you. Ashley’s priorities haven’t shifted at all. She’s just doing different selfish shit for attention lol.

  41. Deaccessed isn't really a medical term - I'm in no way defending Ash because she thinks she is a doctor but what else would someone say "it's pulled out"? Accessed and deaccessed are very common terms with a port.

  42. I wonder if she has an upcoming lab to see if the fluids via port are helping or maybe could be adjusted down. Or does she think we believe a dehydrated POTs warrior isn’t aware of the effect of sitting in a heated sweat bag on her hydration status or POTS symptoms. I wouldn’t be surprised to see yet another something is flaring post by this time tomorrow.

  43. This could be the case! Especially she's aware you should use the Sauna for 15 minutes maximum and she's sitting in it usually for one hour! Of course this causes massive dehydration.

  44. Ugh, that she's saying "my sauna" is annoying me more than it should. I know it might not be literally her own personal sauna but still, her privilege is as OTT as her talk about her health. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't realize that many people who have health problems similar to hers or worse still have to pull through working and don't have the chance to rest constantly like her.

  45. She is definitely ott but the ‘sauna’ is this gross plastic bag tent thing that your head sticks out of that says it has ‘no need to clean’ In the manual. It’s definitely Ashley’s sauna you probably couldn’t pay someone else to get in that rotten sweat nightmare

  46. The entitlement and munching runs high with this one, my brain threw up when I read the my sauna part, apart from the hives the word port produces. I agree coming out of her mouth my sauna really sounds ughhhh. And I believe she knows all that stuff but a job her own place not saying port in every sentence and living a somewhat normal existence is not adoration producing or OTT that her gynormous ego needs.

  47. Guys. I think you're being a bit hard on her. Her dehydration is sneaky and conniving. This just happens to be one of the days it isn't! So it makes steaming yourself ok!!!!!! /s

  48. But DID it happen?! I feel like when she went to Denver or wherever it was with her brother she partied and had some kind of anxiety fueled hangover breakdown. I have a hard time picturing Ash as a carefree party girl, ever.

  49. I don’t think she ever used to party or whatever. But, feels left out and at the same time feels better that everyone that did ? Pretty common way to cope.

  50. Feels like she is pushing the “recovering party girl” narrative so hard when I bet she used to only drink a couple of Mikes hard lemonade and barf her brains out cuz that shit is nasty.

  51. The amount of time she says stuff like this... Makes me think she really misses it. Maybe not the drinking necessarily but the social life. She spends so much of her life in her room, in the dark, smoking weed in bed. Gotta be lonely.

  52. Maybe she does sort of miss it? I wasn’t paying attention back then but it seems like that might have been the closest she got to a “normal” young adult experience? College, being around peers, not obsessing over her health? I am just theorizing.

  53. She’s taking something like one class per semester so she’s right on track to graduate in ~shuffles through calendar~ 2040 were it not for the fact that most upper division courses impose an age limit on prerequisite credits.

  54. Why does she talk about her bowel resections and chrons from 9 years ago (or whatever) constantly? She has nothing going on

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