Just Another Zomato Order

  1. Initially the put on high prices than that the restaurant offer and than charge 100-150 rs for the other charges. I had a addiction of ordering food online but when they started this I talked to the 2-3 restaurant manager they were like sir call us personally for placing orders Zomato charge alot we will deliver the food to your place with original values and 50rs others charges according to me it's better to ask your fav. Restaurant once.

  2. Definitely the better option, but not all restaurants will have delivery boys nor will they travel longer distances, nor is there much accountability if the food gets tampered or spoilt.

  3. It's more abt how these IIT CS guys see American startups win, and copy paste the same business model in India. But they forget that GDP per capita of US is 76K USD, while 2K in case of India.

  4. At this point the ranting is useless dude. Just don't use Zomato if you don't want to. Seeing this post every single week is getting annoying.

  5. I have stopped using Zomato for more than a year now... The truth about saying "Convenience comes at a price" goes well here... We have to be smarter... Zomato is being thrash service provider....

  6. Surge is usually when its too much order on restaurant, or if the weather is bad. Its always better to order something above 160rs and use coupon

  7. It is similar to all the online service providers like OLA, OYO, and Zoamto. Recently I had an experience with an OYO manager. He told me the same thing as OP mentioned here. That if you want to book our property instead of booking it from any hotel booking app search us on google or take my contact and call me directly and I will give you a better deal and it will save all the commission and other charges that OYO deducts.

  8. This is how business work. They also want to make money and so does restaurants. It isn't just about getting by but also making profit. BTW donate 2Rs man it isn't alot.

  9. This is just shoddy practices by these companies in India. Because our government does allow that. This is with the PRO membership. 2x on delivery charges in any case isn't justifiable. Never paid even this much delivery fees on the Dominos. I will not gonna order.

  10. Exactly. We can't be pro capitalism and then want govt regulations. It's not like people don't have alternatives. Because govt has MRP, everyone thinks govt should be regulating all prices.

  11. One another post slamming on Zomato…stop whining for getting free stuff. From Where do you think Zomato or any other company pays for delivery man? They have to get that money somehow. Right? How long will this free model even last before company will be bankruptcy?

  12. They were getting paid earlier too. Sudden large surge in prices feels like a scam. The customer doesn't care whether the money is coming from VC funding or from revenue.

  13. I don't use Zomato because every time I watch a YouTube video without an ad blocker they play, pum pum poiii poiii, poiii pouuu. Like fuck of Zomato. We know you exist.

  14. Same, I get the Zomato Domino's and LensKart ad all the time. And I have never ordered from these food apps nor do I wear glasses.

  15. I don't see what's the problem. Getting food delivered to you is a luxury. Expect to pay for it. If the price is worth your convenience depends on you. I would have thought about your point if Zomato was a monopoly, but there are other players in the market too, which means the prices will be pretty natural.


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