ED conducted 112 raids from 2004-14, over 3,000 in 8 years after that: Centre

  1. Note the very low conviction rate: only 23 out of 3010. The process is the punishment here, especially since it's almost impossible to get bail under PMLA cases. With ED, CBI and IT-raids in opposition-ruled states, BJP has ramped up vendetta politics to a whole new level.

  2. I want whoever comes to power next be as ruthless as this. Find out all the money trails of the richest political party, the 270+ MLAs they bought with 2000+ crore. You can't hide that kind of money trail.

  3. The timing of the raids over the last 8 years is questionable. Moreover, how many raids have been carried out at the premises of BJP ministers within these 8 years? Even a child can figure out the motive behind these raids is to harass the opposition party members or to overthrow a government.

  4. BJP to other parties be like...We are gonna show you what vendetta politics is all about...As a neutral political observer i no more care about ED...CBI or NIA....Neither do i believe in some courts

  5. 20cr does not take much phyaical space to keep if one is so inclined. They mostly convert the money via their business owning acquaintances and turn it to white. That's why you see all these politicians own very successful businesses.

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