Congress Collapses In Goa: 8 Of 11 MLAs Join BJP

  1. But Goa is not any other state. Drugs, tourists, real estate means BJP earns a lot of money that they can use for Big states

  2. Then what's the point of elections and the amount of discipline people have in those states to vote for their nation? Your hatred towards BJP doesn't necessarily have to put down others. It's a shame that your comment is the one that I have to read first.

  3. My friend who is a strong congressi used to say congress will say big things but when Amit Shah shows up with his suitcases of money they will run towards him.

  4. Need of the hour is strong Anti-defection law. Cancel the membership of legislators defecting without any exceptions and don't allow them to contest in any election for at least next 10 years.

  5. Wait until BJP buys Congress entirely. Then the government will be no different from Chinese smartphones. People will have the illusion of choice between BJP and Congress (like Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus), but in reality they're all owned by the same parent company (aka BBK electronics).

  6. Electoral bonds! I mean corruption bonds! BJP today has over 1 billion USD in its accounts. That's white money. 10x of that in black money, one could imagine.

  7. Bjp wants to get rid of anything non-BJP. Modi's vision is to make India a 1 party rule (like China) & declare himself supreme lifetime leader like Xi.

  8. This was attempted in July too but Congress managed to dodge that. I guess these defectors got offered 2-3x of previously offered amount this time.

  9. Next thing I want to be is MLA . bc in logo ko company switch karne me koi dikkat nhi hoti hai plus salary hike infinite percent.

  10. I have a suspicion that it could be something more than just bribes, there is possibility of blackmail as well. Just imagine a political party uses govt agencies, resources, and backing to get hold of every phonecall, email, text that you or your relatives every sent and then uses that as leverage against you. Where will you go for help? Court, police, cbi? Disturbing stuff.

  11. You put toouch trust in our politicians. It just money and mobility. Congress is a dying party while there is much better opportunities to be in powerful positions and make money

  12. Anyone in this country who still votes for the Congress should do everyone a favour and cut the middlemen and vote directly for the BJP. That will save everyone’s time and money.

  13. Not just Congress, this is with every party. BJP has the money to buy MLAs as they please. That's why Shiv Sena also fell. Only TMC and AAP are safe right now because they have a super majority

  14. Instead of blaming the ruling party, keep blaming Congress for anything and everything and keep watching Indian democracy die.

  15. Waah kya scene h.. Now i am thinking whether kejriwal was right when he was talking about this recently.. Soon we can expect to see the same situation in Delhi too

  16. The thing is, should Congress ever come back to power, they'll steal BJP and other party leaders like this, and then their supporters or their media will just scream where tf were you when BJP did the same.

  17. That would have made no difference. It would be an even bigger embarassment if he would have been in goa now.

  18. BJP is the ruling party in Goa not Congress! BJP has money, power, ED, CBI, IT, Judiciary, Media. They literally prey on opposition.

  19. That's exactly what BJP wants. Only thing left after that would be to rewrite constitution unopposed and declare India a theocratic state.

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