How did Indian men stop wearing banyans

  1. I still wear them. The old ones were cotton and the new ones I have are made with yarn from recycled plastic bottles.

  2. I went no bniyan for a while and then reverted back due to better body odor control. If you sweat a lot and you have strong BO then it helps. Now I have a closet full of baniyan.

  3. I have no body odour, and I sweat normally but I have been wearing one since school days. It was something my school teacher suggested in our class as good habits and I started it and it stayed. I’m uncomfortable without wearing one.

  4. Use a antiperspirant and eat less garlic, onion, ginger, zeera and cruciferous vegetables. Use a dry stick deo. Trim your armpit hair short.

  5. As I grew older, I became lazier. One less article to wash and take care of, one less article to put on and put off.

  6. Correct. Earlier in childhood I had two options. Shirt or baniyan at home. And I shifted to tshirt , it gave me flexibility, chill at home and go out like that easily.

  7. This. Also my office allows wearing polo T-shirts so I don't wear shirts and vests because polo are more comfortable .

  8. Surprised to hear this. I was born and brought up in India but live in America. I wear a baniyan everyday at home. Hardly wear a shirt except when going out.

  9. I used to wear it with my school uniform but except that it felt really uncomfortable. They also just went out of fashion completely

  10. Not wearing banyan gives me the same vibe as not wearing underwear. Wearing it makes me feel agile, and serious. I hate winds blowing through me, make me distracted or be casual on things.

  11. This. When the wind blows, I always feel some part of my shirt/T shirt is up in the air with my paunch/back exposed. The baniyan saves from that. I know its all in the head, but still.

  12. I have been wearing since I was in school. Only change is: i used to wear white banyans back in day but now switched to colour ones.

  13. Overload of impressions, suggesting men look handsome without one and ridiculing the one who wear one, through media content via movie, music videos, etc. for an extended period of time.

  14. Banyans distorts the fit of slim fit shirts and T shirts. Also I hardly spend any time out of air conditioned environments these days.

  15. As a fairly young guy, 16yo, I never wore them. When I was small, Id not wear them, and now that I’m older, I just feel wired wearing them. They feel tight and uncomfortable.

  16. I used to wear it as a kid but it's a bit too tight so I get irritated. It has it's benefits and I feel like I should wear one but I don't want to because it's tight

  17. I always found it stupid to wear. (On myself not talking about others). Most sweat is from armpits and banyans dont cover them. So no reason to wear it inside uniforms (school) . So i wore full banyans with arms for a while. It meant you can wear the same shirt twice if you put it out in the sun. I didnt like wearing sleeveless at home so opt for tshirts

  18. I don't know if its some issue with my body but when I wear banyan, it fits me a bit uneven. The balance is not right, it gets too low my left shoulder and too near the neck on my right and the strap is then visible over the round neck t-shirt which makes me feel uncomfortable. I have even been called out sometimes that my banyan strap is visible(seriously). I can imagine how girls would be feeling when they get pointed out for bra straps.

  19. I still wear 'em. I only not wear' em when I'm home. Sweating without a vest is just ehhh. When I accidentally bump into someone in bus or outside who don't wear one & are sweaty I just feel weird AF.

  20. People used to care about having sweat marks on their limited number of clothes. Now they don't care since they have a lot of clothes

  21. Wore them 2-3 times in my entire life. Feels really uncomfortable. I don't really like anything hugging me(unless it is someone close).

  22. I think old school shirts needed banyan as they were very thin and back in the day, a shirt was a long term investment and ppl didn't had many.. So one has to take care of the shirt a lot to keep it looking good for long term...

  23. Jab mei chota baccha tha(I'm 30 now), tab Salman ko dekha tha TV pe, usne T-shirt utari but baniyan nahi pehni thi. Tab se maine bhi pehni chod di.

  24. Men who have man boobs should wear it. I've seen guys with erect nipples and man boobs not wearing an undervest and it looks so tacky.

  25. People not wearing baniyaan? Meanwhile me who just did the weekend laundry and is no line drying seven baniyaans

  26. One day a friend laughed at me for wearing a baniyan… since then I stopped wearing it… and then realised how pointless it was

  27. Whn i was in school i used to wear daily but since i started gym thing i noticed that banyans interfere with tee shape. Body shape nahin dikhti thi. So band kar diya.

  28. I didn't like them tbh, but I had worn them since childhood and didn't think much of it. Ofcourse, like others mentioned, it often felt unfit and one side looping with its straps coming outside the tshirts neck (round). Eventually, the image came to be associated with Indian Chapris uncle who lounge all day long at home in baniyan and pant, while watching tv. My girlfriend didn't like it on me so I just threw them away. It's worthless piece of s*it. Better be shirtless if you find it too hot. Lmao

  29. Dude what are you saying the Banyan, or vest is a indispensable part of any man's attire, he wears it under his shirt so that it absorbs sweat, he wears it at home and can get away with wearing one to the grocery shop. You can get banyans anywhere from local Mon/Tues markets to branded ones.

  30. As I grew older I became more and more pretentious and overheard a conversation between 2 of my girl classmates that someone wears baniyan he's so gavthi/dehati. And I stopped wearing them. Fir aadat ban gayi

  31. Well not a banyan...but I always wear a tank top at home....and when I go outside I always keep a vest underneath otherwise the tshirt gets ruined because of the sweat.

  32. As I was growing up, banyans started to tear up easily. I felt embarrassed to wear it. So I substituted it with thin t shirts which became more easily available and also gist comparable to banyan

  33. Banyan or vest increases the longevity of good quality shirts as it prevents the skin to directly touch the fabric.

  34. I used to wear it all the time as without it I always felt wierd and naked. But this summer was so hot that I tried being without it and now when I try wearing it after the summer it doesn't feel comfortable.

  35. I used to where it till 2nd yearr college. Then all of a sudden dogs started tearing up the baniyans I used to dry after wash along with normal stealing in college. Got fed up with buying new ones and stopped wearing. And that's how I stopped wearing Baniyan!!!

  36. where is this coming from? Everyone still wears banyan. How do you know no one wearing banyan? Are you talking about wearing Banyan in College? It was weird back then and now it's more weird.

  37. I love banyans they are simply made out of most breathable cloth material and it suitable to wear in both summer and winter.

  38. Imo as a product designer, people who sweat still wear them just so that an urban typical guy rarely sweats. Also coupled with fashion for loose clothes and development of fabrics that aren't skin stickers... and evaporates water quickly.

  39. Nah bro. Your some known must not wearing it. I wear it daily. In fact at home I don’t wear t shirt. It’s baniyan only. My whole friend circle wear it too

  40. I still wear them religiously and I found them to be very practical at least for me. It think it kind of holds your body and definitely helps with the sweat and body odor situation. I don't find any practical reason for not wearing them.

  41. Hmm, I used to wear them without tshirts but then I had to put on tshirt to go out of the house, now I just got some comfy clothes so no need for a vest

  42. When I was in 4th standard, our Head Master called out everyone not wearing underwear, for a public health message from Public Health representatives of the State Government.

  43. Never wore one in my whole life If parents put it on then I would just remove it after some time I don't know the reason but no I think I should start wearing it

  44. I switched to undershirts...but I still wear the old school banyans on shirts n stuff . It absorbs sweat like a sponge:0

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