It's Shashi Tharoor vs Ashok Gehlot in Congress Presidential race

  1. There is absolutely no reason for Gehlot to give up his CM post and become the president of a party that will need a minor miracle to reach three figures in 2024.

  2. If Tharoor wins, we may have CBI probe and media allegations on his wifes death. He is already meme material with his pics with various women . This will be exploited by the social media machinery to discredit him. I personally dont see any hope for congress this election. Maybe in next election, with AAP winning a few states and congress doing a gathbandhan with AAP n proejcting Kejriwal as PM may be a good opposition

  3. I am surprised that Jairam Ramesh is not running. He is a good orator in both, Hindi and English, has got a good handle on National issues, and spotless.

  4. Congress would never tie up with BJP lite in AAP, not with Kejriwal there and neither would he tie up with them. Don't forget Keju's career as a politician began with bashing Congress.

  5. Gehlot should win Tharoor doesn’t has much electoral experience while Gehlot has won, and at time troubleshooted flawlessly. President of the Congress has electoral duties and maybe Gehlot should be perfect for that, Tharoor should be the face of the PM post for 2024.

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