Delhi and Mumbai both are in the top 3 most polluted cities in the world list. What are the steps being taken by the government to bring it under control?

  1. Lahore is pretty close to Punjab right? I think even their air pollution is because of the same reasons like stubble burning.

  2. Decentralisation is the way forward. We need more Tier-2 & Tier-3 citites as against building mega cities. For that to happen both state and central governments should focus on creating opportunities in those cities/towns. We have seen during Covid-19 times that people are even willing to work from their homes in rural areas provided they have enough infrastructure over there. This will reduce a lot of burden on our cities. I agree it may not be possible in all sectors but to the extent possible, if we can make people work near their homes, it will be great for our country moving forward. I always like the fact in the US even small citites create enough opportunities (like how software companies are spread over many states in the US not just in silicon valley).

  3. Its time that residents of Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata start using bicycles to travel. And start walking since its good for the health. The government isn't going to do anything since they're busy playing the blame game.

  4. Imo social awareness is the key for change - talk about it more often with colleagues, neighbours, friends, strangers.

  5. Let's wait till the time people start choking to death like Bhopal gas tragedy. Maybe then, people will be more vocal and make it the political agenda of utmost priority

  6. Mumbai honestly is overcrowded People need to move to other states and government have to setup industries employment opportunities in different states Kolkata Delhi Mumbai all three are metropolises If u travel in local train which I do u will get crushed in rush hour i live in Mumbai Railways management i feel is good as trains frequency is great But then also too many people in one train

  7. Lol, you’re concerned about top 3? The list has 3 cities from India, the most in the top 15. 😂 Most of Indian cities are polluted cause people keep on littering, while the municipalities and politicians keep on pondering religion to get more money and seat time. 🤷🏻

  8. This I suppose is posted to defend that Delhi isn't the only polluted city and the nasty stubble burning that happens around this time.

  9. It's easy to blame governments. What are people doing to bring it under control? Does an average Indian care about pollution? Reducing pollution is not in any political parties agenda, because people doesn't give a shit about it in India.

  10. Pollution isn't something that can be controlled by the average citizen dude. Your talking points are exactly what Oil corporations have been doing since WWII.

  11. People can’t throw garbage in designated area, but throw all around it. Dustbins are scarce and people usually dont give a shit about them.

  12. This. Needs 1000 upvotes. This is the core of it. Indians just don't give af. At all. The level of not giving af in this country is unmatched.

  13. Maybe you missed the part where governing the country is literally the job of the government. The average person can only do so much, they have different jobs. Only the government has the power to make any meaningful changes. It doesn't matter what you think the people of India want or don't want. Pollution is an objectively harmful phenomenon and, in an ideal world, it is only natural that the government should take steps to rectify it.

  14. Modi will simply dismiss this report and Jaishankar will release statements that western countries are jealous of India. Problem solved

  15. Steps? Lol. They're too busy spreading hate and fuelling it as much as possible. Who has the time to actually do their jobs?

  16. This also puts to bed the idea that paddy burning in Punjab and Haryana is responsible for air pollution in Delhi.

  17. Government doesn’t care, unfortunately. A life in India doesn’t have value. The only way this changes if industries/MNCs start moving offices to Tier 2 cities and it hits the state government’s bottom line

  18. If the govt does something, prices will go up. We will be here to bash them. So they won’t do anything. Unless each and everyone actually starts caring about the environment there’s nothing a small group of people can do.

  19. Delhiite here We voted for someone who can sell this country to get votes. who revived Khalistan from the ashes The smoke we inhale everyday

  20. I’m already getting threats from a few saying that this is a western propaganda. I shared the source and proof with them from multiple websites too.

  21. My Gurgaon based, BJP supporting modi fanboi,who's also a doctor (but thankfully acknowledges that anti-muslim sentiment is a real thing) stated that pollution is something that we just have to live with. Also, we shouldn't be scared of everything as you can die at any moment(?!) . I told him if your fine with the risk of damaging your and your child's lungs that's your prerogative but I'm not staying in this hellhole.

  22. Meh that's a very first world take. It's especially suited to European folks where cities have excellent public transport. None of the core issues with cars apply to India because there's just not enough infrastructure to support the massive population. Delhi has one of the world's best metro systems - but that's not enough to support the dense population.

  23. In Mumbai, the problem is the huge amount of dust and humidity. In almost all western countries, every day they run a truck with a vacuum cleaner to pick up the sand, and dry mud that was put in one day before. It's rare in Indian cities.

  24. Saar, don't worry. Fekuji & Motabhai are arranging large scale communal riots and anti-muslim genocide to distract public attention from inconvenient things like pollution.

  25. Frog in the pond type of analysis. Commendable and yet it is somehow not the solution. It is masochistic, and that is what gives you the feeling that you are "doing something". Tackling the big forces of government and industry is extremely hard, not to mention that ordinary mortals can never live like you.

  26. While sustainable lifestyle such as yours is commendable, thinking it's a panacea to all problems is wrong. Energy and industry are major contributors to air pollution with reports indicating more than 60%. Cutting down usage of personal transport will reduce pollution but not solve it.

  27. People themselves don't care - we all saw what happened on diwali. Add that to the absolutely laxity shown by the central government, it is bound to happen.

  28. Funny how all the north metropolitan cities are polluted and "the" south metropolitan city is nowhere in the list. Really shows how good the government is in the north

  29. Chennai is a major industrial city with so many factories, a busy port and a big railway hub but they have managed to keep pollution under control

  30. Naive question: why are South Asian cities topping this list? Don't Chinese cities have more industry thus higher pollution?

  31. I hope by pollution this also includes water pollution and noise pollution alongside air pollution, because all our cities have serious issues there too.

  32. Some angry folk are messaging me and saying that this is western propaganda. I sent them the link to the live count from multiple sources and they say that ALL THOSE SOURCES ARE Western propaganda.

  33. One person from Delhi has been abusing and attacking me for posting the reality. I tried giving him multiple sources but he said he only believes in SCIENCE and News outlets, weather websites are all unscientific.

  34. Yes, our government is doing EVERYTHING to REDUCE POLLUTION IN SWITZERLAND, just go see the excellent public transport our elite have created over there by contributing their money...

  35. I’m being harassed by some Guys from the capital. They’re saying news channels are wrong, weather websites are wrong and the sensors on the “western sensors” are faulty.

  36. The minute govt proposes to ban old inefficient petrol and diesel cars, the public would start throwing hissy fits. Govt mandates environmental policies for industry and public would find loopholes to sideline those as well, often bribing the inspectors than actually investing in technology that'll help meet these regulations..

  37. Government is doing every thing in their power to discredit the report and call it a conspiracy against our nation. What else you need them to do?

  38. The only way to make govt act in India is by protesting on streets. The people who are complaining about pollution are not the ‘protesting in the streets’ type

  39. Should follow the strategy of what Beijing 🇨🇳did coz AFAIK a couple of years back Beijing was topping this list

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